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Three Interview Questions to Ask a Potential Social Media Manager

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Three Interview Questions to Ask a Potential Social Media Manager


Though the study is nearing three years old, a report released in 2010 by the CMO Council and Lithium painted a very interesting picture of social media marketing. 67% percent of the marketers surveyed were worried that they had neither the time nor resources to adequately engage with social media. 43% of them reported that the new competency and expertise required to use social media was also one of their major concerns. And that lack of engagement with social media could seriously, and negatively, impact a business’s marketing efforts - a slightly more recent study released by comScore and Localeze in 2012 reported that 63% of consumers surveyed are more likely to do business with a company that had information on a social site.

Social media has grown a lot since 2010, and marketers have undoubtedly become a bit more comfortable with new media, but the problems of competency and time still haunt a business’s marketing efforts. A social media manager is often brought into a company to solve those problems. Experience within social media solves the competency issue, and a job dedicated solely to that specific field ensures that they have plenty of time to spend on social marketing. But as social media is such a novel field, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly you are supposed to look for in a would-be social media manager. While there are plenty of good interview questions, I feel that every potential manager should be able to thoroughly and satisfactorily answer at least these three questions.

Do you know the rules?
Social marketing is a fickle industry. You are essentially trying to use a free service to reach new customers, increase your business’s exposure and, ultimately make money and deliver a return on investment in the process. While social sites are happy to accommodate businesses as their presence creates a fuller experience for the end user, they are quick to blacklist a company they suspect is using underhanded tactics to gain a competitive advantage. Buying followers, buying reviews, plagiarizing articles and posts – no social media manager worth their salt would ever recommend any tactic that could possible break a site’s terms of service. When interviewing candidates, ask if they’d be comfortable with tactics like the ones listed above, and then have them defend their opinion. If they say that breaking the rules is a bad idea, and can explain why, you know that they have a good understanding of how social services expect businesses to behave.

What blogs or sites do you read?
Social media is constantly evolving, and effectively marketing through social sites can be a bit like trying to hit a moving target. For example Google+, which was introduced in late 2011, had by 2012 become a commonly used tool for 40% of businesses, according to a survey sponsored by Social Media Examiner. That is a substantial gain for a relatively new service. But that is how social media works – new blogs and sites flare up and die down in what seems like the blink of an eye. A good social media manager has to stay on top of these changes, which means reading analyses, theories, and opinions on social media. Your potential manager should be able to list multiple reputable outlets, and explain why they follow them.

Can you write?
Being a social media manager is about so much more than updating Facebook and Twitter. You need content to plug; otherwise your social feeds will either be giant advertisements or an aggregate list of interesting articles that you came across. A good social media manager will be able to write, and write well, allowing you to have a constant stream of interesting, engaging articles that perform well with the right keywords in place and ultimately link back to your business. Ask to see what articles the potential hire has written, or ask for a link to their blog, so you can see how well they write and determine whether or not their style of writing would fit your business.
Though they may seem like three fairly simple questions, you can learn a lot about a potential social media manager by the answers they give. These questions should lead to a larger conversation, which in turn will give you a good idea of how competent the candidate truly is, and how effective they will be at social marketing. There are way too many self-proclaimed ‘social media gurus’ out there, so avoid wasting your time and use the interview as both a way to size up the candidate and vet their social media experience.

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#Seattle = smart freedom

#Seattle = smart freedom
Soundgarden - Been Away for Too Long

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                                                               #Seattle vintage 70's

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The Clash - "From Here to Eternity: Live " FULL ALBUM

00:08 / "Complete control" ("The Clash", 1977)
03:53 / "London's burning" ("The Clash", 1977)
05:57 / "What's my name" ("The Clash", 1977)
07:41 / "Clash city rockers" ("The Clash", 1977)
11:10 / "Career opportunities" ("The Clash", 1977)
13:23 / "(White man) in Hammersmith Palais" ("The Clash", 1977)
17:46 / "Capital radio" (da "Cost of living" -- EP, 1979)
20:45 / "City of the dead" (da "Black market", 1980)
23:30 / "I fought the law" (da "Cost of living" -- EP, 1979)
26:10 / "London calling" (da "London calling", 1979)
29:36 / "Armagideon time" (da "Black market", 1980)
34:40 / "Train in vain" (da "London calling", 1979)
39:26 / "Guns of Brixton" (da "London calling", 1979)
43:00 / "The magnificent seven" (da "Sandinista!", 1980)
49:09 / "Know your rights" (da "Combat rock", 1982)
53:15 / "Should I stay or should I go" (da "Combat rock", 1982)
56:30 / "Straight to hell" (da "Combat rock", 1982
The Clash - "From Here to Eternity: Live " FULL ALBUM

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Blue by The Jayhawks Blue @

Where have all my friends gone
They've all disappeared
Turned around maybe one day
You were all that was there

Stood by unbelieving
Stood by on my own
Always thought I was someone
Turned out I was wrong

But you brought me through
And you made me feel so

Blue, why don't you stay behind, so
Blue, why don't you stop and look at what's goin' down

Live by an old woman
She'd never sell me a lie
It's hard to sing with someone
Who won't sing with you
Give all of my mercy
Give all of my heart
Never thought I'd miss you
That I'd miss you so much

But you brought me through
And you made me feel

Blue, why don't you stay behind
Blue, why don't you stop and look at what's goin' down

Stand by, stand by, waiting round
(All my life I'm waiting for, someone I could hold the door)
Now that I'm blue, that I'm blue
(But nothing seems to change, you'll come back I know)
From now on, so

Blue, why don't you stay behind
Blue, why don't you, stay behind
So blue, yeah, yeah, yeah
So blue, why don't you stop and look at what's goin' down

Stroker Ace

Stroker Ace

by ween

White Pepper = Bananas & Blow


White Pepper = Ween performs hit classic w/ Jimmy Buffet fans  = Bananas & Blow



Eric Clapton LIVE! It's a sick song. It's basically a music video.

