Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday, March 1, 2008 Mr. Small's Theatre Welcomes Rusted Root ....

Saturday, March 1, 2008 Mr. Small's Theatre Welcomes Rusted Root ....

RR Tour Appearances

Pittsburgh, PA
Mr. Small's Theatre

Steamboat Springs, CO
Gondola Plaza

Asheville, NC
The Orange Peel

Charlotte, NC
Amos' Southend

N. Myrtle Beach, SC
House of Blues

Orlando, FL
House of Blues

St. Petersburg, Fl
Jannus Landing

St. Petersburg, FL
Jannus Landing

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Raleigh, NC
Lincoln Theatre

Richmond, VA
Toads Place

Park City, UT
The Canyons Resort

South Elgin, IL
Lazy River Music and Arts Festival

Best of the Roses,

John French

Friday, February 29, 2008

HOT HOT HOT !!! ...

Julia, Mary and Meghan

"We had such a blast at Paris Commune, the cutest venue in the West Village, so much personality, and great food. Julia ordered these huge balloons and had rose petals everywhere. Pink Vodka lined the bars, champagne was flowing. Photographers were clicking away as Julia and I posed in every position our bodies could form. Friends bopped in and out to give us their blessing."

-Mary Rambin-

Best of Pink Red Roses, John French

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Darling, Julia Allison!!!...'s Everyday There's Something #1 of the Top 50 Hottest Women of Everyday Media!!! ...

I Majorily "Heart"
Julia Allison
on Her Birthday
= A+++ +++ +++ +++


Best of Pink Red Birthday Roses, baby,

Best of Pink Red Birthday Roses,

Love, John French

"Julia Needs Sex" Is a Great Red Eye Recap Special Birthday Tribute for the #1 Hottest Woman of Everyday Media

Happy Birthday Julia!!!

from the best show on Cable News:
Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld.

Watch every night @3:00am ET on Fox News Channel.

Personal Message

"Julia Needs Sex" Is a Great Red Eye Recap Special Birthday Tribute for the #1 Hottest Woman of Everyday Media ...

Best of Pink Red Roses,

John French

Happy Birthday, Julia Allison!!!...'s Everyday There's Something #1 of the Top 50 Hottest Women of Everyday Media!!! ...

I was having a good sleep in my car
In the, parking lot of the Showboat Casino hotel
I say, "I remember you you drive like a PTA mother"
You brought me draft beer in a plastic cup
I'm feeling thankful for the small things, today
I'm feeling thankful for the small things, today
Happy, Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me and to you
Happy, Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me and to you-ah
I'm feeling thankful for the small things, today
I'm feeling thankful for the small things, today
I remember you I crashed your wedding
With some, orange crepe paper and some Halloween candy
A sometimes I wish I were Catholic
I don't know why
I guess I'm happy to see your faceat a time like this
Happy, Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me and to you-ah
Happy, Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me and to you-ah
Happy Birthday baby, to me
Happy Birthday, to me
Happy Birthday, to me
Happy Birthday, to me
P.S. and, who knows, maybe you'll be's
The New Everyday Media's #1 of the 2009 Top 75 Hottest Women of the New Everyday Media
Best of BirthDay Roses, baby,
Best of Birthday Roses,

The Next #1 of the Top Hottest Women of Everyday Media???

Anna Gilligan reel

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fwd: RE: OK, The First "Before and After" Pics

"Moe Designs Inc." <> wrote:
From: "Moe Designs Inc." <>
To: "'John French'" <>
Subject: RE: OK, The First "Before and After" Pics
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 16:29:36 -0500

You look years younger (and you definitely need to lose that suit and tie as well)
Love that you went with orange, color is always good.
Oliver Peoples is the brand of glasses
From: John French []
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 4:10 PM
To: Moe Designs Inc.
Subject: OK, The First "Before and After" Pics
OK, The First "Before and After" Pics
Nov 2007 = Before Mary Rambin
Feb 2008 = After Mary Rambin
These pics demonstrate a). different hair cut and style b). shaved face and no goatee c). and i'm not wearing my glasses because i'm gonna shop for new ones at Oliver's People (?) d). a new sweater which I bought in an unusual color for me (not some shade of gray, black or brown) and also important to note that it's a large (which I asked the nice ladies to help me decide upon an XL, L and M - as I usually get an XL because I used to like wearing an XL - and just a couple years ago I needed it) and f). well, although the cords are a departure from my standard shades of gray, black or brown - they are a 34 waist and i may actually need a 33 waist or more of the skinny type but i'm sitting down somewhere so you can't really see anyway but they are a little baggy in the buttocks, thighs and front (not the crotch but like around the opening of the pockets - you know.). however they are like a straight leg -i think. they're Levis and i know there's more high-end but i really like Levis and g). notice i'm not wearing a turtleneck - even though it's cold and snowy i have on a button down like you suggested
best of the Roses,

"Moe Designs Inc." <> wrote:
I'm so glad to hear that, send me a picture!

