Thursday, July 30, 2009

from the Entertainment section of the Daily News

On the day of "Beer Summit" at the White House = let's just say everyone deserves to be heard-out and in some cases (except for someone like Michael Vick) can make an honorable comeback. This article from the Entertainment section of the Daily News provides an objective journalistic review of this new summer album and new 2009 music from ... ... ... ...

“Stereo Rodeo”
(Adrenaline) ✰✰✰✰1⁄2 —

What if a high-profile, platinum-
selling musical group
threw a party and almost
nobody came? Rusted Root
found out in 2002 when
painfully few of even their
most dedicated fans RSVP’d
to “Welcome to My Party,”
their fifth studio release since
the Pittsburgh-born band
burst upon the charts in 1994
with the major-label smash, “When I Woke.” It appeared it
also would be their last when the principals — most notably
guitarist, lead singer and chief songwriter Michael Glabicki,
multi-instrumentalist and harmony singer extrordinaire Liz
Berlin and percussionist Jim Donovan — began peeling away
to follow their individual muses.
As it turns out, however, the party isn’t quite over just yet.
In fact, if “Stereo Rodeo” is any indication, it’s just getting
restarted. Glabicki, Berlin and original bassist Patrick Norman
have reunited to form the core of a reconstituted Root that not
only has ended a seven-year drought, but arguably has crafted
the first truly authentic RR record since the seminal “Send Me
On My Way” soared up the charts — and subsequently onto a
handful of major motion picture soundtracks — a decade and a
half ago.
It takes barely a bar or two of disc-opener “Dance in the
Middle” to realize that they’ve got their tribal groove back,
and they reinforce that notion throughout the remaining 10-
track ride. There is no “Send Me” here, but neither is there
any filler — just gems such as the accurately named “Driving
One” and “Driving Two,” which bookend the Wilco-esque
title tune; the funky “Bad Son”; the folkish “Weary Bones”;
the poignant “Give You the Grace”; and the tour de force
three-headed home stretch of “Animals Love Touch,”
“Garbage Man” and “Crucible Glow,” the latter reminiscent
of an up-tempo “Cruel Sun.” Ironically, perhaps, the most
Root-like moment may be their percussion-driven cover of
“Suspicious Minds,” with Glabicki’s still eclectic but no less
interesting vocal delivery proving to be the perfect anti-Elvis.
Welcome back to the party. (Dave Fennessy)
Best of the Roses,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Courtney Friel's Strawhat

Courtney Friel on Red Eye

... too bad I couldn't find any pics of Courtney wearing her strawhat from Saturday July 18th when she was in Wisconsin covering a Country Music Fest = she looked so HOT ...
well, Courtney looks HOT everyday anyway ...

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Subject: Courtney Friel's Straw Hat ...
Date: Saturday, July 18, 2009, 8:33 AM

.. wow, Courtney Friel looks SO TOTALLY SMOKING RED HOT in her straw hat = A++++++++++++++++++++++++

yeah, her strawhat is moving up on my 75 Top Hottest Women of the New Everyday Media 2009 listing to appear at the end of the summer on = (yeah, there's something about the end of the summer beginning of September when summer's almost gone and you can feel the warm chill and encroachment of Autumn while certain women who catch your eye and nose with such an inviting organic bouquet of noon burned gold into their hair and silky skin dress for September w/ the more seriousness that comes with the start of Fall and yet that wanton hanging onto every bit of summer sun that can be felt in the sky blue sky) ...

Best of Organic Roses,
Giovanni French

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

one of your best albums

... one of your best albums ... and one of the best albums of the past few decades ...


Black Magik Blood

innocent blood is on your hands
your teeth shine in the mirror
puss pimples populate your rear
horror on your death bed face
your soul turned to fate
your green money to rust
your House turned to dust

- black magic blood
- on my hands

best of the Roses, john french
the new everydaymedia

"Riders on the Storm" ...

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Subject: "Riders on the Storm" ...
Date: Monday, July 27, 2009, 8:38 AM

... Kiran you are amazing ...
you are burned into my consciousness like stars, headlights or scattered sun ...
Best of the Roses, John French

Monday, July 27, 2009

American Morning = CNN's Kiran Chetry

Kiran Chetry and Larry King = two CNN greats

Kiran Chetry is totally smoking red hot = A++++++++++++++++++++++++
If a professional and perky delivery were a picture frame, I'd nail her against the wall.

Kiran Chetry w/ my girl Suzanne Malveaux (sigh) ...

Here is Kiran and Carol reporting on Michael Vick's release and the impending decision by the NFL commissioner to let him play football again and earn millions and millions of dollars and have all that fame and power and adoration that comes along with representing the National Football League to millions upon millions of viewers across the globe. These "prized" football players have it all at their fingertips to impact the community and make good to give-back for their blessed position. And, what did Michael Vick do? He participated, perpetuated and further propagated a "death culture" by training innocent devoted loyal animals to kill or be killed - torturing, starving, beating and, well, acting like nothing more than an animal himself. Fuck you. Isn't that cool? You know what they say about a guy with a big dog? Big dog = little dick.

Best of the Roses,
John French