Wednesday, October 8, 2008

CNN ...

These women of CNN are so articulate and portray such professionalism and also happen to be so Smoking Red Hot ---

If articulate and portraying such professionalism were mirrors, I'd be inside them ...

...all the way from 48th & 6th...

Kiran Chetry = A++++++++++++

Riveting Robin Meade

Kate Bolduan

HOT Heidi Collins

Brianna Keilar

Betty Nguyen

Christi Paul

Brooke Baldwin

Susan Hendricks

Shep: "I don't know, Mr. French - But you disgust me! Even though you enjoy support from a lot of people of the everyday media (nationwide) - and even though more progressive thinking of this channel rely on viewers who watch us and give us ratings to write-in and give us feedback --- Please refrain from writing into my show everyday and saying how hot Megyn Kelly and Jane Skinner are."

In Shep's Defense: He didn't say that and has been cool w/ me and has shown support --- Someone did say something similar but they were from a small (and had a small minded dinosaur mentality) station = not from the big time = (where I always have enjoyed support)!!!

Best of Positively 4th Street Roses,
John French

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