Friday, January 20, 2017

The Obama - Trump Cycle Irony

The Obama - Trump Cycle Irony

Trump's public persona and manipulation of the traditional media via new media is easily labeled with the value = black & white (law & order)
However if anyone sees gray matter it's Donald J. Trump

On the other hand, Obama's professorial philosophical authority positioned him to be the rhyme, reason and rational of the way the world works and exists in gray matter - however - he clearly not only saw the world as black & white he unfortunately projected that on our nation and our world.

BTW, this friend of my father who was around my world when I was formulating my young mind as a poet lawyer marketer forbidden rockstar had a big influence on me:
Nov 16, 1999 - PITTSBURGH, Nov. 17 -- After 32 years at the University of Pittsburgh, Theodore O. Windt, professor and chair of the Department of Communication and preeminent scholar on the American presidency, will retire in April, 2000. ... Windt developed the first presidential rhetoric ...

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