Monday, April 19, 2021

Escape Velocity _ new 2021 poem

Inspired poem while reading @michiokaku's The God Equation. Saturday & Sunday I voraciously read up to page 122. It's a great read at a good time. It's not only physics but also a form of sociological insight. @Morning_Joe @MSNBC @nytimes @NewYorker @latimes @WIRED @physorg_com

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

March 2019 (the last of Parker Bean the best Lhasa Apso ever)

This time of year
Beginning March
Snow reflecting a muted sun
On wintertime's hard ground
Earth frozen and spinning
Tilting for spring to start
This time of year has a sound
A morning song chirping along
Everything alive is stirring
Insides churning and yearning
Here comes flowers bursting through
As the cabin door lets in early sunlight
It smells like melting snow and pine
Decayed leaves and nor'easter winds
Coffee shrugging off the veil of night
March 3, 2019
John Conte
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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Here I Stand _ new poem January 2021

Again I'm waiting for spring so I can see

Pink & white blossoms on apple trees

Standing in the pouring rain

Down over my back feeling no pain

It's not God who put fear in you

I fought something to help us thru

Can't you imagine what's in their head

Dreaming they're talking with the dead

When I'm beside you I don't want to say goodbye

That's not in the plan

So here I am - hello

An average man - I know

Here I stand & The

written by John Conte at 12:30am January 5, 2021

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Nashville Tennessee _ new December poem 2019
I used to believe in justice 
And how things outta be
Then I saw a person hanging from a tree 
I couldn’t believe they called this place free 
That’s when I moved to Nashville Tennessee 
You’re grown enough to know what’s wrong
Feel the existential truth in this here song 
It’s a coming around the bend 
It’s your destiny - just hit send 
Like a stormy day when the sun comes out
Listening to music that makes you shout 
There isn’t time for you to be fuss’n about 
Pack your things & tune your strings to the city 
There ain’t a place like Nashville Tennessee 
Black, brown, red, yellow, white you may be 
There ain’t a better city to be feeling free 
You’re grown enough to know what’s wrong
Feel the existential truth in this here song 
It’s a coming around the bend 
It’s your destiny - just hit send 
Like a stormy day when the sun comes out
Listening to music that makes you shout 
Come play with me in Nashville Tennessee 
Written December 3, 2019
*Dedicated 2 the 2 girls who rocked my world in Nashville

Thursday, November 14, 2019

My Parker Bean _ poem

My Parker Bean‬
‪I have memories of you‬
‪And I have pictures too‬
‪I haven’t pulled out all the old video ‬
‪I wouldn’t be able to get up and go‬
‪And I know I’d go down a rabbit hole ‬
‪So I am grateful you’re in my dreams ‬
‪You’re proof life is better than it seems ‬
‪-John Conte- written October 30, 2019- #dogs #pets #love #forever #memories #video #dreams#pictures #everyday #life #new #poetry #poet #dedicated #dog #poem#my #parker #bean #lhasaapso

Friday, August 30, 2019

"Starlight" _ new poetry for Labor Day Weekend 2019

John Conte San Francisco 1997 Russian Hill Jack Kerouac House

That’s an impressive file
It reads like a vowel 
I vowel to love you.
I vowel to love the Earth.
I know what it’s worth.
It’s meant to be free.
The magnetic pull of the tides
It’s in your eyes
As they roll back
Starlight stirs 
The fire inside 

john conte
3am August 30, 2019

Saturday, August 17, 2019

"Tragic Animals" _ August 2019 new poem

*Tragic Animals

Creatures of the night 
Practicing in the day
In the heat of lights shinning bright
They had something to say
People loved to hear them play 
It’s as much about statistics 
As it is the nature of the game 
Sex, drugs & rock n roll
Can really take a toll
You got high because you got sad
Not thinking about it like a dad
A shotgun blast above the garage
Or passing on in rehab 
Wolves howl at the moon
For all of us who leave too soon
A wolf howling at the sky
Don’t you know, don’t you know 
You’re a shooting star passing by

John Conte August 2019

For "BUDDY" (Greg Erhard). Buddy came up with the title for it and was the inspiration to create such a poem based on an intellectual musicologist conversation we've been having

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Learning to Live _ New Poem April 2019

