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Petit Conn. Murder Trial _ Fw: update from Chataqua Lake, NY

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I had a dream about all this as it was happening (well, really, right before it happened) when I was in Chataqua Lake, NY (known for uncanny and scientific "special energy") ... and well I emailed to Administrator and, well, look at the callous response and then my response === at any rate, ask my wife, I was freaked out about this event because I dreamt it and saw the faces of the murderes and felt the perspective of the daughters ... I was tweaked for days over this ... So, Peter Orszag is scary = but It's No Big Deal = I was protected and am proctected ... these people weren't ... (if you're impatient just scroll down a bit and you'll get to the meat of this) ...

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Oh, hey, that's cool. Yeah, since you don't give a shit then I'm sure you won't care if I include your response in the new e-book I'm currently working (which is my third w/ the theme of "everyday media") --- And, I'll make sure to showcase it to others at so they see how you represent yourself and the company.


Currently I am composing a new e-book for release in the beginning of '08 called Everyday There's Something ---
This will include a Top 40 Hottest Female NEWS Personalities (Cable and Non Cable) - Smart, hot, witty, articulate, engaging & dynamic women of the NEWS who have "everyday" consistency; poetry; email write-ins to NEWS programs and a few other media outlets; journalistic type notes and observations regarding working on Creative-Life-Support: The Organic Harvest of Rusted Root - A Documentary Movie; my July '07 trip out West - Malibu, Hollywood, San Diego, Vegas, Chateau Marmont - hanging, traveling w/ Rusted Root and working on documentary movie w/ film maker & Emmy Award Winning Hollywood Exec, E. E.; and end of July week at Chautauqua Lake, NY .............

Best of the Roses, John French
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To pray for, to open doors for, to cry in joy for
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This is lovely. Too bad I don't really give a shit.
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Subject: update from Chataqua Lake, NY
To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I was looking for to a week at Chataqua Lake, NY after a whirl-wind trip in California which was intensely successful and a yet a joy too = Though all the way around calling for some time w/ my loving wife and Parker Bean.

The drive here I had some clarity and tuned-in to those who once inhabited this sacred land = who laughed here, hunted, here, fished here, danced here, chanted here, prayed here, married here, had children here, loved here, learned here, taught here, fought here, planted here, grew here, harvested here, built here, were grateful and thankful for the Sun, Moon and Stars and passed down myths here............

and from then until now I prayed for peace in the minds, bodies, spirits and souls of all those who walked and rode and lived here .............

I felt as clear as strong receiver of a radio = being able to transmit and receive radio waves.

Sunday night I had a disturbing dream about two guys breaking into a home and terrifying two sisters and the sisters knowing their impending death by the hands of these two horrible horrible men.

I then became extremely freaked-out and could not sleep last night when I had the realization that the two men that was in my dream were the two men from the putrid Connecticut break-in and murders = that poor poor poor family
= may the minds, bodies, souls and spirits of the mother and two sisters find peace and comfort with all the force, light, love and joy of the universe with all the force, light and momentum of the universe with all the healing magical powers of running water............

I don't feel at ease here in Mayville on Valley Street after sunset.

We're just gonna stay one more day here boating on the lake and just one more night here and then check into the Ritz-Carlton in Cleavland and go see the Doors exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

I will continue to pray for the family in Connecticut.

Best of the Roses,
John French
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