Monday, December 20, 2010


She was like the berry red on the bushes against the cold snow

Cook Inlet in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Hatcher Pass, George Parks Highway

As the navigation skills of an Iditarod Trail Sled Dog she knew what to do

A red berry on a bush that I knew I shouldn't, couldn't eat but wanted to go

On and on like an Athabaskan who learned to hunt not for sport but to survive

At the window sad and lonely I knew I had a song for the sun and moon and you

In a cabin strumming a six string acoustic guitar with the squalling wind and snow

Wool flannel, bourbon whiskey, wine, fine cognac and she had the gift of fire

I was a park ranger and couldn't see the danger in the miles of smoke she burnt

And I really don't care. I knew she was an actress who had fled the petty mores

Of men that constricted any belief in revival and the ways of a natural survival

I swear in the cities of San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Pittsburgh and New York

The people in the steeples had the hair on their necks raised when they caught a look

Best of Christmas Roses,

Giovanni Continelli



New Media Madness: an everyday art 2010 - 2011

Thursday, December 9, 2010

today's Jim Morrison story: Pardon Me But,

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Subject: today's Jim Morrison story: Pardon Me But,

On today's Jim Morrison story.

Pardon me, but,

I don't trust Patricia Morrison and, I don't know, it's not like she has a monopoly on the bottled-up essence of Jim Morrison. She seems desperate "to know Jim like no other" ... Would he still be w/ her? (maybe that's why he dies in Paris w/ Pamela Susan in an upstairs aprtment ... Pamela following a few years later ... passing on to the other side of morning) ...

Best of Rusted Roses,
John French
the new everyday media

P.S. if you're not in the know w/ this new NEWS on Jim Morrison, CNN's American Morning just did a piece on the State of FLA deciding whether to pardon Jim Morrison or not for the notorious Miami show

Sunday, December 5, 2010

West Coast Halibut

Last night the little electric grill on the backporch came in handy once again as the western winds blew the smell of snow into the meadow - a little hint of what was to come for us in Pittsburgh this morning. The first snow of the season (well, of any significance more than just flurries). Accumulation.

After preheating the grill to 500, the two pieces of West Coast Halibut Sneaky Pete cut for us sizzled my senses ...

With a little extra virgin olive oil gently rubbed on and sprinkles of Simply Organic rosemary, parsley and onion powder I was sure I had a winner.

But what helped make it completely a sure thing for a good Saturday night dinner were those side dishes prepared by my female counterpoint.

She makes awesome brussel sprouts in the heavy pans that when cut in halves and face up and a little brown from the pan make me smile with hungry eyes.

And I love taking flaky bites of West Coast Halibut and mixing with the Organic Select Rice (Texmati Brown Rice) with its sauteed onions, mushrooms, spinach and one cage free, antibiotic free egg and a little red curry.

The woody taste of the mushrooms and grainy background from the brown rice came together to make delicious bites washed down by a nicely understated Pinot Noir.

Now, of course, other factors like the perfect Christmas Tree and having heard my late friend Tonya Brown of Queen Bee & the Blue Hornet Band on WYEP's King Bee Blues program while cooking are cool things going on to help set the mood ... and DEQ's Rhythm Sweet & Hot playing from the kitchen while we eat and talk about current events is always a key ingredient for a cool Saturday night ...

Best of White Christmas Roses,
John French
the new everyday media
"New Media Madness: an everyday art 2010 - 2011"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"There's Something About Wilco" = Great Reporting from CBS Cynthia Bowers = What a Nice Little Piece ...

Wilco has been in the music scene for nearly two decades but, as Cynthia Bowers reports for CBS, they may be finally getting the mainstream popularity many say they deserve.

It cracks me up to hear Jeff Tweedy's son, Spencer, in all his nonchalant cool honesty when asked about this rock & roll lifestyle.

Best of Rusted Roses, ...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Will Megyn Kelly GQ photos cause as much fuss as Diane Sawyer's Vanity Fair cover?

