Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jimbo Covert (NFL Great) from Conway, PA and FREEDOM HIGH + Jack Ruby defense case

re: the Pitt Vs. Penn State University renewal of rivalry + Jack Ruby defense case

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He's a graduate of Freedom High and from Conway, PA (biggest push-button railroad in the U.S. ..once in the world) and where my father ran a little law firm for 50 + years in which in his early years my father was called down to Texas to be a legal expert on the Jack Ruby case when Ruby shot Oswald for shooting JFK. The reason my father was there was because of a big case he won which garnished national attention - McNaughton ruling - big insanity case. .. Ruby's lead Attny Melvin Belli did not follow through w/ my father's suggestion of "patriotic insanity" and is probably why Belli lost.  And, yes, until this day when asked my father still maintains that it was pure coincidence that Ruby was there with a gun and got that close to Oswald = no conspiracy. (he then got into P.I. and medical malpractice).
P.S. You're the best radio morning show in Pittsburgh = almost as good as Kiran Chetry on morning TV . ...
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Kiran Chetry has such a Smoking RED HOT delivery for a Tuesday June 14th ... In fact, if such a Smoking RED HOT delivery for a Tuesday June 14th were twin lobster tails I'd split her open and have her sizzling on the grill and then eat her on the dining room table after drizzling her in butter in front of my wife ...
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