Learning to Live 

When passing a man on the side of the road 
Kneeling in some grass on the hill at a cross
His stretched arms placing an Easter wreath 
“Me, oh, my,” about death I started to speak 
Thoughts to myself about life and loss
Seeing stiff green stems dressed up with red
When all else of the hillside is rotted and dead
Inching its way down under the concrete bridge
I saw her profile and recalled what she had said 
“It’s the life cycle and it’s okay for you to cry”
I had to wrestle with my mind to realize why
Learn about living before we’re dying to be alive 
I had to confront what it is to die and to live
It’s okay to cry and think about death to be alive
New spring winds blow winter’s grime in my eye 
With all this suffering from death we must live 
In a way it’s my job to be this example to give 

Saturday April 13, 2019
John Conte
& #poetry #wrestling #time #philosophy #metaphysics #reality #death #loss #grieving #living #alive #poet #writing #writing #everyday #newmedia #dogsofinstagram #parker #bean #conte #best #lhasaapso #puppy #ever #dalailama 

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Lonesome Feeling _ new March poem 2019

Lonesome Feeling 

How can I make this lonesome feeling
Go away like a shadow on the ceiling
I want to feel normal again
Like it’s morning about a half past ten
And we got all day together 
Every time I said I love you 
I meant forever and ever 
John Conte
March 24, 2019
*Dedicated to Parker Bean Conte

May 2003 - March 20, 2019

Never Again _ new poem March 2019

Never Again

It’s not 
“I promise God,
I’ll never drink that much again.”
It’s the reality of your 15 almost 16
Year old beloved Lhasa Apso Parker Bean
Will not be there at your legs while sleep,
You’re not waking up to him ready to go
In cold, rain, sleet, dark, frigid, blinding snow.
He’s gone and nothing’s gonna bring him back.
Never again will he be waiting at the door for you
When you come home from whatever stole you.
Never again will you walk sidewalks together.
Never again. Until the end. Until the end.
This is the end. This is the end, my friend.
My heart is drenched in wine.
You’ll be on my mind.
John Conte
March 23, 2019
*Dedicated to Parker Bean Conte

May 2003 - March 20, 2019

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Love Song _ new lyrical poem _ February 2019 _ dream song

Love Song

If I tell you
That I love you
And we’ll never be apart
Is that a perfect place to start
So I can win your heart 

If I say it’s forever 
That It will be 
I’m all in
Does that seem
Like a good place to begin

If I take you 
In my arms
Show you that I’m strong
Make you feel I’ll
Never do you harm

Can we share a home
Where will be together 
And never feel alone
Together forever 
In a place of our own

Oh oh what a love song
Oh oh where we belong
No there’s nothing wrong 
Since you came along
My light is always on

February 2, 2019
*pre-dawn John Conte

*woke up with this fresh song in my head this morning with the words to 
an acoustic guitar melody 
= in my head it sounded like 
a cross between the band Ween and 
Simon & Garfunkel

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Chateau Marmont - West Hollywood - Los Angeles, California

If you find yourself in West Hollywood, maybe for Jeff Tweedy @wilco shows, stay at Chateau Marmont. It’s such a lovely place, plenty of room. I stayed there 3 times and here are different views from each time: from my room next to penthouse 1st visit; Buddha prayer pool outside my cottage which was a complementary upgrade 2nd stay; taken from pool area viewing cool passageway to pool cottages 3x. The people help make the experience too. I was surrounded by interesting vibes. And Jim Morrison @thedoors, #gramparsons, #johnbelushi frequented Chateau Marmont. I had a lot of friends come by and met friendly folks there + Bar Marmont. It isn’t touristy. It’s industry hip & authentically local #travel #travelphotography #music #movie #film #writing #fashion #industry #losangeles #westhollywood #california #city #urbanphotography #famous #poet #guest

john conte &

January Sun _ new poem 2018

January sun
Makes me feel warm 
When it’s cold
In the sky
When water freezes
But the sun
Rise and shine
Set and rest
Brightly revealing 
Ley lines 
That make me 
As I drive
As I walk
As I talk
To myself 
I feel warm
It’s January Sun 

#poet john conte
edgeworth, pa

Monday, December 31, 2018

A New Year Poem _ new poetry

A New Year Poem

From sunset to sunrise 
From midnight to noon
From coast to coast
Low to high tide
It will be the New Year soon
For this New Year
Let’s make the most
Of our best selves
W/out any fear
And the best of health 
What is wealth 
W/out health 
Put it in perspective 
Go & live

written 6 a.m. Dec. 31st
John Conte