By The Reliable Source

Megyn Kelly in the December 2010 issue of GQ (Alexei Hays/GQ); the infamous Diane Sawyer cover of Vanity Fair, September 1987

The newswoman posed in a fetching black dress, shoulders bared, glancing flirtatiously from behind a tousle of blonde hair. And everyone went berserk.

"Pure cheesecake," said the New York Daily News. "Steamy," declared the Oregonian. And from many quarters, concern she was undercutting her credibility.

"However pleasing she may be to the eye," declared a Washington Post colleague, "why does a respected professional surrender to the urging that she pose for come-hither photographs?"

Megyn Kelly in the new GQ? Heck, no. Who knows what they'll be saying in coming days about the Fox News anchor's astonishing photo shoot? The uproar described above was set off in September 1987, when Diane Sawyer posed for a Vanity Fair cover that now seems demure, even dignified, with the hindsight of 23 years. History will reflect that she went on to become anchor of ABC World News.

Back to Kelly. GQ informs us that's not actually a dress but "Slip by Dolce & Gabbana. Bra by Agent Provocateur." In her Q&A in the December issue, she says yeah, the glass table on Fox's set shows off her legs: "It's a visual business. People want to see the anchor." She doesn't like the word "feminist" because "there is a message that if you are sexy and you acknowledge that. . . then it's somehow an affront to women."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Psychologist

The psychologist was giving his professional medical opinion to the school that day. He had called the young 14 year old in his office and told him so. Traffic flowed below the downtown office. Grinding gears, squealing brakes, car horns and the sound tires make when travelling on wet roads all formed a symphonic sound that excited his youthful heart and spirit. It was still as beautiful as always – he could see the true colors of it all when he was with the doctor and, then on his way, riding home off into the early winter sunset down along the blvd headed to the west where his home was nestled in the hills above a little town, big rail yards and river.

He wasn't thinking of the drive home though – not yet. The doctor was telling him his professional medical opinion he was going to give to the school. The office was masculine and austere and yet warm and bright for him despite having to be there in the first place let alone in the drag of such a grey day. "You have been exposed to more than most of your peers – and, for that matter, even some of your teachers. You are extremely intelligent and quite capable. I feel that you are bored and they do not how to challenge you. You are intelligent and strong willed and there is nothing wrong with it. I feel they just don't know how to deal with you and it's not your fault. It's not a problem. It's theirs. Good luck, young man. I know you'll do very well."

1984 Flashback: Written November 21 - 22, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Princess Queen

Princess Queen

Dropping so low
Gotta get you high
You know what I mean
Brought you so high
When you were so low
Can't say I've been mean
Now the world gets to see
Oh, you're my Princess-Queen
What a world it must seem
Like some wild crazy dream
What a Princess-Queen you are
My glee club snub
I'll never over-dubb
My Princess-Queen
So happy together
Despite the current weather
We'll weather the storm
This ain't a royal norm
So how is the weather
So happy together
Written while watching Glee (w/ someone I love) 11/16/10
Best of the Royal Roses,
John French
New Media Madness: an everyday art 2010 - 2011

GLEE - "Forget You" Full Performance feat. Gwyneth Paltrow!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dressed for Election Day 2010: the 2nd Day of November

Dressed for Election Day 2010: 5pmish

Best of the Roses,

John French


New Media Madness: an everyday art 2010 - 2011

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Morning with Her Sunday Shoes

After the cough,
Sun light falling
Down from the
Morning rise on
The coffeehouse
Wooden floors -
Through the wide
Open door with
People walking in
With money to buy.
I can tell her beauty
Behind the counter
Is contagious to the
Type of blood my
Veins run with ...
She eats pumpkin
Ice cream. Wants me
Addicted - her telepathy
Is infectious and wants
Me addicted to her world
It's why she's contagious.
But I over hear her tell
Her story of how it's only
Just a cold, just a cough.
Her black eyes beaming
With thoughts of capture.