Bill Maher: 'Pot Is The New Gay Marriage' = new CNN Host agrees

At the close of Saturday's "Real Time," Bill Maher made the case for legalizing marijuana to be the next big civil rights issue, following in the footsteps of gay marriage.

As Maher explained, proponents of legalization have to demand that it be accepted, much like the LGBT community did with gay marriage. He even suggested that there's some political capital to be gained in doing so: "If Republicans were smart, they would steal marijuana from the Democrats as a freedom issue. Of course they're not smart so they won't."

Maher went on to refer to President Obama as our "first pothead president," questioning his leadership on drugs given that he's joked about smoking pot as a young man.

"If anyone can say 'smoking pot won't ruin your life,' it's the guy who smoked bales of it and then became the leader of the free world."

Watch video here

CNN's new host George Strombolopoulos of CBC fame sat down with HuffPost Live on Monday to reveal details about his new late night talk show and weigh in on issues of the day including gun control and marijuana legalization.

During a discussion on marijuana legalization, Strombolopoulos called the drug war a "colossal failure." He added, "If you're going to legalize [marijuana], that's fine, but then you've gotta go into jail and you've got to get everybody in there who's on a weed charge and you've got to get them out ... It's a mistake to throw people in jail for rolling a joint."

Watch video here: George Strombolopoulos, CNN's New Host, Says It's 'Fine' To Legalize Pot In HuffPost Live Interview

To be titled, simply, Stroumboulopoulos, the live show will debut Sunday, June 9 at 10 p.m. ET following the season finale of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, the network announced Thursday afternoon.

The “masterful interviewer” will then bring his skills over to Friday night at 11 for the remainder of the show’s 10-week run, beginning June 14.

CNN will re-air Stroumboulopoulos Fridays at 2 and 5am ET, as well as Saturdays at 11pm, 2am and 5am ET.

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Angela and eloquently sparkles in that silky satin emerald green for ...
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Angela and eloquently sparkles in that silky satin emerald green for ...
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and me after I finally got my copy of I WOULD DIE 4 U.
Have you bought your copy yet?
Why She Matters
Angela Rye, executive director and general counsel of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), has dedicated her life to advocacy and activism since the age of two.
"I attended my first protest unwittingly at the age of two-it was to stand up against apartheid-the same cause that landed my father in jail [for a few hours]," Rye wrote in email. "Protests, rallies, marches and even boycotts were a constant theme throughout my upbringing."
Since that young age, Rye has continued her devotion to advocacy, spearheading the creation of the first Black Student Union at her private girls high school, serving as a youth chaplain at a county detention center during college and founding a young women's Christian ministry.
She also co-founded IMPACT in 2006, a non-profit organization for young black professionals on the Hill and in the White House. Among IMPACT's achievements, Rye said that they have worked with the Obama-Biden transition team to hire and retain minority individuals in the administration.
Rye first combined her passion for activism with her growing interest in politics while attending the Seattle University School of Law. It was during this time that she landed her first political position as a intern for Rep. Maxine Waters' (D-Calif.) district office.
"There, my passion for establishing coalitions and working with individuals to advance a common cause grew exponentially," Rye said.
Rye said that by the time she graduated from law school she had fallen in love with the possibility of change through the legislative process. She turned down an offer to become a trial attorney at a California law firm, and headed for Capitol Hill.
She first started on the Hill in the private sector as a lobbyist for the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO). In this role, Rye petitioned for historically black colleges and universities (HBCU).
"I also started the HBCU Advocacy Action Network to engage Student Government Association leaders from multiple institutions in NAFEO's grassroots advocacy efforts," Rye said.
As a lobbyist, Rye made several connections that landed her a spot on Capitol Hill as a senior advisor and counsel to the House Homeland Security Committee under the direction of Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) in January 2007.
"Providing access and opportunities for small and minority businesses was one of my primary purposes at the Committee," Rye said. "To that end, I ensured they were informed [by] creating a manual on federal contracting opportunities, a monthly newsletter and holding summits."
Rye spent four years working for the House Homeland Security Committee before being named executive director and general counsel for the Congressional Black Caucus in January 2011.
Rye says that staying on the Hill has turned into a "full-fledged leadership development course" under Rep. Cleaver, who provides Rye with a new leadership tip each week.
As the Congressional Black Caucus moves forward-the group celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2011-Rye said that it continues to take an activist approach and work to ensure access for all people, especially the voiceless.
The caucus has created an active community, and flaunts email listserv with more than 70,000 names. Rye said that the CBC is making headway in bringing policy development to more people by making issues relevant on the local level. Their 'Bring America to the Hill' town hall meetings will be nationally televised.
"We want to see people of all ages engaged in the political process and we plan to make that engagement as easy as possible," Rye said. "My goal is to have over one million people strong standing with the CBC."
In Their Own Words
"While working on the Committee on Homeland Security, I received a letter from a small business owner stating that my efforts and the chairman's saved their contract and, therefore, saved their company. The letter had a major impact on me and reminds me that the little things make a difference."
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Grazie Washington Post,

  • Career History: Senior Advisor/Counsel to House Homeland Security Committee , (January 2007 - January 2011); Legislative Affairs, National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO)
  • Birthday: October 26, 1979
  • Hometown: Seattle, Washington
  • Alma Mater: University of Washington, B.A. (Law, Societies and Justice), 2002; Seattle University School of Law, J.D., 2005
  • Spouse: Unmarried
  • Religion: Christian

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