Monday, December 15, 2014

The Right Voodoo Dreams Come Through & Come True ...

Thank you to those true spirits who walked here before me Your footprints are ancient dust petals blowing in the wind Recognized in an akin tune. - (me Nov 21 4:40 a.m. Fla) -

In Richmond, Virginia stimulated by dreams the hot wet sheets were abstractions from the swirling colors secreted in sweat oozing from his body. Blonde on Blonde American now she was standing naked baring all in brilliant exposure. He admired her. And the darker one also dreamed of showing up with more symbolic dialogue like a film provides for its hungry viewers inquisitive in the mind for true freedom(s) provided by its medium unlocking doors of social consciousness from touching & planting seeds in the subconscious penetrating though the eyes as if a snake crawling through the empty caverns of a skull where eye sockets once existed with covered flesh of a humanoid ... instinctively knowing the drums, fire, dance, chants, song(s) & ritual(s). He dreamt of her in her home. With her cat. With her children. A quick succession of years. A non linear glimpse of the darker tops of her feet in contrast to the lighter pinkish white bottoms were he rubbed through callouses and excess skin of healthily healing blisters from being barefoot all the time in the southern terrain. 

In a white robe and slippers provided by the spa he was escorted into the common waiting area where both men & women sat together in luxuriant leather Manhattan style chairs. He had water from the pitcher containing a little sweet fruit to cool and cleanse his system. He was really enjoying going down deeper into the south recalling his childhood comfort there and spiritual awakening(s) always welcomed. The Belmond at Charleston Place was bright with activity of a Saturday night affluent in weekend visitors and pleasant bustle of a grand hotel of a major port city. His massage therapist opened the door and smiled. "John?" ... she looked like one the twitter followers his @NewEdayMedia would have encountered on #BlackGirlNerds. Yet her accent was thick and from a lot further south than Charleston or Key West for that matter. As he lie on the table, nude and warm he wonder if he should just tell her he had dreamt of someone who looked just like her when he was in Richmond at the Jefferson Hotel the night before however thought that might be too abrupt and slightly creepy. So he thought he'd ask if she had a cat. "Strike that!" He decided. She may have had a cat but no longer has the animal. She reentered the room after the customary knocking. Conversation was happening naturally so organically was his thoughts and formulating of words like roots of brushy fruit bushes and flowering tree branches it came out perfect. "So do you like animals?" That was something that would allow him to have the best chance to find out if she had a cat or not in her lifetime but also allow him to drill down to determine if it was when she also had young children in her home coexisting like in his dream. "Yes!" He thought when he had found out she did in fact have a kitten she took in from a friend's litter. And yet he was even somewhat startled at all this when he recalled the exact feelings he had by the persistence of this cat wanting to play and literally in his dream dangling from his hand and his fingers with her little sharp teeth and claws. It was annoying to him in the dreamm, with the woman & young children. And although he was a staunch animal rights lover he could not find fault with her when she said that was a main factor in why she had to give up the kitten and remove it from her home with the young children. But yet she said she's now considering a little non shedding hypoallergenic dog....

                                       actress, Williamsburg, Va Nov 2014 stay on way home

Thank you to those true spirits who walked here before me Your footprints are ancient dust petals blowing in the wind Recognized in an akin tune. - (me Nov 21 4:40 a.m. Fla) -

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