Written 10/23/10 before Noon
Gianni French and
Best of Rusted Roses, ...
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Thursday, October 21, 2010

October: Glee

The most important jam session of my life
and I'm all alone
At home alone
although I've found a wife
I'm home all alone
fingering her neck. Laguna
I paid $1, 000.00 minus a discount. What
a discount for my Laguna.
The most important jam session of my life
And I'm all alone. All home alone tonight
and I'm fingering her neck
An empty bottle of 1792 Bourbon Whiskey
-- Ridgemont Reserve Select
And a heavy glass with ice
My Laguna six string
All alone at home. And, fingering her neck

written @ home
Gianni French

Saturday, October 16, 2010


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What is the appeal of

Other than an online scavenger hunt type thing? I don't feel any need to logon there.

So what?! ... In L.A. I have seen EDdie Murphy in a Starbucks (isomewhere in L.A. I don't even know where I was); Leonardo DiCap, Lindsay Lohan (sigh) and Lucy Lui and other people I knew and didn't even know of in the super super cool (and hot) hotel I was staying in; + Christina A. In the VIP section of Hyde; Rusted Root's Michael Glabicki backstage at the L.A. House of Blues on Sunset in West Hollywood ...

I mean, other than Glabicki being backstage because he was doing something (rockin' the hell out of the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd) and, well, Leonardo doing a photo shoot in a Tux w/ canvas converse lounging poolside and then falling backwards into the salt water pool in that Tux and those black converse --- what's there to report and care about? It was also cool seeing Eddie, Lindsay (sigh), Christina (sigh ... Now she's divorced from that bottom feeder) ... What's the big deal ... It's normal everyday life?! ... What, are we so obsessed w/ interesting, good looking, gifted aura people's everyday life that we use the new media to broadcast it everywhere so ordinary people can share the vibrations that Celebs create on their particular strands of web in the web of life ... Everyday life ... (I just saw Madonna in Pittsburgh ... She was smiling at me and we had total eye sex on the sidewalk) ...

Best of Rusted Roses,
Gianni French
New Media Madness: an everyday art 2010 - 2011


October 2010

Welcome to ROCKTOBER at Mr. Smalls!

Creative.Life.Support: Amazing News

We Have Fiscal Sponsorship!!!

Creative.Life.Support, the non-profit arm of Mr. Smalls, is responsible for the wide-range of philanthropic services offered in conjunction with Mr. Smalls Theatre, Recording Studio & Skatepark, to provide learning, artist career development and professional opportunities for the music and action sports communities.

We are so excited to announce that Creative.Life.Support has just been accepted as a project of New Sun Rising, a non-profit organization that supports grass roots projects in the Pittsburgh region through fiscal sponsorship. This new relationship will enable us to apply to a wider and deeper breadth of granting organizations and to accept charitable contributions toward continuing & furthering these projects & goals.

This means that now anyone can make a tax-deductible donation to help support Creative.Life.Support's programs such as: the Smalls Summer Xtravaganza, Real.Life.Music Camp, Real.Life.Skate Camp and our College Internship Program!

PittsburghGives' Day of Giving is Today

We love New Sun Rising. They will be a great help to Creative.Life.Support in the next couple years of our development.

TODAY, Wednesday, October 13th, 2010, all charitable donations to New Sun Rising made through will receive a portion of The Pittsburgh Foundation's $500,000 matching pool. Give to NSR at anytime on that day and your gift will make an even greater impact in our community.

Giving to New Sun Rising touches your community in so many ways. Those with an interest in community libraries, growing and donating organic produce for the food bank, compelling and immersive gallery art, positive and diverse youth experiences, regional industrial history, youth action sports and music training, and zombie operas will be pleased to know- you'll be supporting them ALL!

More info can be found at the Pittsburgh Gives website at, or by watching this instructional video.

New Sun Rising
'Supporting creative grass-roots projects'
Creative.Life.Support - FarmCorps - Horizon Experience - Millvale Community Library - Pittsburgh's Industrial History - Welcome to SamSamland - The Zombie Opera

New Sun Rising Logo
Mr. Smalls Theatre:

Pittsburgh's Biggest Pajama Party!

