Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saturday Selfie: Me & My Moxie Mind & Body Pilates instructor

My Moxie Mind & Body Pilates instructor for private sessions Saturday mornings downtown #selfie #marketsquare #downtown #pittsburgh #poet #confidence #earthday #saturday #private #pilates #sessions #instavibes #wellness #mind #body #moxie #lifestyle #directions

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

#Rape #EndIt

#Rape #EndIt

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Showered Selfie Sunshine Sunday Spring 4/17

Showered Selfie Sunshine Sunday Spring 4/17

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunshine Spring Selfie 2017: how are you?

How's everything this spring day #sunshine☀️ #Edgeworth #recycling #spring🌸 #goodvibes #howareyou 

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Friday, April 7, 2017

The New Media Landscape _ new poem April 2017

The New Media Landscape

Ones and zeroes 
Raining down on me
April showers of spring
Refreshing rebirth they bring
Reminding me of the mountain
Snow and ice melting away 
Rushing down the mountain
The creek full and swollen
Vibrantly offering baptism 
I lovingly entered and swam in
Connected, tuned-in, plugged-in
Walking down back into town
Now being able to see things
To see things the same differently
The outline of Whispering Angels
In the ones and zeroes so alive
First I thought they were pictures 
Yet defiantly opening the doors
Reading me the poetry of the divine
Leading me to sift thru truth and lies
Through tears running from my eyes
Leaving me with a spent lover's smile
Whispering Angels will be back for more
Out of town and in cities guided by ley-lines

Draft 1 
Written April 7, 2017 6:38 a.m.

*Thanks to Joe S. for the title and inspiration 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Question Regarding American Backdoors?

Question Regarding American Backdoors?

So if there's surveillance run regularly on American citizens wether incidental or targeting for political purposes with all the tactics employed for seamless cover-up including smear & destroy credibility, blame on rogue agents, typos, spying (but only because of the heart strings being pulled by love that jealously drove good actors bad because they had to know everything & everyone in their lover's orbit) etc ...
So our own law enforcement legit and special rogue ops and all have been using sting ray, name checking, turning the switch on, tumbling D.I.C.E.
What makes you think that a Snow'd-in event hadn't captured all of this activity electronically?
Moreover what makes you think that Russian spies aren't also targeting the targets our own law enforcement (and or WH & Media & Private Dicks for Senate & House & lobbyists) is targeting legitimately or illegitimately? ... and why? Is it only to influence votes? ... or is it to influence policy? .... who wins & loses in business, politics, film like a Mephitic playbook?

And, thank you for those who truly protect and serve us, we the people, the everyday Americans trying to be Americans today, everyday!!! You rock and or roll :) keep on keeping on!!!

Sincerely, Concerned Citizen:
John A. Conte, Jr.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to Dismantle Citizens' Rights?

Funny, Natural American Spirit rolling tobacco that provides American Spirit rolling papers when rolled and smoked could somehow through the lens of an observer smell like weed!

As Chris Hayes stated on Morning Joe in closing about his new book when citing a Ferguson police officer which only illuminated by an Obama Admin DOJ intercession "criminals are not to feel like citizens" ...

How to Dismantle a Citizen's Right?!

"I smell weed! ... who is this person? ... the law is the law and weed is illegal. And I smell weed." .. and the camera lens smells weed when the living theatre experiment was actually using Natural American Spirit rolling tobacco with American Spirit rolling papers.

"How one turns a glass of ice water
Like an idea
Of generosity
Until it all seems

Canada Shows U.S. How Functioning Gov Works + PM's Hidden Message for Jeff Sessions

1st Tweet:

Going Green = Serious Business for Functional Government = Just Saying "Yes" ... @realDonaldTrump @jaredkushner

@realDonaldTrump @jaredkushner @business so now @JustinTrudeau needs to inform @jeffsessions 0 deaths ingesting pot
@realDonaldTrump @jaredkushner @business @JustinTrudeau @jeffsessions in fact all of @CanadianPM can tell #ShadySessions #GoodPeopleDontLie!
@realDonaldTrump @jaredkushner @business @JustinTrudeau @jeffsessions @CanadianPM so the real deal _ PrivatePrisons + JustSayNo = PayForPlay
@realDonaldTrump @jaredkushner @business @JustinTrudeau @jeffsessions @CanadianPM & if we factor in "rogue ops" using NSA data for pot busts

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Abuse of that Power Supposed to Protect & Serve Us.

