Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Afternoon = Live in Hyde Park 1969

... an electric version of the song that appeared w/ a fiddle and acoustic guitars on Let It Bleed
During 1968, Richards had been hanging out in London with Gram Parsons, who had left The Byrds on the eve of their departure for a tour in the Republic of South Africa. By all accounts, Parsons had significant impact on Richards' taste in country music, and perhaps as a result of his influence, the band recorded a true honky-tonk song, "Country Honk," a more uptempo and rock and roll version of which would appear as their next single, "Honky Tonk Women." The LP track featured fiddle player Byron Berline, who worked with Parsons frequently throughout the latter's career. Parsons frequently took credit for the arrangement of "Country Honk", although both Jagger and Richards have stated that it was actually the original arrangement of the song as written and conceived while vacationing in Brazil in late 1968. In any event, Parsons had recently introduced the group to his cache of traditional country records and was at least indirectly responsible for this sea change. The singer's own cover, released on the 1976 rarities compilation Sleepless Nights, features a slightly different set of lyrics and yet another arrangement that combines elements of both Stones versions.
Recorded under trying circumstance owing to the band having reached the final impasse with Jones, the album has been called a great summing up of the dark underbelly of the 1960s.[citation needed] In addition to being one of their all-time classics, Bleed is the second of the Stones' run of four studio LPs that are generally regarded as among their greatest achievements artistically, equalled only by the best of their great 45s from that decade. The other three albums are Beggars Banquet (1968), Sticky Fingers (1971), and Exile on Main Street (1972). [1]
Released in December, Let It Bleed reached #1 in the UK (temporarily knocking The Beatles' Abbey Road out of the top slot) and #3 on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart in the US, where it eventually went double platinum. The album was also critically well-received.
In 1998 Q magazine readers voted Let It Bleed the 69th greatest album of all time, while in 2000 the same magazine placed it at number 28 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever. In 2001, the TV network VH1 placed Let It Bleed at number 24 on their best album survey. In 2003, it was listed as number 32 on the List of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.
In August 2002, this album was reissued in a new remastered CD and SACD digipak by ABKCO Records.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Cartoon Paper Cup

cartoon paper cup:
 i poured too much
while looking away
when she didn't
know what to say
the way it rushed
from the table to
the ground and that
splashing sound
i poured too much
in that cartoon paper cup
a boyish look at life
where things are all toys
to be rearranged to be
my scenes - in my sight
cartoon paper cup
i poured too much
the way it rushed
from the table to
the ground and that
splashing sound
but i didn't clean-up
i didn't have to -do
anything but laugh -at
the cartoon paper cup
written April 14, 2009
12:35 p.m. - 8:35 p.m.
Best of the Roses,
John Alan French Jr.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

NanoRobotics Laboratory @ Carnegie Mellon University = (CMU: It's not just for people like Ethan Hawke, Josh Grobin, Holly Hunter, Jeff Daniels, etc.)

A robot that can run on the surface of water.
Goal: : Developing a robot which can run across the surface of water in a fashion similar to the Basiliscus basiliscus and other water-running lizards.

Approach: First, mathematical models of the lizard's interaction with the water are used to develop similar models for robot bodies and legs. A simple four bar mechanism has been adopted as the robot's propulsive mechanism. Proof-of-concept systems and supported prototypes are constructed to confirm and improve the mathematical models. Scale prototypes are constructed, and their lift and forward thrust abilities are measured. Through several iterations, improvements to the system are affected, and the overall system design may diverge (in appearance) from nature.

Benefits: Lizards that run across the surface of the water do not have to deal with the negative effects of viscous drag, like most swimming animals and boats. A robot that moves in a similar manner may be a more efficient way to travel across the water. Also, we wish to increase our understanding and extend the abilities of legged robots.

Current Status: Water running robots with on board and off-board power have been built which are capable of running across open water in outdoor environments. Work is being done to construct control and steering systems for more autonomous, untethered robots. New designs with higher degrees of freedom are being prototyped to allow for steering while water running. Amphibious designs are being researched.

Video 1: High speed video of water runner in small pool - 2007
Video 2: Water runner with off board power in small pool - 2007
Video 3: Water runner with on board power running on open water - 2007

Members: Steven Floyd, Hyun Soo Park, Metin Sitti Former Members: Terence Keegan, John Palmisano,

C. Menon, M. Murphy, M. Sitti, "Gecko Inspired Surface Climbing Robots" IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO), Shenyang, China, Aug 2004. pdf-->In the News: Discovery Channel Article.Pittsburgh Live.

