Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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You look years younger (and you definitely need to lose that suit and tie as well)
Love that you went with orange, color is always good.
Oliver Peoples is the brand of glasses
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Subject: OK, The First "Before and After" Pics
OK, The First "Before and After" Pics
Nov 2007 = Before Mary Rambin
Feb 2008 = After Mary Rambin
These pics demonstrate a). different hair cut and style b). shaved face and no goatee c). and i'm not wearing my glasses because i'm gonna shop for new ones at Oliver's People (?) d). a new sweater which I bought in an unusual color for me (not some shade of gray, black or brown) and also important to note that it's a large (which I asked the nice ladies to help me decide upon an XL, L and M - as I usually get an XL because I used to like wearing an XL - and just a couple years ago I needed it) and f). well, although the cords are a departure from my standard shades of gray, black or brown - they are a 34 waist and i may actually need a 33 waist or more of the skinny type but i'm sitting down somewhere so you can't really see anyway but they are a little baggy in the buttocks, thighs and front (not the crotch but like around the opening of the pockets - you know.). however they are like a straight leg -i think. they're Levis and i know there's more high-end but i really like Levis and g). notice i'm not wearing a turtleneck - even though it's cold and snowy i have on a button down like you suggested
best of the Roses,

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I'm so glad to hear that, send me a picture!

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