Looking for last minute shopping deals? Find them fast with Yahoo! Search.

Looking for last minute shopping deals? Find them fast with Yahoo! Search.

OK, The First "Before and After" Pics = Before Mary Rambin and After Mary Rambin

John French November 2007 = Before Mary Rambin (designer and former model)
Mary Rambin designer
Mary Rambin's blog

John French February 26, 2008 = After Mary Rambin (designer and former model)

Mary Rambin designer
Mary Rambin's blog

Best of the Roses,
John French

Shep Smith Behind the Camera: Admits to Slapping Red Eye's Bill Schulz on the Ass and Making Him Fetch a Frappuccino - (on several occasions)

"Sure! I slapped Schulz on the ass and told him to
"fetch the Shep"
some hot coffee.
It's because of me FNC is viable enough to keep a weirdo
like him employed and on TV anyway!
Now, where's that coffee?!"
"You hate me, don't you?!
Yes, I am that obnoxious!"

"You're an insensitive Ogre, Sheppard!
Yes you are!
Bill Schulz is a sweetheart!
You should be more like him!"

"OMG! Mike Gallagher, tell me you didn't ask me
if I'd rather be smacked in the ass than Shulz?!
Why don't you think this is a big deal?!

Brian Kilmeade:
"Oh, great! Here we go!
I might as well stayed at home
and heard the same old shit
from my wife!!!!"

"What about Kevin Godlington, Shep?!

"Shep, what about me?!
We could play Charlie's Angels!
Look at my hair!"

"Wait a minute! Sheppard Smith is gay?!!"

"Shep, if you're gonna play butt-bongos, you should do it
out of the country - I know a little spot - Ask Gutfled = He
came with me before and was enthralled!!!"


"Well, was there a goose involved or just an open handed slap?!"

After last weekend I thought you promised
that things would change?!?!?!"

Best of the Roses,
Giovanni French

Do Everyday Media Women & Men like the Idea of Baseball Team Seeking Plus-Size Male Cheerleaders???

"For real?!
Shit! I'm calling President Bill Clinton!
We're gonna have so much fun!!

"I am totally down with this!!!"

"Like they really think I'm gonna be intrigued
by plus size fat guys?!
I thought everybdoy knew I love John French?!"

"I can be into seeing some Plus-Size men!!
I mean, sure, no problem!"

"This is really funny!"

"Ah! 'Shit, man! What a trip, Daddy-O!"

"Yeah, okay?!
Plus size men cheering at a baseball game?!
What a good idea!!"

I'm down with some plus-size men!
No problem!!"


Best of Florida Roses,
Giovanni French

Fwd: Dear Professor Susan Harris:

John French:; wrote:
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 03:30:13 -0800 (PST)
From: John French;
Subject: Dear Professor Susan Harris:

