Monday, May 13, 2013

After the Terror - - - (a new poem written today)

After the Terror


Inside his computer and displayed on his screen was an ocean of content

Waves crushing against the jettisoned sand sediment and petrified hot lava

Currents grasping & grabbing to gather mass consciousness and rip tides trying to

Break a heart or two or maybe open or close a few minds that might go with the flow

The pieces of the picture where there like dancing pixels waiting to be strung together

And create port cities of safe harbor along the way for those who earned a ticket to ride

These illuminations once strung together created a passing through time in unmistakable

Ritual in feeling alive like travelling along ancient ley lines leading to pauses at power spots

Refreshing as if coming up for the first breath of fresh air after swimming near the bottom

Alive with electricity directed to provide a spark of inspiration to make someone at the end

Think a little differently and maybe with a kinder, gentler, open minded ripple effect before

Anyone else would have the primal muck stuck between the ears of their heads & cast another

Stone at the woman who was really abused and used and not respected for her inherited property

He was an American and she was a pro westerner who wanted to wear Levis & listen to Obama

She followed him over the hub spots stretched out by long highways of information across the internet

 Global connections brought the opportunity for global communications to light the caves of darkness

draft 1 written today by John French & the new everyday media