Thursday, January 12, 2012

Halls of Aniquity

How's everything where you are???
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Staring at the corners of
Academy and Commerce.
On the one corner stands
The museum. Its exterior
Smells of experience and
Imagination. But then again,
I'm crazy.
Like a lazy American
President being interviewed,
Down the street from
The cloud factory exists the
University - taking my picture,
Again. What do you hope to
Doctor, a future for yourself.
Headlights in the rain at
Breakfast like flashlights and
Flashbulbs, 10:30a, in your face
For the cameras for broadcast
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The Rolling Stones, Happy 1972

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stetson Kennedy - Billy Bragg and Wilco

I done spent my last three cents
Mailing my letter to the president
I didn't make a show, i didn't make a dent
So i'm swinging over to this independent gent
Stetson kennedy
Writing his name in
I cain't win out to save my soul
Long as smathers-dupont's got me in the hole
Them war profit boys are squawking and balking
That's what's got me out here walking and talking
Knocking on doors and windows
Wake up and run down election morning
And scribble in stetson kennedy
I ain't the world's best writer nor the world's best speller
But when i believe in something i'm the loudest yeller
If we fix it so's you can't make money on war
We'll all forget what we're killing folks for
We'll find us a peace job equal and free
Dump smathers-dupont in a salty sea
Well, this makes stetson kennedy the man for me

Words: woody guthrie (1950) - music: billy bragg (1997)

Sunday, January 8, 2012