Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cutting Edge: Razor Sharp and Never Dull ...

January 2008 - Evan Edelist Joins Cinevation

Evan Edelist to Join Cinevation as Business Developer
Drammen, Norway, January 30th, 2008:
Cinevation AS, manufacturer of cutting edge real time film recording and direct-to-print systems, announced today that Evan Edelist has been engaged by Cinevation to the position of Business Development Executive, North America. A 25 year veteran of the post industry, Edelist was General Manager, iO Film; Sr. VP Production, Technicolor Digital Intermediates; VP Post Production, New Line Cinema; VP, Worldwide Product Fulfillment at Sony Pictures Entertainment; and is an Executive Producer at his own Film Production Company, Silver Ash Entertainment.
Edelist has been instrumental in the development of new digital post production facilities and he has worked on such notable feature films as "Pleasantville", "Seven", "Panic Room", "'Seabiscuit", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Crash", and many more.

“Evan is an excellent addition to our team and will fit right into Cinevation’s innovative culture,” said Rune Bjerkestrand, Director and Founder of Cinevation. “It’s a new era in film equipment technology and Cinevation’s line of products including the Cinevator Real Time Film Recorder/Printer enable the creative’s to work better while offering faster and less expensive means to achieve their goals".

Cinevation manufactures and sells user friendly products and solutions to enhance the quality of digital work processes and equipment in the post production of films. Edelist will be a conduit to bridge Cinevation's advanced Technology with the practicalities of production and post production. His extensive knowledge, experience and contacts are complimentary to Cinevation's North American Sales and Distribution efforts.

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Hey: Thanks for this project. It's an honor to work with you on our full length documentary movie. And, well, pretty fun too. For as cutting edge and credible as you are = You're very down-to-earth and cool too.

Looking forward to you touching-down in Pittsburgh amidst living in L.A. and travelling around the country and the world for official Hollywood business.

Best of the Roses, John


Friday, October 10, 2008

Women and Wine

It was reported Today on Today
A glass or two of red wine everyday
Is not a bad thing to do for you, hey-hey
And the report had the anchors of Today on
The network which hosts Tina Fey say, "hey-hey"

Woman and wine - of course, they're both fine
...yeah, so why not have them both everyday
and make everybody else look and think, "hey-hey"

Well some of the best women of the time drink wine...
and some of the best times I ever had were with wine
It's not a bad thing for you to do - a glass or two per day
drinking wine everyday makes women sing, "hey-hey"
And what's wrong with women taking time to sing songs
Having a laugh or cry - taking time for a glass of red a day

Some of the best talks I ever had were with some wine
and some of the best lines ever written were with wine
and some of the most mighty fine women drink red wine
So go get a bottle or two or three and drink some everyday
Careful just to uncork one per day like the good doctors' say
There's nothing wrong with two glasses and song everyday
Uncorking a bottle as a past-time & watching women unwind
is like drinking a reserved vintage aged with care and time
The descriptions of taste and character - velvety; full bodied
Adjectives & adverbs used to describe both fine women & wine

I enjoy them both all the time --- at least two everyday ---
--- Just like those good doctors' say, "hey-hey" --- hey-hey

written 7:15 a.m. Friday October 10th
Best of the Roses,
john french

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No More Bones for You

the cognac bottle is half full
so that means i'm half empty

i don't care about you
(is it true)

i don't care about you
(is it true)

i don't care about you
(is it true)

you can't handle everyday
and i never really did anyway

i've come to realize
it's not in your eyes

it's better to be treated
by way better than you

maybe you're there in the morn
but, for me --- you're out of view

i don't care about you
(is it true)

i don't care about you
(is it true)

i don't care about you
(is it true)

no more bones for you.

(& i'm not talk'n 'bout my dog)

written at 1:40 a.m. 10/8/08
Best of Positively 4th Street Roses,
John French

the Power of a Daydream

the machines are fully going
birds are flying and singing
can feel my heart beating
monring light is forgiving
lets me be me in daydream
doesn't mind my bed-head
try & find the day's ryhthm
timing isn't everything but
still it sure helps out a lot...
gotta do what you do to get
want to get there & be in-tune
preparations, superstitions -
the things you do as ritual
such as dream a daydream

would Einstein be Einstein
w/out dreaming a day dream

would Mick Jagger be Mick
w/out dreaming a day dream

would Warren Buffet be King
w/out living in a day dream

it's all or nothing and not
non-productive so daydream

it's all or nothing and not
non-productive so daydream

it's all or nothing and not
non-productive so daydream

written Monday Morning 10/6/08
Best of Positively 4th Street Roses,
John French

NBC = (home of SNL and that lovely little darling Tina Fey) ...

These women of NBC have such magnetic appeal = A+++ +++ +++
If such magnetic appeal were Martin guitars, I'd strum their "g" ...

... " g" major, people - that's a guitar chord!!! gee - get your heads out of the gutter!!!
Jenna Wolfe

..."OMG!!! I had sooo much Starbucks and have to go so bad!!! I hope Al takes a while w/ the weather!!!"

Amy Robach and Maria Menounos


Contessa Brewer

Best of Positively 4th Street Roses,
John French

"the Fox den" < < < whatever your politics ... ...

These women of Fox News Channel are so dynamic, engaging and possess great verbal and non-verbal ... ... whatever your politics = you must tune-in and watch these fox = They're amazing!!!

If such dynamic, engaging, possessing great verbal and non-verbal skills were Ralph Lauren frames, I'd put them on my face ...

My Megyn Kelly = A++++++++++++

Heather Nauert

Jamie Colby

"the Fox den"

... wow, that Megyn Kelly is something ...

Jane Skinner

Elisabeth Hassellbeck (is she on FNC now??? is she leaving the view???)

Patti Ann Browne (PAB)


Best of Positively 4th Street Roses,
John French

Katie Couric = CBS

Northern Exposure is still the best CBS show ever ...
But, for this TV airing = two strong, independent HOT women conversing = A+++ +++(+)
Best of Positively 4th Street Roses,
John French

CNN ...

These women of CNN are so articulate and portray such professionalism and also happen to be so Smoking Red Hot ---

If articulate and portraying such professionalism were mirrors, I'd be inside them ...

...all the way from 48th & 6th...

Kiran Chetry = A++++++++++++

Riveting Robin Meade

Kate Bolduan

HOT Heidi Collins

Brianna Keilar

Betty Nguyen

Christi Paul

Brooke Baldwin

Susan Hendricks

Shep: "I don't know, Mr. French - But you disgust me! Even though you enjoy support from a lot of people of the everyday media (nationwide) - and even though more progressive thinking of this channel rely on viewers who watch us and give us ratings to write-in and give us feedback --- Please refrain from writing into my show everyday and saying how hot Megyn Kelly and Jane Skinner are."

In Shep's Defense: He didn't say that and has been cool w/ me and has shown support --- Someone did say something similar but they were from a small (and had a small minded dinosaur mentality) station = not from the big time = (where I always have enjoyed support)!!!

Best of Positively 4th Street Roses,
John French

Kings Of Leon-'Only By The Night' Home Movies- Day 24 = Crawl Music Video 2008

Best of Nashville Based Road Trip Roses,

Giovanni French


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Suzanne Malveaux for a Presidential Debate ...

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From: John French
Subject: Suzanne Malveaux for a Presidential Debate ...
Date: Tuesday, October 7, 2008, 8:59 PM



Best of the Roses, Giovanni French