On October 1st Mr. Smalls entertained 140 guests at the Pittsburgh Pajama Party. The party was hosted by, friend of Mr. Smalls, James Conner. James organized and promoted the party that featured some of Pittsburgh's most talented tribute artists. Higher Ground (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and No Control (311) played the evening to a very responsive crowd.

The idea is in direct response to some of our pre show surveys where 66.7% of our guests said they would be interested in some type of Mr. Small's alternative programming. Your voice definitely counts in our little world. The success of this event has made us hungry for more. In the works we have another show hosted by James and his crew. We are looking into a holiday beer tasting to launch the seasonal Christmas beers in our area and also a possible Studio 54 Disco Night and a Thrift Shop Prom.

Do you think you have the pull to throw a party at Mr. Smalls? If you do, feel free to contact We are able to guide you to a super fun, and with some hard work, a profitable evening for your fledgling promotional career. Thank you to everyone who attended our event and to all the staff who worked the evening. Show us what you got Pittsburgh!

The Smashing Pumpkins On Stage

We've had some really incredible artists through Mr. Smalls Theatre lately. Artists who are really too big to have any business playing a 650 capacity venue are coming to Mr. Smalls because they really want to, from Snoop Dogg to Interpol to The Arctic Monkeys and The Smashing Pumpkins. We thought you'd enjoy this spectacular photo of The Smashing Pumpkins taken by Creative.Life.Support Photography intern, Jessica DeLuca.


Mr Smalls Skatepark:

Hell Raiser Hob Goblin Helloween!

On Sunday October 31st come down to Mr. Smalls Skatepark for a full day of Halloween fun. It all starts at noon when the doors open and the monsters take to the ramps. At 2pm there will be in-costume mini-ramp contests for beginners, good guys, schralpers and old guys. Points will be awarded for costumes so don't be shy!!!

Then at 6pm we will have plenty of live music on two different stages featuring: Hellshock (from Portland, Oregon), Age (from Japan), Submachine, Wrathcobra, Ratface, Cultivator, and Blood Red.

Come in costume, ready to ride and rock!

Skatepark doors at 12
In-Costume Skate Contests at 2
Contest Entry fee only $5
Show Doors at 5pm
First band at 6pm, over by 11pm
Concert only $8 ALL AGES!


Fall Skatepark Hours:

Okay, so now it's getting a little colder and school is in, so we're opening on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4pm to 8pm. Saturday and Sundays we still open at noon and riding goes till 8pm. Cool? Cool.

We may also be open for select holidays and school days off, so keep an eye on for special event announcements.

What about Winter?

Well, winter comes when it comes and nobody really knows when that will happen, right? We will stay open as long as we can as long as enough people keep coming. You might ask: "well, since you now have the new indoor mini-ramp, why can't you stay open in the winter?" The answer is: we'd really like to. And maybe we will if there is enough demand from the riders. Maybe we'll do special events or special skate nights. Why don't you let us know what you think, because after all this is all for the riders, so we need to know what you want to happen and what you'll come out for. Email all your ideas to us at:

Concerts at the Skatepark:
If your band wants to play on the Mr. Smalls Skatepark Stage email:


Mr. Smalls Recording Studio News:

Who's Doing What In The Studio?

Formula 412 will be finishing mixing and mastering on their second album with Larry Luther at Mr. Smalls Studio this month. It will be available later this year. Also look for upcoming videos on youtube from these guys.

Songwriter/Actor/Director Tom Kurlander is continuing work on his second full length album. It is titled "The Sugar Burn Sessions" It will be available later this year.

The Black Moon tracked drums and guitar for last songs on their album recently. They will be back at the end of the year for bass, mixing and mastering.

Shirt Collar Smile tracked drums and bass for their next EP. Look for them with The Ataris later this month.

Joe Donnely is continuing work on his musical "Lessons Of Hope".

Ohio band Defeat The Weak will begin tracking their first EP with Mr. Smalls

Cantor Rick Berlin of Parkway Jewish Center is putting the finshing touches on the mixes for his latest recording "Friday Fusion", a collection of traditional and contemporary versions of prayers from the Jewish friday night services.

