Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ah, Saturdays...

Saturday Football in the Backyard (John French 1975)
Saturday Matinee in the Living Room = Grease
(John French 1978)

Saturday Night Fever (John French 1977)
Saturday Bath Time Nakedness (John French 1973)

Best of the Roses, Giovanni French

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Happy Birthday, Baby, to Me!" = Yes, It's My B-day!!

Birthday Number 2 in 1972
Birthday Number 6 in 1976
(that's my sister's friend w/ the tan and long, long hair looking @ the camera)

Birthday 4 or 5 in 1974 or 1975
...I'm Showing Sister Annie from the Sisters of St. Joseph My B-day Sword!!!

(i gotta lot of presents that year)

Mercer Island / Seattle, Washington Birthday in 1978

at my Grandmother's (Rose) & Step Grandfather's (Matt)

Birthday Cake for Johnny

Patti Ann Browne: "Hi, Mr. John French = Happy Birthday from all of us!!!"

Best of 1970 Roses,

Giovanni French

P.S. Yes, the PAB picture is one of my favorite pics of not only her but women of the new everyday media in general = it makes me happy and I have it saved on my hard drive ...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Where It All Begins"

Are you really in?

are you really in?

'cause I just wanna
where it all begins ...

The secret of our love
the secret of my life
stories of the trees
the direction of your flight
(the 'cause of our plight)

Where it all began before
the first that claimed to
walk through the door
There's no true, fair recollection
(The story is more for elections)

Are you really in?

are you really in?

'cause I just wanna
where it all begins ...

The story of the seas
Hot volcanic ash - Cooling lava
the breakdown of our continents
from a giant hard land mass
(the whole aquatic parade of life)

Marching on the land from the sea
looking for support to eat
wandering for a home to be
Visions my mind lets me see
(Don't dictate a concrete history for me)

Are you really in?

are you really in?

'cause I just wanna
where it all begins ...

Where it all begins
I wanna remember
Are you really in?
Are you really in?

Best of Garden Roses,
John French
Written Monday, July 21, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beauty In-Person: Christina Aguilera and Lucy Liu in West Hollywood, California

Andy Warhol once said that he would rather not meet other famous people he admires as it almost always results in disappointment.
Almost everyone can kind of relate to that statement, right?! Famous people have bad days, bad moments or just may not be as groovy, hip, hot, smart, intellectual, modest, humble, organic, beautiful as what the big corporate industry machine would like the general public to believe.
In fact, there was one woman who I was digging on TV and in-print and, you know, when we hung out --- I was able to peel back the layers and see a disturbing trend. I felt I'd been had (like that Jeff Tweedy/Uncle Tupelo song: We've Been Had).

A week or so ago on a Sunday night in July at Hyde Lounge Christina Aguilera was hanging out just "maxin' & relaxin'" and, I have to say, she is even more beautiful in-person than captured in pics or on video. In person she seemed so "chill" and natural === She had an organic smile with beaming white teeth and eyes === And seemed accessible like at a high school dance in Pittsburgh or something. Moreover, she exuded this comfortable, confidant glow that made me feel good (or, actually, as I was already feelin' alright = even better).

A couple of days later while I was immensely enjoying such a pleasant stay at Chateau Marmont and catching an early dinner on a Tuesday before heading over to the House of Blues on Sunset to hang and watch my good friends Rusted Root rock L.A., the garden patio dinning seemed like it was going to be a little too hot for me --- So I asked to be seated back inside the eclectic "Hotel California" type lobby dinning area --- And as I came in through the garden door I met the brilliant & beautiful eyes of Lucy Liu nonchalantly poised on a couch in a quaint & cozy area.

Lucy Liu appeared so accessibly charming and organically terrific sitting with one of the cutest Chocolate Labs I've ever seen who was adorably mouthing a little pet toy Tiger.

In my ease, "Hi," I said and Lucy Liu said, "Hi," back.

