Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Welcome Class of 2019" _ new poem for new Whispering Angel e-book

"Welcome Class of 2019" _ another new poem for new Whispering Angel e-book 

"Welcome Class of 2019"

In the black of the night
Under a soft table light
On an official letter - 
Couldn't be any better than
"Welcome Class of 2019"

It's pre dawn - radio's on
Someone's up & in a cup
Collecting late teen dreams
Analyzing who's the wiser
Take it; break it to succeed 

"Welcome Class of 2019"
A red-eye flies overhead
Carrying who you'll become
Butterflies late August 2015 
Wake up & reach your dream

The best thing about yesterday
Is that you lose yesterday today
Moving on down along the way
What you do & say you become
8/20/15 today & 2019 tomorrow 

"Welcome Class of 2019"
By John Conte
Written Pre Dawn 8/20/15

Good wishes,