Saturday, April 14, 2012

You Gotta Move - Live '76

Although I am "OBSESSED" (like an overzealous crusader) w/ Porch Music (yeah, the kind of non amplified music that was played on American porches and was only recorded by smart archivists w/ a hand held mic and tape recorder in remote rural areas for preservation on this "happening") this AMPLIFIED rendition is pretty cool = pretty neat. And, hey, why is there always such good stuff in France?

Best of the Roses (but not rose colored glasses),
gianni french & the new everyday media

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Friday, April 13, 2012

You Got To Move (Live in the USA) Very RAR Tape

"everybody had a good year,
everybody let their hair down,
everybody pulled their socks up,
everybody put THEIR FOOT DOWN,
oh yeah, OH yeah."

best of the Roses (but not rose colored glasses, baby),
gianni french and the new everyday media