Drowning Clowns and producer Mike Speranzo just recorded a new track for the final credits of an Element Skateboarding Video called "Trio".

Larry Luther and Liz Berlin are hard at work finishing the final mixes from this past year's Real.Life.Music Camp. There were some really talented kids this summer!

Recording Studio Open House & Jam Session

Come check out Mr. Smalls Recording Studio on Sunday October 24th, 2010! The studio will be open to all from 5-9 p.m., featuring tours and information sessions.

Instruments will be set up throughout the studio -including guitars, basses, amps, drums and organs- so everyone can get a feel for the recording environment. Also there will be give-aways, prizes and one lucky person will win a free hour of studio time!

Any and all musicians are invited to drop in for a rockin' good time! Keep in mind that being musically inclined is not necessary—we can all kick it with awesome music and free food (Thanks Bruggers Bagels)!

For more information go to:

Studio Time Contest Winner

Congratulations to Corey Brennan! He attended the last Studio Open House in March and he has won a free hour of Recording Studio time! Maybe you will be next . . .

Real.Life.Music Camp Reunion

Calling all Band Campers! We will be having a reunion at the Studio Open House on October 24th from 5pm to 9pm!

All of your CD's, press photos, bios and notebooks will be finished and ready for you to pick up that night. Come visit, see old freinds and play all your new songs for us at the jam session.


Thanks for reading and happy ROCKTOBER
Liz Berlin & Mr. Smalls...
In this issue:

Creative.Life.Support News:

• New Sun Rising Fiscal Sponsorship

• PittsburghGives' Day of Giving is Today

Mr. Smalls Theatre News:

• Pittsburgh Pajama Party Review

• The Smashing Pumpkins on Stage

Mr Smalls Skatepark News:

• Hell Raiser Hob Goblin Helloween

• Fall Skatepark Hours

• What about the winter?

Mr. Smalls Recording Studio News:

• Who's Doing What in The Studio?

• Studio Open House & Jam Session

• Studio Time Winner

• Real.Life.Music Camp Reunion

Upcoming Shows:

• At Mr. Smalls Theatre

• At the Mr. Smalls Skatepark Stage

Upcoming Events:

Studio Open House & Jam Session
@ Mr. Smalls Recording Studio
October 24th, 2010 5pm - 9pm
Featuring Real.Life.Music Camp Reunion

Hell Raiser Hob Goblin Helloween
@ Mr. Smalls Skatepark
October 31st, 2010
Featuring live music and in-costume skate contests!

Visit our Websites:


Mr. Smalls Theatre
Did you know Mr. Smalls Theatre is available to rent for private functions?
Whether it be a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, prom, wedding reception, university function or a corporate gathering, we at Mr. Smalls Theatre would be happy to accommodate your private events of any kind.
Please contact to inquire.
Our REAL.LIFE SKATE & MUSIC CAMPS went so well last summer, we are going to be offering more sessions throughout the year based on demand.

We will be scheduling programs for HOME-SCHOOLED and CYBER-SCHOOL students soon, so check
for registration.

If your school or group is interested in scheduling a MUSIC or SKATE program just let us know. We can provide a day-long, week-long or a weekly series of sessions.

Also, field trips, boy & girl scout merit badges and any kind of private program or event can be accommodated.

for more information.
Mr. Smalls Theatre
Upcoming Shows
balcony button

10/14 • Triptykon (feat. Tom Warrior of Celtic Frost/Hellhammer) w/ 1349, Yakuza, Crown The Lost

10/15 • Smoker's Club Tour feat. Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, Mac Miller, Boaz, Corner Boy P, Fiend

10/16 • Lotus w/ Mux Mool, Doverspike

10/18 • The Felice Brothers w/ Adam Haworth Stephens

10/19 • An Evening with Yonder Mountain String Band

10/21 • An Evening with Umphrey's McGee

10/22 • The Walkmen w/ Japandroids, ARMS

10/23 • RAW Rave - the cirque du soleil of hair!