Water Strider Robot
A miniature water strider robot

BioInspired Adhesives
Gecko Hair Manufacture:
Synthetic Gecko Hair Fabrication for Dry Adhesives

Introduction: Nature can be an inspiration for innovations in science. One such inspiration is comes from the gecko lizard which can climb on walls and ceilings of almost any suface texture. Rather than using it's claws or sticky substances, the gecko is able to stick to smooth surfaces through dry adhesion which requires no energy to hold it to the surface and leaves no residue. The dry adhesion force comes from surface contact forces such as van der Waals forces which act between all materials in contact.
The gecko's trick to sticking to surfaces lies in its feet, specifically the very fine hairs on its toes. There are billions of these tiny hairs which make contact with the surface and create a huge collective surface area of contact. The hairs have physical propeties which let them bend and conform to a wide variety of surface roughnesses, meaning that the gecko's secret lies in the structure of these hairs themselves. By studying this structure, we are able to mimic the biological structures with synthetic materials.
The structure of the biological gecko hair is very complicated as well as very miniscule. Each hair is made from multiple sections, a micro-hair which is roughly 5 microns in diameter, and atop each of these micro-hairs sit tens to hundreds of nano-hairs which are 200 nanometers in diameter (1/250th of a human hair) in a tree-like branching structure.

Goal: Develop techniques for producing synthetic gecko foot hairs with nano/micro hair heirarchy. Refine these techniques into processes which will alow for cost effective mass production. Utilize the gecko hair material to create advanced ultra-mobile robots.
Approach: Our lab uses a multitude of techniques to produce the gecko hairs. The major areas of research are:
Directional Adhesives
Hierarchical Adhesives
Micro- and sub-micron size structures Micro and Nano Molding
MEMS Photolithography-->

By using our Force Characterization Systems we are able to get immediate feedback from our gecko hair samples, therefore we can rapidly evolve our designs to reach an optimal design. Benefits: The new synthetic adhesive will have countless uses from space exploration robots to surgical applications to post-it notes. This reusable, self-cleaning adhesive material can be thought of as a one sided velcro which can stick to almost everything.
Wall Climbing Robots

Precise manipulation and autonomous assembly of micro and nano-sized structures.

Telenano - Human AFM interface
Augmented Reality User Interface for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM)

Goal: To develop a human-machine interface for atomic force microscope (AFM) based nano-scale manipulation. A haptic device lets the user control the position of the AFM-probe and relays measured forces to his fingertip. The user sees the topography of the nano-surface, including surface interactions, and probe positions in a realtime computer graphics environment.
Approach: An Omega 3-DOF haptic device is interfaced with an M5 Atomic Force Microscope through a control PC at high bandwidth. As imaging from the AFM is non-realtime, a virtual simulation is employed to estimate the nano-world, including modelling nano-scale deformations. The nano-surface is therefore represented by a spline, and the probe as a sphere. An efficient collision detection algorithm determines whenever the probe penetrates the surface and gives the geometry of contact.
Forces are determined from the cantilever deflections, measured from the AFM. As forces are coupled in the x and z directions from the direct AFM data, force modelling and the virtual environment are used to decouple and determine forces as a 3D vector.
Control strategies will be implemented to ensure stability of manipulation, and will be implemented for task-based guided nanomanipulation.
Models: Modelling the interaction of the probe and the surface. The interaction of the afm-probe and the surface is modelled in realtime 3D. The surface is therefore represented by a spline and the probe as a sphere. An efficient collision detection algorithm determines whenever the probe penetrates the surface and gives the geometry of the contact. Noncontact force models, continuum mechanics contact models (JKR and Maugis' JKR-DMT Transition) together with a simple rectangular beam model of the probe yield the interaction forces and deformations.

Benefits: With a 3D computer simulation coupled with realtime force feedback, an AFM can become a nanomanipulation tool where a user can interact with nano-size entities as easily as if they were lagre objects on the desk in front of them. This expands the utility of the AFM from simply a scanning device to a manufactuing tool with which one can assemble structures that are virtually impossible to build presently. Furthermore this system can allow novice users with little training to utilize the advanced capabilities of the system and become intuitively familiar with nano-scale physics.
Video 1: Low quality [1.9 MB]Video 1: High quality [7.2 MB]
Therapeutic Capsule Endoscopes: A new controllable device for minimally invasive interventions

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John Alan Conte, Jr.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Lady: "Thank YOU" = First Class

CQ Transcripts Wire Tuesday, April 14, 2009; 1:08 PM

"You all stand watch every day over our borders, and our skies, our ports and our transportation systems; you dedicate yourselves to preventing, preparing for and responding to our disasters all over this nation; and you ensure that the nation's first responders are well-equipped and well-trained."