Dear Professor Susan Harris:
The other evening I was at an old prestigious private club which is actually noted as one of the finest urban clubs in the country and in a recent article about a member of one of Pittsburgh's old wealth families Vanity Fair called the club "a sanctuary for Pittsburgh's wealthy elite" - and, at any rate, I was speaking with a professor of high caliber and relayed to him and his guest this anecdote which directly involves you and they both suggest I should most definitely contact you -(as does just about everyone I share this anecdote with).
When I was taking your Poetry 101 class at Penn State University's main campus you had assigned the class to write a paper on a poet and to provide some background on this poet and include direct lines of their poems to interpret. I actually thought this was a cool assignment and enthusiastically spent allot of time on this assignment and composed a well-written paper for you to review and grade. Never expecting the result I received I was astonished when my paper was returned to me with an "F." Of course, I came to you in question and you coldly stated, "Jim Morrison is not a poet. He is a rockstar. I asked you to write a paper on a poet and you wrote a paper on a rockstar."
Ok, sure I wasn't your typical student. And there was that time I came into your class a few minutes late in faded Levis which had a hole or two, black desert boots, a tee-shirt that read, "Charlie Don't Surf!" and a fur vest (which happened to be a removable lining from a leather jacket I had purchased for myself as a Christmas present from a store in Chicago) and, well, even though your class was around 1 pm I had sun glasses on and wore them throughout class --- It was a long night which bled into day as, Tara, one of my girlfriend at the time who was on the Mainline in Philadelphia and whose parents also had a home in Martha's Vineyard drove me to the building your class was in and was just dropping me off from one of our evening's out in Happy Valley / State College, PA.
But that's not the issue.
You gave me an "F" on a well-written paper on the grounds that Jim Morrison was not a poet and you had asked the class to write this paper on a poet.
That's the issue and why people strongly encourage me to contact you.
The rest of the story is as follows.
A few years later while I was pouring through titles in a bookstore which I so often frequented, I came across a title called "The Rebel as Poet: Rimbaud and Jim Morrison" by Wallace Fowlie, James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of French and Italian Literature, Duke University. The book was published by Duke University. I purchased the book and voraciously devoured every word like a ravenous dog whose call of the wild only required he be fed organic meat off of the bone to survive.
Never mind that the title James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of French and Italian Literature, Duke University, trumped your title (by far) and I was encouraged that this book served as a perfect rebuttal for your unjust grade you served me like an unjust sentence based of the same premise of abuse of power and authority and I felt redeemed, validated and vindicated --- This book was much more to me. For after reading this book I was blown-away by the depth of the words from which this captivating language was coming from - so deep and rich in signs and symbols - and so fascinating in subject matter and colorful tapestry it wove.
I immediately knew Wallace Fowlie was something special, something profoundly great and this book of his "The Rebel as Poet: Rimbaud and Jim Morrison" was a way to break through to a young audience like myself and open the door via an invitation on a silver platter. For Fowlie's book came out only a few years after Oliver Stone's film, The Doors. What timing. And, as my friend Wallace Fowlie would tell me, there are no coincidences.
In lieu of being paltry, at the time, instead of using this book and the noble, irrefutably valid and viable status of Wallace Fowlie to rebuke "your opinion" on Mr. James Douglas Morrison, I knew better than to waste my time on someone who hid behind the thick walls of the ivory tower. For I picked-up the phone and called Duke University looking for Wallace Fowlie. Not knowing what I'd say but rather I was compelled to do so. And I did.
Someone within Duke University contacted Wallace Fowlie and told him about me and my inquiries of him. Wallace suggested I send some of my poetry to him and after receiving it had the same liaison inform me that he wanted me to come visit him.
I was fascinated that a man of his stature and age, quite frankly, would be so insightful and open minded to write a book on Jim Morrison - (as I was taught by you, Morrison was just a rockstar and not a poet). And, yet, Fowlie had the unquestionable authority to make Jim Morrison a legitimate, bonified poet -as what Jim deeply wished. I knew all of this. I knew what this meant. And I have chills now as a recount my meetings with Fowlie, the excitement, the nourishing light and growth I have experienced.
Before I let the New York Times Obituary describe Wallace Fowlie, I must insert, he was one of the kindest, gracious, inspiringly brilliant and radiant human be-ings I ever, ever met in person. And sure I was amazingly impressed by the original art work from Picaso and Jean Cocteau and Joan Miro and Salvador Dali that hung from his walls and the stories of how they got there but beyond the material - Wallace was a literary giant. Someone you get to know by only going beyond. Going beyond the superficial surface and intuitively going after the meat-on-the-bone with the wantonness of desire for enlightenment and edification. Wallace was an author, professor, expert in French and Italian literature and psychoanalysis and friend. He tied together my background, my stories of what transpired during my encounters with Wayland Krieger (son of Robby Krieger of the Doors - Jim's band mate) in Florida and Robby Krieggar himself in Happy Valley / State College, PA --- And tied in how in the 1960's when he was teaching a Holy Cross in MA that he received a letter from a Jim Morrison of the Doors which thanked him for his dual translation of Rimbaud (the letter and events surrounding it is explained in detail in The Rebel as Poet: Rimbaud and Jim Morrison and also was given to to Holy Cross) - And Wallace tied together why I was there, my poetry and assured me that there were no coincidences. Furthermore he declared I "could not not be a poet because the way I view life is poetry." And along with a brief critique he wrote of me and my work as a poet which I have posted under credentials of my website, inside a copy of The Rebel as Poet: Rimbaud and Jim Morrison he wrote, "John: Our friendship started here."
Wallace Fowlie, 89, Authority On French Poets and Rebels
Published: August 20, 1998

Wallace Fowlie, a professor emeritus of French literature at Duke University who once compared the rock singer Jim Morrison to the poet Arthur Rimbaud, died on Sunday at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C. He was 89 and lived in Chapel Hill.