10/25 • Rebelution w/ Zion I, Tribal Seeds

10/26 • Phantogram w/ Josiah Wolf

10/27 • 91.3fm WYEP presents Grace Potter & The Nocturnals w/ Hacienda

10/29 • Dethlehem presents Hallo-Wizard feat. SIKES, Tobacco Road, Verbs, Motorpsychos

11/02 • Cloud Cult w/ Fort Wilson Riot

11/03 • The New Deal w/ Two Fresh, MiMOSA

SOLD OUT - 11/04 • Gogol Bordello w/ Forro In The Dark

11/06 • Watain w/ Goatwhore, Black Anvil, Storm King, Victims of Contagion

11/09 • Atreyu w/ Blessthefall, Chiodos, Architects UK, Endless Hallway

11/10 • CKY w/ Lionize, HourCast

11/11 • Brendan Benson / The Posies w/ Aqueduct

11/12 • Dimmu Borgir w/ Enslaved, Blood Red Throne, Dawn Of Ashes

11/13 • An Evening with Medeski Martin & Wood [Ages: +21]

11/19 • 91.3fm WYEP presents JJ Grey & Mofro w/ Ryan Montbleau Band

11/20 • Opus One & Distortion Productions present Combichrist w/ Aesthetic Perfection, Ivardensphere

11/23 • 91.3fm WYEP, Opus One & Elko Concerts present The Hold Steady w/ Company Of Thieves

11/27 • Donavon Frankenreiter w/ Ximena Sarinana

11/30 • Every Time I Die w/ Trap Them, Howl, Girlfight

12/06 • Twiztid w/ Blaze Ya Dead Homie, MicLordz & Sauce Funky, DJ Clay, The Gemini Projekt [on sale 10/9]

12/10 • Ghostland Observatory w/ Mux Mool, Cutups & Keeb$ (Lazercrunk) [limited two-day passes available]

12/11 • Ghostland Observatory w/ Expensive Shit, Keeb$ & DJ RA (Fuzz) [limited two-day passes available]

12/15 • Better Than Ezra w/ Big Sam's Funky Nation

02/01 • Less Than Jake w/ The Supervillains, Off With Their Heads [on sale 10/23]

02/17 • Dr. Dog w/ The Head and the Heart [on sale 10/16]

Mr. Smalls Skatepark Stage
Upcoming Shows
10/31 • Hell Raiser Hob Goblin Helloween featuring:
Hellshock (from Portland, Oregon),Age (from Japan), Submachine, Wrathcobra, Ratface, Cultivator, Blood Red
Doors at 5pm
First band at 6pm, over by 11pm
Mr. Smalls Theatre, Recording Studio & Skatepark
400 Lincoln Ave.
Millvale, PA 15232

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fw: Wow, you're on Bill Maher ...

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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 22:09:48 +0000
To: S.E. Cupp<>
Subject: Wow, you're on Bill Maher ...

I'll be tuning-in and dropping-out from all other media (well, at least, trying to) for the "new" HBO Bill Maher w/ you ... Yeah, I "called it" ... You're the "right" answer to Julia Allison. (I haven't met you yet in person so I'm not certain if I can compare and contrast anything else) ...

Best of Rusted Roses,
$ Gianni French
New Media Madness: an everyday art 2010 - 2011

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From: Anonymous <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 06:20:35 -0700 (PDT)
To: <>
Subject: [My Straw Hat] New comment on S.E. Cupp; Alison Rosen; Diana Falzone; Red Eye Fu....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "S.E. Cupp; Alison Rosen; Diana Falzone; Red Eye Fu...":

Sarah Palin deserves to be released into the wild and hunted down like these wolves she needs a taste of her own medicine. Go Judd and S.P. is SATAN

Posted by Anonymous to My Straw Hat at October 8, 2010 10:28 PM

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Original Question(s) for "New Media Madness: an everyday art"

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Sent: Thu, September 30, 2010 8:34:03 AM
Subject: Original Question(s) for "New Media Madness: an everyday art"

If you were a Christmas Tree, would you be full of colored lights or plain white lights?
And, why?
If you had passed-on and it's the holiday season and you realize, like the stars, when you pass you do not die and you still indeed scientifically provenn still emit radio waves = you are energy ... and you want to communicate w/ a loved one or loved ones for Christmas, would you be full of colored lights or plain white lights?
Best of the Roses,
"New Media Madness: an everyday art"

Friday, September 24, 2010

Maybe I am a little rockstar

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From: John French <>
Sent: Fri, September 24, 2010 12:23:12 PM
Subject: Maybe I am a little rockstar

hi Megyn, ...