"Every day I see how hard they work. Every day I see how much time they spend away from their own families to keep mine safe. And it has been an honor to get to know each and every one of them throughout the course of the campaign, and our day-to-day interactions. They represent the utmost of excellence, and we are so honored to have them serving alongside of us."

--- On Tue, 4/14/09, John French <> wrote:
From: John French <>
Subject: First Lady: Thank YOU = First Class
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 6:05 PM

Watching the Situation Room on CNN and hearing and seeing the sincere heart felt "thank you" the First Lady is expressing to the Secret Service and Homeland Security for their tireless efforts everyday reminds me of how lucky we are to have this beautiful young couple and family in our White House.

First Lady Michelle Obama is so eloquent and poised and I love how smart her sense of fashion is = It's groundbreaking for her high profile, status and position as First Lady of the United States of America (USA) =

And, well, you know, I think First Lady Michelle Obama is SMOKIN' HOT = A++++++++++++

Best of the Roses,
"John French"
John Alan Conte, Jr.

NBC Knock Outs

Becky Quick

Margaret Brennan

Natalie Morales, Amy Robach and Jenna Wolfe

Julia Boorstin

Taliban "execute" young couple for eloping

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Subject: Taliban "execute" young couple for eloping
Cc:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "SE Cupp"
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 5:41 PM

Jack, the Taliban did not "execute" this young couple for eloping! The Taliban were just exercising their "contingency plan!"

Best of the Roses,
John French

Taliban execute young couple for eloping

Posted 9 hours 9 minutes ago

Authorities in southern Afghanistan say Taliban militants have publicly executed a young man and woman who tried to run away to get married.

The governor of Nimroz province says the couple were shot in front of a mosque after local religious leaders issued a decree that they be put to death.
They were accused of committing immoral acts.
The governor says the couple had decided to elope because their families would not approve their marriage.

EDITORIAL: R.I.P. 'global war on terror' - Washington Times
Apr 1, 2009 ... Namely, the death of the term "global war on terrorism. ... For those not familiar with a Contingency, it is having plan in place to plan ... I do feel so much better now that I know we have an Overseas Contingency Plan. ... -over-including-th/

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yeah You ...

I love you when you're around
I love you when you're not
I love you when I'm down
You make me a better man
And I see things up
I want to be for you
I want to be for me
Uh, fuck, I love you

written 5:15 a.m. Tuesday April 13, 2009

Best of the Roses,
John French

Monday, April 13, 2009

S.E. Cupp: Why Republicans Shun Obama's Judicial Pick

S.E. Cupp with Bobby V

S.E. Cupp: Why Republicans Shun Obama's Judicial Pick

-(here are some highlights)-

For one, he sought to bar prayers that mention Jesus Christ at the opening of each daily session of the Indiana House of Representatives, claiming people do not have a First Amendment right to use an official platform to express their own religious faith. But – and here’s where it gets good – praying in the name of Allah was perfectly fine.

“If those offering prayers in the Indiana House of Representatives choose to use the Arabic ‘Allah,’” or any other non-English word for God besides “Jesus Christ,” “the court sees little risk that the choice of language would advance a particular religion or disparage others.”

As the kids say, Huh? Praying in the name of Allah doesn’t advance a particular religion? I’m totally unfamiliar with Allah’s secular identity. Is “Allah” also a pagan deity? Is “Allah” also god of NASCAR or the iPod? Why would someone want to silence a majority in favor of the few? Luckily, the ruling was overturned by the very court to which Judge Hamilton stands to be appointed.

Moving on, in 2001 he decided that requiring women to get information from their doctors about the medical risks of abortions at least 18 hours before the procedure placed an undue burden on women’s rights to get an abortion, and quickly. As we all know, information is the real culprit behind the rise in unwanted pregnancies, so we can all understand Judge Hamilton’s rationale behind trying to make it some kind of illegal contraband. This ruling, too, was reversed by the appeals court, which, in a bizarre twist, found that informing women before surgery was “reasonable, sensible and lawful.” Those kooky appeals judges…

And just last year, Hamilton struck down a provision that would have allowed law enforcement officials to search suspicious sex offenders’ computers if they’d already served time for, well, being sex offenders. As the former leader of the Indiana chapter of the ACLU, I guess it’s no surprise that Judge Hamilton has a soft spot for violent criminals.

To read S.E. Cupp's Full Article Click Here

Best of the Roses, John French


P.S. Isn't that S.E. Cupp TOTALLY SMOKING RED HOT???!!! Yeah, she may make my 2009 Top 75 Hottest Women of the New Everyday Media listing for the upcoming release of my new e-book The New Everyday Media on which will also include some of my poetry (I've been compared to Walt Whitman, Henry Miller and Jim Morrison by Wallace Fowlie). This new release should be late April or May.