Tuesday, May 13, 2008

.... so so so HOT ... if these HOT women of everyday media were ...

My Megyn

Rick Reichmuth: "Things look HOT so far..."

Jonathan Price Date
2008/04/22 Tue AM 10:39:31 CDT
you forgot NICOLE LAPIN for your hot list

good blog, though.

Becky Quick

so HOT Courtney Friel


Jenna Lee

Sexxxy Suzanne

Sexxy Susan

Sexy Sandra Smith

Dancing Days Domenica

Zain Definitely Does NOT make me wanna "ZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cute as Brilliant Spring Flowers Brianna

Uhmmmnnn..... Molly

Dear Greg Kelly, ...to quote Greg Gutfeld, host of Red Eye, "he has such brilliant insight - that if he were an Opera House, I'd enter him from the rear." from John French

Dear Greg Kelly: Dude, I'm just kidding! LOL! You know the Red Eye "word play game."
from John French

"Really?! I'm at a word loss here."

"I'm confused."


"I trust John French = He's money = money in the bank! ...always has been and always will, friends!!!"

"...and moving on now..."

Yummy Martha


Beautiful Betty

The first #1 Hottest Woman of Everyday Media on mystrawhat.com, E.D. Hill
= My Yellow Rose of Texas

Hemmer: "Beaufort Stew sounds good to me."

.... so so so HOT ... if these HOT women of everyday media were Golden Isle oysters, I'd shuck them and then eat them soaked in Beaufort Stew on one of the tables at the Salty Dog Cafe in South Beach Marina in Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Best of Organic Roses,Giovanni French mystrawhat.com

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