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1988 John French @ Seventeen +++ Kenwood Jack London Series

In 1988 the year when I was graduating from H.S. my parents
where gone on one of their trips -
leaving me alone w/ my older brother, Mrs. B., and one of the handiest of men, Frank L.
They brought me home an empty bottle of the
Jack London series by Kenwood Wines in Sonoma in which they drank
w/ an Exec from CBS while visiting w/ folks of Duke University in Raleigh, N.C.
I kept that bottle. I loved it for some reason and the preppy tie they also brought me.
My fascination w/ wine already had started but my fascination w/
Jack London was just beginning as well as Kenwood's Jack London series of Sonoma.

Jack London Series
Author Jack London once wrote of Sonoma County,
"The air is wine. Across Sonoma Mountain, wisps of sea fog are stealing. The afternoon sun smolders in the drowsy sky. I have everything to make me glad I am alive."

This patch of earth that so captivated Mr. London is home to Kenwood Vineyards. Kenwood plants, farms and harvests the historical, lava-terraced vineyards of Jack London's ranch, producing Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Merlot wines. Made only from Jack London vineyard grapes, these three wines are savored for their mint-accented berry flavors and smooth finishes. The dramatic Jack London label --a replica of the wolf's head Jack London used as his book-plate logo -- has created tremendous consumer interest and recognition in the wines.
Over 800 acres of Jack London's Beauty Ranch are now owned and operated by the California State Parks System. Visitors have the opportunity to hike, bike or horseback ride through much of the property, as well as view many of the ranch's buildings and Jack London home and grave, including the remains of the Wolf House.

2005 Jack London Zinfandel

Intense aroma of boysenberry accented by hints of white pepper, rich viscous body with flavors of dried cherries and a long excellent finish.
WINEMAKER NOTESLong recognized for its superior red wines, the first
Zinfandel was produced from the Jack London Vineyard in 1988. Located on Sonoma Mountain with a southeasterly exposure, the climatic conditions and long, cool growing season of this viticultural area create complexity and balance in the fruit. The influence of the vineyard’s red volcanic soil and the fruity characteristics of the grapes combine to produce an excellent, very distinctive Zinfandel. Following a long growing season and a warm Indian summer, Kenwood harvested the 2005 Zinfandel crop in late September and early October. The juice was fermented in stainless steel and then aged in French and American oak barrels for 17 months.
FOOD RECOMMENDATIONSThe wild berry and spicy flavors of this rich and elegant
Zinfandel are a perfect complement to tomato sauce dishes, grilled fish and steak, and rich chocolate desserts.

Composition:100% Zinfandel

Aging:17 months in French and American oak barrels.Alcohol:14.5%Production:6,202 casesBottled:June 2007Acid/pH:6.9/3.63

Awards & Ratings
2004 Jack London Vineyard Zinfandel
San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, Silver, January 2007
CGCW, 87 Rating/1 Star, January 2007
Restaurant Wine, 5 Stars, February 2007
Wine Enthusiast, 87 Rating, December 2006
Houston Rodeo Wine Competition, Bronze, November 2006
California Grapevine, 90 Rating, October 2006

Best of Sonoma Roses,
John French

Dear Greg Gutfeld

John French <> wrote:
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 05:43:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: John French <>
Subject: Dear Greg Gutfeld

Last night was another great show.

Of course, you, Bill Schulz & Andy Levy were solid but Mike Baker, that other Bill guy and the beauty blogger were good as well - (and i'll forgive the beauty blogger for not having on the appropriate attire - as she was wearing a dress w/ jeans underneath like they do in France and at Grateful Dead Shows = and that's both hot & cool).

Oh, and your Mom is always a hoot!

Speaking of your mother, I was wondering, if she were to trade you in for these three lovable characters which one would it be?

b). Webster from Webster

Best of Organic Roses,
Giovanni French

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Escort Economy

Escort Economy
..and you keep talkin' all the time
and it's been sticking in my mind
If I decide that I wanna stay around
Will it be that I eventually will unwind
..because I can think of worse things
than to have you really stick it to me
so go on and bring it and I'll let it bleed
come on now and give it and sting me
..all these little nuances & styles of yours
are just lures for you that are pseudo quirks
for you to filter out all these damn' jerks
and someone like me can see how it works
..and, yeah, it really works for you, honey..
so break in w/ your quirky smile and sting me
..go on and bring it and, of course, I'll let it bleed
come on now and give it - can you really sting me
wow, you're so Haute Hot Haute, so Haute Hot Haute
and I'm always feeling like I'm not - I'm not - not hot
Not anything for anybody else to ever wanna come
save me from my mind that, I'm sure, will do-me-in..
..and, yeah, it really works for you, honey..
so break in w/ your quirky smile and sting me
..go on and bring it and, of course, I'll let it bleed
come on now and give it - will you really sting me
Written 4/15/08 @ 3:00 a.m.
(About a Girl - I Met Yesterday)
Best of Parker Posey Roses, John French

