Friday, July 21, 2017

The Ghost of Richard Nixon _ new July poem 2017

The Ghost of Richard Nixon

There's a ghost at the White House residency 
Stumbling footsteps with hollow idol eyes
Does the presidency make the man or the man make the presidency 
What are we going to do with all these leaks and all these lies
What is it that makes the presidency so admired and yet so despised 
How are they going to remember me and judge me in history
The legacy of the presidency is at stake 
That's why the president is still awake 
He can't sleep
The ghost of Richard Nixon
Is again ready to meet
Meet and discuss
There's no rush 
The White House Club
The White House Club
Is forever 
My eyes still desire 
We need your help
The others conspire 
We must protect ourself
The presidency is at stake
Its's 3:30am in D.C.
The president is wide awake 
Talking to Richard Nixon

Written By John Alan Conte
July 21, 2017 3:30am

Good wishes,

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