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: John French <>
To: "Sent: Fri, September 24, 2010 8:03:51 AM
Subject: Maybe I am a little rockstar

Just cause I don't get paid for it maybe I can accept that maybe I am a little rockstar and fuck the people who have been saying it about me (like that's what i'm trying for = i have been who i am since about 8 or 9 when i started writing lyrics, drinking wine & espresso, smoking ciggs and chasing women, playing electric bass guitar and six string acoustic but also balanced as a little steady rain maker = people & money = track record) ... Some poeple just possess the non-thing-ness that's rock star = i guess. It's like when people used try and tell me someone isn't a writer unless they make their living that way and that way only.
In the words of Flounder's car "eat me" as the cake is cut ...

$5 decision? What would Jesus do?

So, this morning, for the second time an obviously mentally and physically challanged person who appears to be early thirties and incapable of securing employment and earning money locked in on me and opened the circa 1970's change purse he carries and said he doesn't have enough. This was in front of Bruegger's where my Volvo wagon is sometimes parked -as it was this American Morning.

Today he needed orange juice and didn't have enough. Last time (the first time) it was a dollar more for a bagel and milk.

I gave him a five ---Now, that obviously didn't matter to the few same peole who are in Brugger's in the window, in the same seats every morning -sitting, eating, and talking (an awful long time) but the fact that I did give him any money at all must have bothered "this crowd" an awful lot --- as one of the elders stood up and walked to the door, opened the door and stood there and was scawling at me - scolding me in expression and energy ...

Now unless that's the proper guardian for this person - what business does he have? Do I need to get an attorney? Am I on trial here now?

But, yeah, he has a right to protest (or at lest I think we all do still, anyway, right?) ... Well, maybe I should start protesting how he and his little group sit there every morning for hours and judge people?! ...especially instead of doing something productive to contribute to the positive(s) in life ...

Best of the Roses,
"New Media Madness: an everyday art 2010 - 2011"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer's Almost Gone: Phone Art Pic Series XVI

Backyard: a single rose _ as summer's almost gone ...
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Petit Conn. Murder Trial _ Fw: update from Chataqua Lake, NY

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: John French <>
Cc:;;;;;;; Voicers NY Daily News <>
Sent: Thu, September 16, 2010 8:49:22 PM
Subject: Petit Conn. Murder Trial_ Fw: update from Chataqua Lake, NY

I had a dream about all this as it was happening (well, really, right before it happened) when I was in Chataqua Lake, NY (known for uncanny and scientific "special energy") ... and well I emailed to Administrator and, well, look at the callous response and then my response === at any rate, ask my wife, I was freaked out about this event because I dreamt it and saw the faces of the murderes and felt the perspective of the daughters ... I was tweaked for days over this ... So, Peter Orszag is scary = but It's No Big Deal = I was protected and am proctected ... these people weren't ... (if you're impatient just scroll down a bit and you'll get to the meat of this) ...

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: John French <mosshead7;
To: Administrator <>
Sent: Wed, July 25, 2007 5:59:49 PM
Subject: Re: update from Chataqua Lake, NY

Oh, hey, that's cool. Yeah, since you don't give a shit then I'm sure you won't care if I include your response in the new e-book I'm currently working (which is my third w/ the theme of "everyday media") --- And, I'll make sure to showcase it to others at so they see how you represent yourself and the company.