between 0000-00-00 and 9999-99-99  

TAXMAN: Beatles Cartoon

I really dig watching these - just like I was a kid in my parent's home or at a hotel watching them all the way back in the 70's ... I don't know why they're not on TV somewhere...

Video Description

From 1967, the Beatles dream they are back in the time of Merry Olde England, and try to pay Ringo's whopping tax bill with the aid of Robin Hood and that swingin' hepcat, Little John!

Best of the Roses,
Giovanni French

Monday, April 14, 2008

Starbucks Newest Campaign: "Pike Place Roast = Fresh Everyday"

Everyday Pike Place Roast

"> wrote:

To: "John" <>

Subject: Response from Starbucks Coffee Company

Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 09:42:57 -0800

Hello John,

Thanks so much for contacting us and taking the time to share your thoughts!
I sincerely appreciate your comments and hope you will continue to enjoy Starbucks coffee.


Alexandra S.
Customer Relations
Starbucks Coffee Company

Best of Mercer Island, Seattle Roses, John French

P.S. I sure enjoy Starbucks everyday
P.S.S. Everytime I get the chance to complete a Starbucks survey, I do - And, I email in too

Although There's a Sky Blue Sky Currently Over Pittsburgh & KDKA Reports This Will Be the Condition for Everyday This Week, It Wasn't This Weekend...

Saturday Afternoon - 4/12 - Sewickley Heights
A Fallen Tree Over a Creek = Now a Bridge for Squirrels & Chipmonks

Up the Hill = We're On Our Way Home

Spring in Edgeworth / Sewickley

" Daffodil Hill"

... Can You Feel It Now that Spring Has Come And It's Time to Live in the Scattered Sun ...

Volvo for Life

While Driving Down the Street around the Neighborhood...

By the way, thanks to Attack Theatre's annual "Dirty Ball" and all the cool, rich & diverse people who attended, I had a really fun Saturday night... and, Nicole, it was great to see you again and I told Parker Bean (the little-big Lhasa Apso you said "hi" and miss him)... Yeah, and you look hot.

Best of Spring Roses, John

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bhutan, which was until now isolated from outside world and has its unique form of Tibetan Buddhism, has been hailed as the last Shangri-La.

The Taktshang Monastery, also known as the "Tiger's Nest". Bhutan is a predominantly Buddhist country, with the religion forming an integral part of everyday life.

