Thursday, April 7, 2011


Almost everyday she'd hear her parents say,

"stick around, kid, the weather will get better!"

It was comforting but there was a blanket of gray.

She was taunted by chilly receptions and dead eyes.

"You don't like?!" "No." Why?!" "I just don't like her."

"She's never done anything to me. Just don't like her."

Oh, and they let her feel it. If you've ever read that

existential classic "The Trial" by the German Franz Kafka

then you could sympathize with the paranoia and unkind

eyes always upon you, judging, lying, always on trial but

you never know why & are never given the chance to stand.

However, she did stand-up for herself her own special way -

Chin up. Smiling. Polite. Kind. Generous. Complimentary.

Intelligent. The realization of "yeah, they are just jealous."

Being the official Princess now and just not name-called-that

She was quite confident she had taken the high road as the

sun shone brightly through the stained glass and in her mirror.

written 5:30 a.m. 4/7/11 productions

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


bought herself enough of the good stuff to just get by never bothering to ask herself much, nonetheless, why we all just move along anyway - you win or you lose no one ever seems quite satisfied so she shifted on from town-to-town, toll after toll, man after man, toad after toad, fan after fan. .. "hey WDVE Pittsburgh, are you feelin' all right?!" what are you to do but spin her tune? the label executives are saying it's so cool. soon the streets have this aroma of this soup and at a boil or at a simmer depends on whether there's a-lid-on-it so who's the one w/ the spoon? and when you find out it's her - first you're mad she's the one who has made you so so sad. Then, you're glad and everything's kinda okay, you guess, because with your headphones on, she can still get you off written on April 5th 7:04 am by productions