Saturday, June 12, 2010

a Serious Question for CNN

--- On Sat, 6/12/10, John French wrote:

From: John French ;
Subject: a Serious Question for CNN
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Date: Saturday, June 12, 2010, 10:31 AM

While I was listening to Wake of the Flood and its Here Come Sunshine driving home from Starbucks w/ the NY Times for a Saturday the 12th day of June 2010 and it hit me that the sun is out in Arkansas where that *Big River "cried cried cried" --- And even in the wake of the flood for Katrina there was that "Here Comes Sunshine" feeling from "Wake of the Flood" ...

However, this "new gulf war" ... This is far worse than Katrina ..This is far worse ... This spewing of oil like hatred based by the sword and man-made interpretations to kill infidels ...
Oil. "Don't shit where you eat, my friends" -(as I was saying like pretty much as soon I was allowed to receive info about this devestating blow that killed 11 men)- as just an everyday grateful and thankful citizen of a FREE U.S.A. --- I knew it was an economical, ecological and ethical catastrophe more than disaster. (Nevertheless I didn't imagine such a "controlled" response making things a trillion times worse) ... But everyday I saw that adding and, well, you know some people can just "sense" things ... I guess "predictions" are more for mathematicians ...

Wake of a flood from Mother Earth ... Yeah, here come sunshine ... Creation and destruction womb like life and death rebirth ... Wake of a Mother Nature flood gives back a thousand fold what it takes if you're awake enough to realize ...

An oil "man made" flood = disaster.

It takes.

It doesn't give.

And oil industry won't give enough and will have the will to figure out what more it can take from us - consumers - tax payers.

So why not create something new for people of the gulf who deserve it --- those 30 thousand oil rigs in the gulf can easily be converted into platforms for wind energy ...
Gee, that will also create new jobs (a ton) and new money into our economy and the world economy --- negating big oil and its relentless creation of a giant relentless culture dependent upon the delusional need for oil.

I was lucky enough to be part of the soaring nineties and not only its refreshing cultural revolution but also an amazingly refreshing economic boom ... The Internet model. Providing platforms to deliver information and goods and services and content to people around the world from your basement.

An unbelievable sensation ... A whole new industry and world and limitless opportunity and break from the old dinosaur ways of big business --- "Big Blue" --- big blue chips.

And like a cranky old man dictator(s) all of a sudden the Internet model wasn't a real model and all of the hundreds of millions of dollars being exchanged over ideas and contracts written on napkins was once again redirected to more "concrete" business models like "Housing" and "Banking" and lending and that whole cycle --- like a delusional addiction to oil.

So CNN, why do you think the Internet bubble busted?

Best of the Roses, John French &

* Big River