Friday, May 20, 2011

new predictions

just within the last month or two i've discovered and been listening to this song Aretha Franklin and Etta James have sung that GP is singing here (included below). ... ... ... if a man can dig this song the way women around GP said he dug songs and women and what made GP so beautiful & compelling -which also made the likes of the hardened original gangster of the music business Keith Richards fall in love w/ him- was his conviction and how he used that conviction to make some of the best misunderstood music = inspiring those around him, those to come and those still to come. .. ... ... ... Well, so, if a man can really dig this song, then i think they have a good chance of really making it with a good woman. .... .... .... now, of course, GP was a rocker in a free-wheelin' time so, relationships can get messy --- and then apply a constant heavy dose of alcohol (the true American way) = and well. ..that's expected and any other thought is naive. .... .... ... However, if it's a man who's like in economics and finances and politics and we're supposed to trust them w/ money (our money) and to govern in a fair and just manner = well, if they can't keep it in their pants and show some respect, then ... i don't know. .. (or maybe i do). ..

best of the Roses, john &


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hi Karin, that color is very complimentary to your gorgeous features. .. (headed out for a walk = looking forward to being engaged by your dynamic saaviness a little bit later). ...

Take me to heart and I'll always love you
And nobody else could make me do wrong
Take me for granted, and I'll tag along
Makes willpower weak, and temptation's strong

A woman's only human
This you must understand
She's not just a plaything
She expects love just like a man

So if you want a do right all day woman
You gotta be a do right all night man

They say that it's a man's world
But you can't prove that by me
So as long as we're together, baby
You better show some respect for me

So if you want a do right all day woman
You gotta be a do right all night man
You gotta be a do right all night man
You gotta be a do right all night man

Thursday, May 19, 2011

CNN's American Morning gets a curvy Couch.jpg

CNN's Ali Velshi just moments ago ...
"We got a curvy couch and I got two not one smoking red hot women of the new everyday media (one that's #1 in the e-book NewEverydayMedia on and we have room for like three or four ... Look out competition! Look out Fox & Friends, GMA, Today, SquawkBox and EarlyShow" ...