Saturday, April 12, 2014 $cholarship fund 2015 = apply here now

in 2015 will provide two 12th grade students each with $250.00 each.

@NewEdayMedia: @MHarrisPerry thinking of starting a scholarship for 12th graders: $250. annually for 2 students who demonstrate in essay value of diversity
@NewEdayMedia: @MHarrisPerry instead of my morning prayers while walking now I am thinking how I can put my money where my mouth is as a real everyday poet

How to be awarded the money?

send a 650 word essay demonstrating how you've embraced diversity and have used it to create value to enrich the culture & make better your surroundings to John Alan Conte` Jr. via email at with the email subject "essay for $cholarship fund 2015"

Must include your name, age, school you attend and an email address for you or your parents (if parents, please include their names as well and please inform them of this & share your essay with them).


winners will be notified via email and then must provide written permission by parents or guardian and the school you attend that you are able to accept $cholarship fund 2015 --- two 12th grade students will receive $250.00 each


please have your essays in by April 12, 2015 and the monies will be awarded by the end of your school year 2015

$ please note $ winners must be willing to have pictures & story shared with new everyday media and provide written consent along with permission to accept $cholarship fund 2015


Why not? ... when I attended Marquette Uni I could not come home for Easter Sunday and so my generous father granted me extra allowance funds so I could have a nice Easter Sunday dinner treating 3 of my collegiate peers from my east dorm: Larry from Chambersburg, Pa; Chris from White Fish Bay, Milwaukee, WI; and Raj from India.

All and all I had a wonderful university experience both at Marquette University and Penn State University and the generosity and encouragement of my father allowed me to pass it on and I did.

Things are tough now for many and I want to continue the positive generosity and encouragement while emphasizing the rich importance of diversity. .. It's OK to be different and sometimes in the long run even better to be different than know only an identity of the crowd.

We dinned at Pieces of Eight located on prime real estate on the lake in downtown Milwaukee currently known as the Harbor House

Maybe you'll use this money in the same spirit or however you see fit for yourself.

Goodluck ... "dare to be different" ...

John Alan Conte` Jr. home from Marquette University on Thanksgiving break 1990

Best of the Roses (but not rose colored glasses),