Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Morning with Her Sunday Shoes

After the cough,
Sun light falling
Down from the
Morning rise on
The coffeehouse
Wooden floors -
Through the wide
Open door with
People walking in
With money to buy.
I can tell her beauty
Behind the counter
Is contagious to the
Type of blood my
Veins run with ...
She eats pumpkin
Ice cream. Wants me
Addicted - her telepathy
Is infectious and wants
Me addicted to her world
It's why she's contagious.
But I over hear her tell
Her story of how it's only
Just a cold, just a cough.
Her black eyes beaming
With thoughts of capture.

Written 10/23/10 before Noon
Gianni French and
Best of Rusted Roses, ...
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

October: Glee

The most important jam session of my life
and I'm all alone
At home alone
although I've found a wife
I'm home all alone
fingering her neck. Laguna
I paid $1, 000.00 minus a discount. What
a discount for my Laguna.
The most important jam session of my life
And I'm all alone. All home alone tonight
and I'm fingering her neck
An empty bottle of 1792 Bourbon Whiskey
-- Ridgemont Reserve Select
And a heavy glass with ice
My Laguna six string
All alone at home. And, fingering her neck

written @ home
Gianni French