Abuse of that Power Supposed to Protect & Serve Us. 

@Morning_Joe @reason 

Interest grows in suing the government for breech of social contract on grounds of gross negligence & blatant wanton recklessness (grievances, dangers, damages (suffering loss of liberties & happiness) #TaxationWithoutRepresentation

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Private US Prisons Backed By Russians: Pres, AG, Potheads & Spies

@latimes @Morning_Joe @foxandfriends an X-Files episode: POTUS & his A.G. are in cahoots w/ Russian Oligarchs to build U.S. Private Prisons
 Pres & AG boast filling private prisons w/ dangerous potheads but Russians body-swapping for spy vs spy
 A.G. caught lying in conf hearing &recuses self Exposure close Pres claims he was illegally wiretapped

X-files: Private US Prisons Backed By Russians: Pres, AG, Potheads & Spies Scandal

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

15 Books of Published Poetry 1992 - 2017: John Conte "The Business of Poetry"

Whispering Angels 2017 
(in process of launching overhaul of site and new latest ebook Whispering Angels + Top 40 Celebrated & Dynamic Women of New Everyday Media)

BIG New Everyday Media 2014

New Media Matters: An Everyday Art 2012 (under construction at moment due to website overhaul)

The New Everyday Media 2009

Everyday There Is Something 2008 (for poetry click on sent emails)

Things We’re Afraid to Say: Webs of Everyday Life 2007
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Everyday Media 2005 (for poetry section scroll down under sent email section)

These Americana Blues 2005

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Higher 2003

Vampire’s Gun 2003

MossHead-7 2002

Of Confrontational Love 1996

The Arena 1995

In This Place 1992

Releasing "Whispering Angels" Makes 15 Books of Published Poetry 1992 - 2017 by John Conte & TheNewEverydayMedia.com15 Books of Published Poetry 1992 - 2017: John Conte &

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The Business of Poetry:

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Loss Prevention _ new February poem 2017

Waking up wanting to sleep more
A predawn stir my dog sniffing at the door
Inside-Outside he sits and sniffs the change
It"s black morning and there's heavy rain
My memory receives electricity to roam
Back to my father at the dinning room table
Working on an opening argument, summation
Closing argument; analyzing the New York Times
How open our California ranch was in the woods
And yet how protected its landscape and gates by design
An occupational medicine department where i was hired at
An independent hospital to work as its only outside salesman
IKEA was one of the companies I was to get back as a client
I had a history with a track record for opening and closing deals
The Coca-Cola Company, Liz Claiborne, HallMark, Baxter Intl.
The list went on my father's Health & Wellness he did on the side
Of his law practice with algorithms in the HRA from Stanford Uni
I tested the online software application that was massive and flirting
Working with a Robotics spinoff company with Artificial Intelligence
Then I moved on to the hospital outside of my father's companies and
New accounts I opened, closed and worked at to retain all in the same
Bayer Corporation president of North America to the Mom & Pop I
Sat down with at the kitchen table and had a beer or two after 5 o'clock
The one thing that loss prevention doesn't address is that of human pain
When someone close to you dies and others you know go too its no game
From my neighbor friend's grandmother from my grandmother's village
To getting the news in a far away city while all alone a long way home
About your own grandmother, your own titan father or the Chief of Police
Living next-door at the time he had to call and say "your nephew is gone
He's missing in the Ohio River it was an accident listen I'm truly sorry John"
Later taking me for a ride in his convertible Thunderbird after he retired and
He passed on too and the funeral home was crowded for Chief Jim Creese ...
I found my way with Business of Poetry and self taught: you can't prevent loss

Written Predawn February 7, 2017
John Conte &

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In the hinterlands _ new poem 2017

In the hinterlands

Valleys we're driving thru

Rail yards with tracks to

Everyday hopes & dreams

As the trains come & go

We can see it come true

The business of poetry 

Sidewalk concrete seams

Logistics of trains & brains

Written by John Conte

January 27, 2017

#hinterlands #greater #metropolitan #pittsburgh #business #logistics #new #poem #original #poetry #brains #trains #pictures #selfie #writersofinstagram #amwriting #everyday #newmediaart

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