Jacaranda trees in Bhutan

Haa Valley, September, 2006
The Kingdom of Bhutan (/buːˈtɑːn/) is a landlocked nation in South Asia. It is located amidst the eastern end of the Himalaya Mountains and is bordered to the south, east and west by India and to the north by the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. Bhutan is separated from Nepal by the Indian state of Sikkim. The Bhutanese call their country Druk Yul (land of the thunder dragon).[1]
Bhutan is one of the most isolated and least developed nations in the world. Foreign influences and tourism are heavily regulated by the government to preserve the nation's traditional culture, identity and the environment. The landscape ranges from subtropical plains in the south to the Himalayan heights in the north, with some peaks exceeding 7,000 metres (23,000 ft). The state religion is Vajrayana Buddhism, and the population is predominantly Buddhist, with Hinduism being the second-largest religion. The capital and largest city is Thimphu. After centuries of direct monarchic rule, in March 2008, Bhutan held its first democratic elections. Bhutan is a member of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).
On November 13, 2005, Chinese soldiers crossed into Bhutan under the pretext that environmental conditions had forced their retreat south from the Himalayas. The Bhutanese government allowed this incursion (after the fact) on humanitarian grounds.[citation needed] Soon after, the Chinese began building roads and bridges within Bhutanese territory.[7] Bhutanese Foreign Minister Khandu Wangchuk took up the matter with Chinese authorities after the issue was raised in Bhutanese parliament. In response, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang of the People's Republic of China has said that the border remains in dispute (completely ignoring the original official pretext for the incursion) and that the two sides continue to work for a peaceful and cordial resolution of the dispute.[8] An Indian intelligence officer has said that a Chinese delegation in Bhutan told the Bhutanese that they were "overreacting." The Bhutanese newspaper Kuensel has said that China might use the roads to further Chinese claims along the border.[9]
On February 8, 2007, the Indo-Bhutan Friendship TreatyPDF (30.6 KiB) was substantially revised. Whereas in the Treaty of 1949 Article 2 read as "The Government of India undertakes to exercise no interference in the internal administration of Bhutan. On its part the Government of Bhutan agrees to be guided by the advice of the Government of India in regard to its external relations."
In the revised treaty it now reads as "In keeping with the abiding ties of close friendship and cooperation between Bhutan and India, the Government of the Kingdom of Bhutan and the Government of the Republic of India shall cooperate closely with each other on issues relating to their national interests. Neither government shall allow the use of its territory for activities harmful to the national security and interest of the other." The revised treaty also includes in it the preamble "Reaffirming their respect for each other's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity", an element that was absent in the earlier version. The Indo-Bhutan Friendship Treaty of 2007 strengthens Bhutan's status as an independent and sovereign nation.
Bhutan has no formal relations with the
United States,[10] Russia, the United Kingdom or France. Informal contact with the United States is made through the U.S. embassy in New Delhi.[10]
The climate in Bhutan varies with altitude, from subtropical in the south to temperate in the highlands and polar-type climate, with year-round snow, in the north. Bhutan experiences five distinct seasons: summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. Western Bhutan has the heavier monsoon rains; southern Bhutan has hot humid summers and cool winters; central and eastern Bhutan is temperate and drier than the west with warm summers and cool winters.
Though Bhutan's economy is one of the world's smallest, it has grown very rapidly with about 8% in 2005 and 14% in 2006. This was mainly due to the commissioning of the gigantic Tala Hydroelectricity project. As of March 2006, Bhutan's per capita income was US$ 1,321 making it one of the fastest growing in South Asia. Bhutan's standard of living is growing faster than that of its neighbouring countries and is one of the highest in South Asia.[citation needed] Bhutan's economy is based on agriculture, forestry, tourism and the sale of hydroelectric power to India. Agriculture provides the main livelihood for more than 80% of the population.
In a response to accusations in 1987 by a journalist from UK's Financial Times that the pace of development in Bhutan was slow, the King said that "Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product."[13] This statement appears to have presaged recent findings by western economic psychologists, including 2002 Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, that question the link between levels of income and happiness. The statement signaled his commitment to building an economy that is appropriate for Bhutan's unique culture, based on Buddhist spiritual values, and has served as a unifying vision for the economy. While no trend data is yet available, the policy seems to be reaping the desired results. In a survey in 2005, 45% of Bhutanese reported being very happy, 52% reported being happy and only 3% reported not being happy. Compare that, for example, with the USA, where only 30% report being very happy, 58% being pretty happy and 12% were not too happy (based on data from the General Social Survey). Based on this data, the Happy Planet Index estimates that the average level of life satisfaction in Bhutan is within the top 10% of nations worldwide, and certainly higher than other nations with similar levels of GDP per capita.
Best of Bhutan Roses,
Giovanni French

Fox & Friends for a Sunday, April 13, 2008 W/ CNN's Daryn Kagan as a Special Guest

John French <> wrote:
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 05:31:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: John French <>
Subject: Fox & Friends for a Sunday, April 13, 2008

Courtney Friel and Ainsley are so smoking red HOT this morn that if these two talented, engaging HOT women of everyday media were on Greenland right now as I write this = all the ice would melt away into the ocean (and maybe flood a nearby land and island) ---
And hey, Dave, way to rock the "black & gold" ...
Clayton, they should get you on Red Eye as a guest, buddy ---
BTW, "pig face boy" Jonathan Hoenig who was just on F&F w/ you was actually pretty good on Red Eye the other night (
Wow, it was nice to see CNN's Daryn Kagan = she looks great and seems like she's doing very well w/ her web site, documentaries and new book: What's Possible! = I dig uplifting stories about everyday people - and, who knows, if those stories would be more dominant in the news than "if it bleeds it leads" death culture stories, maybe kids would want to be on the news for a whole new reason which could actually add value to sour society and not bring it down.
Fox & Friends for a Sunday, April 13, 2008 = A+++(+)
When I get back from "Walkie to Milwaukee" w/ Parker Bean (the little big Lhasa Apso) I have some weekend weather pics for Courtney (ureport) from Pittsburgh PA ...
Best of Organic Roses,
Giovanni French

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