Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Club at Shadow Lakes

Nestled among pristine woodlands and rolling hills lies The Club at Shadow Lakes, the Pittsburgh region’s premiere country club. Whether you seek a challenging round of golf, a delectable meal, or the perfect place to celebrate your special day, The Club at Shadow Lakes is waiting to indulge your every...

Highly Recommended


Freedom Man = The Doors Live In Pittsburgh 1970 - Universal Mind

The Spy

Monday, May 14, 2012

Me May 2012.jpg + Georgetown (DC)

thanks for all the growing support = this blog is getting some numbers in the unique visits / page views i didn't intend to care about. .. and, don't forget to either unfollow Dana Perino and follow Greg Gutfeld on Twitter or just follow Greg = and participate in Greg's "smear campaign" of Dana Perino (his neighbor on FNC's The Five everyday M - F @ 5p). ..
Best of the Roses but not rose colored glassed and F U if you don't think I can play guitar = "My Mom thinks I'm cool"
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Sewickley (Edgeworth) PA 15143

And I may be headed to one of the Georgetown Ritz again and after that Peter O / GMA whomever chick "predict thing" (right around when Peter O resigned from White House Admin) = This time I think I'll stick w/ this J Peterman look I'm rockin' instead of the LA West Hollywood / Pittsburgh's  South Side look (I was having fun with in the heat of DC last time I there) as to avoid all the attention like I'm somebody (famous). .. Click, click, click, snap, snap, snap. .. WTF?!...

I guess it's better to look like any other TOOL in DC. Too bad I missed Matthew McConaughey when I was staying @ Ritz by Dupont Circle and he was in some  Margarita bar called the Rainbow Room because then I'd know how to dress for a hot middle aged man.