Saturday, April 13, 2013

Head to Toe Beauty

Head to Toe Beauty


Just as I remembered to keep around a winter jacket for when it’s cold outside in April like a check unclaimed & without knowing her name it was grabbed and signed & paid at the bar where some Goa cat was playing surf style Buddha riffs on his blue Hawaiian lap steel guitar

And, where I didn’t want to write something that would be too long and within that insincere, surf style Buddha cat from Goa looked at the crowd and spoke as if he was looking at a mirror out came a lion of a song he called March and I then realized I began surfing on the web in an office after college I shared with two of my sisters who neatly packed pistols for Italian men and it was there while surfing I hit a few good highs and caught some peaks of lifestyle Supremes real head to toe beauty in an everyday media medium I knew nothing about but liked it anyway so when it came time to check on the key to my heart I nearly fell apart as it fell to the floor  behind the vestibule which sat in front of a guarded door where I kept my one & only necklace

It seemed just like my favorite pair of jeans I saw in an online magazine I was now torn & frayed after this head to toe beauty grabbed my attention and put my thoughts back in detention where they drifted in ripples that brought those sands of tides from foreign exotic lands in front of my eyes where I read and liked her recipe for curry Tai chicken with cashews and peanuts with some added drops of a curried coconut milk and all this tasted as she described fine silks which I knew before it rained we’d have to cover up all the same need for a winter coat in April and maybe these rains would wash our souls clean in a spring rebirth & plenty of flowers in May

May I accompany your eyes while they read these lines in your own narrative & funny voice that bounce around the chambers of your mind strategically hitting corners & so mine echoes in the third eye which now commands the expression on your face like an unopposed question in the center of a long hallway with luxuriant chairs and candelabras reflected in the tall mirror


Written after the local farmer’s market Saturday afternoon 4/13/2013

By John Alan Conte Jr. & the new everyday media

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