Saturday, July 4, 2015

How the Hippies Still Own Music World 2015: Hippie-Music Vs. Hip-Hop Has President Obama Weighing-in Quoting Jerry Garcia

on the biggest weekend celebration of every year, seeing the sea of good spirit at Solider Field with the Chicago skyline sparkling in full on dusk of July and hearing how cosmically poignant "the core four" Grateful Dead were in welcoming Trey Anastasio who was comfortable in conversing in his own phrasing yet w/ a ying-&-yang natural flow channeling Jerry Garcia gave me chills... Moreover, the young vibrant smoking hot women the camera kept finding never seemed to stop dancing & smiling proving the Grateful Dead are still efficient in turning people on & influencing others in 2015 = and the brand is strong & the product sounds better & as fresh as any hip-hop or rap out today.

the difference in quality product value of music between a band like the Grateful Dead and that of a Kanye West is that in Pythagorean fashion the Grateful Dead play as one organism creating a pattern of notes and chords that elevates, elates & enlightens levels of self awareness & cosmic consciousness with an intent & method meant to heal the soul like medicine is applied to the body whereas the impetousness of machoism is the fabric & foundation of Kanye Wests music celebrating death, violence & dominance over other "lesser" people & peers with a banging thud, thud, thud … thud, thud thud … thud, thud, thud … the bass is always low end bottom feeder brand flashing a gangster ghetto pride that you may not make it out alive unlike the African, South American & Middle Eastern rhythmic drumming of professorial like roles of the dual drummers of the Grateful Dead.

Bobby & Phil seem to be enjoying being able to deliver these "aces back to back" … 

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(great write-ups & video of "Ripple" from 1st nite of 3 show run at Soldier Field Chicago July 4th weekend 2015)

Fare Thee Well Opens Final Run in Style

The mood was rowdy and energetic but peaceful and relatively calm as the masses rushed in to both celebrate one more time and bid farewell.

What's the Legacy of the Grateful Dead ???

What billboard topping Hip Hop artist could sell out 2 Santa Clara Levi's stadium shows one week and then 3 Chi Soldier stadium shows with each show being different + global movie theater screenings + pay per view + youtube + MLB + Sirius ???

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

July 2015 _ new poem 2015

everybody looks forward to July and before we know it it flies by in a blur with lightening bugs in mason jars, fenced in yards, 16 year olds learning to park cars & American flags, fireworks & my birthday cake or mixed berry pie (heavy on the blackberries please, for me). It's only among the wet trees, earth & moss covered rocks deep inside a forest or French & Indian War era city situated as a true frontier land gateway of the west sometimes best seen for what it is when you keep getting welcomed by strangers with Angel arms and eyes alike to the nights walking, sitting, drinking under those big California stars July seems like a dream to me but I guess that's what a good birthday month is for with an omnipresent script full of spirit animals & guides looking after you for unpredictable protection and success as if in a one & only dream written at Noon June 28, 2015 by John Alan Conte Jr.