Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dear Roger Ailes: Viewer Analysis (mass media notes)

Dear Mr. Ailes,

Whether or not I agree with your politics or views please allow me to congratulate you on an oustanding period in not only FNC history however in mass media history and in these #newmedia times.

I can recall the first time I tuned into FNC and it was during a John Kerry presidential campaign and I was looking for different opinions and Juliet Huddy was on Fox & Friends squirting a bottle of Heinz ketchup in the camera lens. Mike Jerrick and Julian. 

What you've created from there is amazing to me and that's with reluctantly not even knowing much beyond that from a viewing perspective.

OutNumbered is a nice new edition, The Five ... and Red Eye is still cutting edge (watch that and your eyes will bleed it's so cutting edge still) and fresh ... last night Greg Gutfeld (genius and in my opinion a saving grace for FNC and the Republican party marketing 101 camp) had former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino hosting the show while Greg was a guest = genius. 

It's evident a big portion of the media has a bias for nothing other than Democratic party ideoology and is intolerant of any other view, debate and argument which is a shame and quite lame in the spirit of an intelligent conversation(s) that this country and ladies & gentlemen around the world have enjoyed for centuries (in most open and free countries).

Although FNC has bordered on creating nausea with its love affair with President Reagan and the Bush's (especially when GW was in the house, FNC gloated a little too much which is why it may take a lot of criticism still to this day from Dems "no WMD's"), Megyn Kelly standing up to Dick Cheney a few months ago was the pinacle of "fair and balanced"    ...

At any rate, I am seeking your counsel on a matter here as I have tremendous respect for you and your ground breaking refreshing accomplishments whether or not I agree with your politics or views.    

Given that you are promoting the 14th e-book of poems by a serious poet which also happens to be the 1st book this author wrote that opened a lot of doors published in 1992 "In This Place: a book of the nineties" --- for promotion "Game of Roses (delivery)" should it be Anna Kooiman or Kimberly Guilfoyle ???


using new ways (or old ways for me now) for social media promotions ... new media has percolated a fresh batch of new everyday media marketing ideas & methods as oft discussed by David Meerman Scott ... as a way to help promote my e-books of poetry on (13 or 14 of them) i've attempted to engage people in traditional and nontraditional ‪#‎newmedia‬ ways = such as Game of Roses (delivery): Anna Kooiman Vs. Kimberly Guilfoyle which is an attempt to promote my new old book of poems from 1992 "In This Place: a book of the nineties" being launched on ... here's the blog post about it 

Best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses,
john a conte, jr. and the new everyday media