Friday, September 23, 2011

NEW: WILCO - "Born Alone"

NEW. Wilco. BORN ALONE song from The Whole Love.

COOL = this video is reminiscent of videos on MTV when MTV was a platform - a vehicle, if you will - which provided aid in the form of video as a new medium to allow the artists added extensions of expression for their songs. ..

And, well, which was also used to SELL MORE RECORDS through TV (music television). ..

UNLIKE what MTV is now = a giant commercial for the facade of some kind of (cheesy) rock-stardom.

Best of the Roses, John
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Favorite High School Teacher

This question was posed to the viewers by WorldNewsNow @ 4amish after Red Eye (which had the lovely Diana Falzone on as a guest and Bill Schulz showing us the schwag from FashionWeek). .. It's nice that some shows and media personalities figured out that including their audience (who they rely to tune in) can really add to the conversation (on many levels). ..(For the hottest women in the New everyday Media I gauge by how dynamic and engaging the personality is w/ in the New everyday Media -as well as attractiveness). ..

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One of my teachers in high school kept in touch w/ me through my family when I was in university and whenever I was published for poetry he invited me to read a collection of my poems for his classes. So I did. I put together a collection and read for all of his classes that day. It was cool.

Best of the Roses,
John French