Currently I am composing a new e-book for release in the beginning of '08 called Everyday There's Something ---
This will include a Top 40 Hottest Female NEWS Personalities (Cable and Non Cable) - Smart, hot, witty, articulate, engaging & dynamic women of the NEWS who have "everyday" consistency; poetry; email write-ins to NEWS programs and a few other media outlets; journalistic type notes and observations regarding working on Creative-Life-Support: The Organic Harvest of Rusted Root - A Documentary Movie; my July '07 trip out West - Malibu, Hollywood, San Diego, Vegas, Chateau Marmont - hanging, traveling w/ Rusted Root and working on documentary movie w/ film maker & Emmy Award Winning Hollywood Exec, E. E.; and end of July week at Chautauqua Lake, NY .............

Best of the Roses, John French
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Everyday There's Something
Everyday there's something to smile for
Something to stick around for and make it
To take it and run with as a champion flag
And wallow in wonderment at the day's end
Everyday there's something to get up for
To live for and lead by example
To live for those of us who have passed-on
To pray for, to open doors for, to cry in joy for
Everyday there's something about the morning sun
Something about the heavy clouds rolling by
And rain like that Tennessee honey
And roses singing sweet melodies
And everyday birds along in harmony
Waves crashing and pools rippling
Friends and family waiting for you
Lovers needing your love
Your self needing development
Animals needing attention
Plants and flowers needing tended to
Earth needing nurtured
Stranger's angel's arms
Open HWY
Hotel rooms
Everyday there's something
I want to see in you
Everyday there's something
I want to say to you
Everyday there's something
I need to do
Everyday there's something
I want to do with you
Everyday there's something
Everyday there's something
Everyday there's something
Best of the Roses,
John French
Things We're Afraid to Say: Webs of Everyday Media
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Administrator <> wrote:

This is lovely. Too bad I don't really give a shit.
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Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 11:06 AM
Subject: update from Chataqua Lake, NY

John French <> wrote:
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 07:58:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: John French <mosshead7@>
Subject: update from Chataqua Lake, NY
To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I was looking for to a week at Chataqua Lake, NY after a whirl-wind trip in California which was intensely successful and a yet a joy too = Though all the way around calling for some time w/ my loving wife and Parker Bean.

The drive here I had some clarity and tuned-in to those who once inhabited this sacred land = who laughed here, hunted, here, fished here, danced here, chanted here, prayed here, married here, had children here, loved here, learned here, taught here, fought here, planted here, grew here, harvested here, built here, were grateful and thankful for the Sun, Moon and Stars and passed down myths here............

and from then until now I prayed for peace in the minds, bodies, spirits and souls of all those who walked and rode and lived here .............

I felt as clear as strong receiver of a radio = being able to transmit and receive radio waves.

Sunday night I had a disturbing dream about two guys breaking into a home and terrifying two sisters and the sisters knowing their impending death by the hands of these two horrible horrible men.

I then became extremely freaked-out and could not sleep last night when I had the realization that the two men that was in my dream were the two men from the putrid Connecticut break-in and murders = that poor poor poor family
= may the minds, bodies, souls and spirits of the mother and two sisters find peace and comfort with all the force, light, love and joy of the universe with all the force, light and momentum of the universe with all the healing magical powers of running water............

I don't feel at ease here in Mayville on Valley Street after sunset.

We're just gonna stay one more day here boating on the lake and just one more night here and then check into the Ritz-Carlton in Cleavland and go see the Doors exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

I will continue to pray for the family in Connecticut.

Best of the Roses,
John French
Everyday There's Something
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Friday, September 3, 2010

No big deal

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Sent: Fri, September 3, 2010 9:42:01 PM
Subject: No big deal

No big deal
Let it go
No assault
Table time
Made up
Wrong turn
No easy street
Shit's got it
Right! Maybe
Crow feet dinner
Your soul - hey,
I call winner.
You're too eager
And meager @
The gambling ...
Gambling table.
So call my fate.
Yeah, next time.
Think twice ..
'Cause, I'm
Always ...
Tumbling dice

You gotta roll me

You gaotta roll me

You now LOVE ME

Always tumblin' DICE ..,

Best of the Roses, John
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