Sunday, April 27, 2014

Smelling Incense on a Village Street Today for a Special Spring Sunday ...

Strolling happily near 2 of the places my wife & I rented in the Sewickley Village before buying a home in 2000, I smelled incense. What immediately came to my mind? It's a special day today as 2 Popes are being canonized saints in front of 2 Popes & w/ churches around the block I thought about celebrating mass today. Reading a book on the Prince-Priest Gallitzin of Pennsylvania early settlers of Western PA knew a mass was special by the burning of incense & in fact some of them would not make a daunting winter trip from say Ebensburg Pa to Loretto Pa unless the incense was going to be burnt. 

This pic of me is taken at the home of Attorney John A. Conte on the patio of the Conte Compound in Conway, Beaver County, Pa.