Friday, January 25, 2013

Organ Pie = a new poem by "John French" & the new everyday media

it was a Hi Fi morning for a blustery January day with more snow forecasted.

i had walked the dog, fed him some goulash and i had a couple eggs & coffee

news filtered thru my ears from the radio in the kitchen and living room TV
mixing w/ the song southbound from the Allman Bros on my YouTube channel -
when i opened a personal message for me on facebook from a past girl friend.

Greg Allman on the organ with Bruce Hornsby and Susan Tedeschi and The Asbury Juke Horns @ The Beacon Theater

the message was short and simple and did the trick conjuring up the image and
sweet smell of her and how warm she felt on those cold winter days in my bed.

ah, so nice to be remembered & reminded by those who know how to grasp you.

(written by "John French" & the new everyday media January 25, 2013)
                                            photo credit:
cartoon of a real life Diana Falzone photo of her in her place

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