Sunday, July 27, 2014

Heinz Hall: my Bill Maher + Butcher & Rye review #summer2014

Heinz Hall: my Bill Maher + Butcher & Rye review #summer2014

                    video = Heinz Hall: my Bill Maher + Butcher & Rye review #summer2014

                                               SEE note from Georgetown #DC #summer2014

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                                         In This Place: A Book of the Nineties by John Alan Conte` Jr.

(my 1st book of poems published in 1992. this book opened a lot of doors for me on many different levels. i recall my father reading the poems i had written & collected before he agreed to helping me publish and he thoughtfully said, "Johnny, you are either a genius or insane. ..because i don't understand this." However, thankfully & gratefully my father's acquaintance who was Chair of Department of Communications at the University of Pittsburgh, Ted Windt, having published and teaching courses on Presidential Rhetoric was strongly supportive of me not only towards my father but making connections for me with those poets & cast of characters of the Beat Generation. They got it.

I intuitively knew mainstream consumption was not ready for such new serious poetry and I kept along a grass roots path of doing random poetry readings across the country and in pockets of Milwaukee and used these poems as lyrics = Was doing a gig with Deerfield Beach's house punk band Post Face and I did a couple songs with them as a singer in Little Haiti Miami area in front of a fantastic crowd
But yeah I lost a game of pool to a local in which I had to do push-ups.
Push ups with the pool stick on the floor my nose had to touch.
the new everyday media)

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