And I was seated and had the Chennin Blanc (that Larisa suggested the night before that I had w/ the fresh fig and good balsamic salad w/ the kick-ass Monday nite stuffed pork loin special) - with the fresh fig and good balsamic salad and a gorgeously prepared wild Halibut dish.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If It's "One to Ten" Then She's a "12": And That's Why She's Always "Mad-Dogged"

For "Hollywood Hills Sevan" = A++++++++++++


If It's "One to Ten" Then She's a "12": And That's Why She's Always "Mad-Dogged" 


In a neon haze of West Hollywood late night into early morn I was comforted

The day & night had gone so well & I felt something uniquely special about it

Sitting w/ my knees to my chest wrapped by my arms on the three steps of

The salt water pool of Chateau Marmont situated in a magical vantage point

With the dead silence of after midnite aborted by overhead choppers and cars

Hissing by like waves down on the beach of Santa Monica, Laguna & Big Sur

I had a realization in an amazingly strange place in a big city of big lights so

Energetic and creatively animated where anything seems possible & in reach

Juxtaposed w/ a lucky feeling of being isolated from the city & wrapped in lush

Rich & exotic vegetation of some plush resort hot spot with bungalows & stars


It was about 3 a.m. and I finally was able to meet the serene Sevan I imagined


She had left a date and fancied us with her company in a designer bikini & body-

Any woman would kill for and any man would die to have for as long as he could

As her magnetic charisma equaled her manically organic-sensational good looks

Strikingly flawless and fresh as this July summer night of L.A. with the pool lights

Penetrating the dark California sky with an illuminated happy moon and kind stars

Rocking the pinkish red & gold neon sign above Sunset Blvd which tastefully read,

"Chateau Marmont" in a glory of old meets new and the future promise of what to do

And she, Sevan, was that extraordinary potential of a solid promise --- what could be

With her naturally disarming charm showcasing her keen intelligent ease gliding by

The passing time you already wished you had back with her & could bottle forever


Racing down La Cienega Blvd in her pearl white Lexus SUV I knew I was in trouble


The kind of trouble you find yourself in when you submit your will to that feeling you feel

Sitting Indian style at 4 a.m. on the floor of my room @ the Chateau listening to the 80's

And drinking from the mini bar --- she didn't even wince once when she sipped my cognac

And then in a pub called Britannia a couple days later in Santa Monica listening to the

Music I was playing and drinking beers and chilled Patrone Tequila shots with lime slices

I was dazed & confused by this 27 year old woman who looked 19 & was always carded

Who is in law school and is as smart, sophisticated and savvy as she is absolutely HOT!!!

And who paid for me at a high end Japanese Sushi restaurant with a groovy ambiance -

And who had women "mad-dogging" her in the King's Head -especially after the crowded

Bar patrons were so willing to give up their coveted seats where we snapped pictures and

Carried on through the gorgeous Santa Monica night making friends, toasts and memories


I know I won't forget Sevan and don't want to either = Out of a "one to ten" = Shes' a "12"



Best of California Roses,

John Alan Conte, Jr.

"John French" $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Original Poem for the Actress Brea Cola: "Tonite" ...

... you exude beauty.
= a pure depiction of the excellence of God as artist extrodinaire.
I swear,
it's easy for me to translate this as you are clearly a vision of radiant stardust
in the beautiful earthly form of an archetype for every woman.
Best of the Roses,
John Alan Conte, Jr.
"John French"
Written: July 14, 2008
Chateau Marmont (dinner)

Catch Brea Cola on "Days of Our Lives" on July 29th!

Best of California Roses, John French $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$

Actress Brea Cola = She's a Must for Totally Smoking Red Hot Women of the New Everyday Media

In West Hollywood, California the garden area in which I took most of my breakfasts, lunches and dinners there is so much to take-in to feed your soul and stimulate your mind and senses.

Here is where I met the actress Brea Cola and was able to be captivated by her compelling presence, movements, voice, words, radiant eyes and brilliant form.

Whereas I was taking-in and savoring the beautiful July California garden environment, Brea's stunning presence blended in perfectly with all the delightful grand-standing aesthetics in fruitful abundance.

I was moved to pen Brea Cola a beautiful original poem and gave it to her w/ out leaving myself a copy = With her permission I will publish it here on this blog The New Everyday Media.
Be sure to watch Brea Cola on "Days of Our Lives" on July 29th!

Best of California Roses, John French $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$

"Exclusive" _ Brian Kilmeade goes toe-to-toe with David Beckham

Brian Kilmeade goes toe-to-toe with David Beckham
Best of California Roses, John French $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$