Mr. Fowlie gained prominence as a scholar by writing more than 20 books focusing on the great French poets and other literary figures of the 19th and 20th centuries, including Baudelaire, Dante, Mallarme, Proust, Rimbaud and Verlaine. He crossed into popular culture and received national attention in 1994 when, as an octogenarian, he wrote ''Rimbaud and Jim Morrison: The Rebel as Poet,'' published by Duke University Press.

Mr. Fowlie said that the French poet and the lead singer of the Doors both were rebels who grew up without fathers, experimented with drugs and alcohol and dealt with death and pathos in their writings.

Born in Brookline, Mass., Mr. Fowlie, in his 1978 autobiography, ''Journal of Rehearsal,'' described the formative experiences that led to his lifelong love of all things French: the pleasure felt at first hearing the musical sounds of the French language, of Mary Garden singing Louise in Charpentier's opera, and his awe when, as a child, he listened to Paul Claudel, then French Ambassador in Washington, deliver an incomprehensible speech at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston.

He studied at Harvard University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in 1930, a master's degree in 1933 and a Ph.D. in 1936, after which he traveled to Paris briefly for the first time, the names of the streets and monuments long since memorized from his readings. He took up teaching upon his return, with stints at Bennington College, the University of Chicago and Yale University before arriving at Duke in 1964.

In a 1975 review in The New York Times of ''Letters of Henry Miller and Wallace Fowlie,'' which traced seven years of correspondence between the writer and the scholar -- much of it focusing on the place of the artist in society, and on Rimbaud -- Mr. Fowlie was described as ''a devout Catholic, a man of genuine sensitivity, a devotee of French literature and a critic who was particularly interested in such spirit-laden figures as Narcissus, Hamlet and the clown.''
It was this sensitivity that led to his success in the classroom, said his longtime friend and colleague, Marcel Tetel, a professor of French at Duke. ''One of his greatest assets was that he was revered by his students,'' Mr. Tetel said. ''He developed friendships with many of his students. He talked to them at length after class, and he would even have them over to his house for dinner. His classes were always full.''

In a 1993 interview, Mr. Fowlie said he had always seen his role ''as transcending that of a mere academic adviser.'' Rather, he offered encouragement, a friendly word and an occasional rebuke along with his insights.

His unending quest, he said, was the answer to the question, What is poetry? The solution, he believed, rested in ''the direction of an individual toward a decent life.''

No immediate family members survive.
Best of Organic Roses,
("John French")
Pittsburgh, PA

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The Hottest of the New Everyday Media React to Revealed Information Above in Email Which Unearths Baffling Unjust Action by Professor Susan Harris

"Fuck You! Professor Susan Harris!"

"Yeah, Fuck You, Professor Susan Harris!"

"Fuck You! That's not right at all - a jury would find you an ass!"

"That isn't right of you! And you owe this young gentleman an apology!"

What!? You did what, Professor Susan Harris!"

"You gotta be kidding me!!!"

"Like what the fuck, you Bitch?!"

"You owe John French
and Jim Morrison an apology,
Professor Harris!"

"That's fucking wrong! John French sent me a dozen
red roses when I was at Fox News Channel. That's just fucking
wrong of you, Professor Susan Harris!"

"Fucking idiot!
I love John French
and Jim Morrison!
You fucking idiot!"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Some of the Gold I Saw ...

Marion Cotillard

Anne Hathaway

Jennifer Garner

Heidi Klum

Jill Dobson

Brooke Anderson

Johnny Depp and Julian Schnabel

"And, Sport, keep that fucking Busey guy away from Us!"
George Clooney

-Best of the Golden Roses-
Viggo Mortensen

Best of Golden Roses,
Giovanni French

The Buzz: Hot Media Figures React to Jennifer Garner and Gary Busey Incident = What Body Language!!!

"I would have fucking killed him!"

I'd take his ass right to court!

Whoa, you're in some big trouble now, Mister!

Like, OMG! Who the hell does he think he is?!

Oh!, Mr. Busey, you need big help now!!

OMG! What the fuck just happened?!

Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!

What a sick fucking fuck!

You got to be kidding me!!!

That poor girl! That sick fuck should get some help like now!

Best of Golden Roses,
Giovanni French