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To Be or Not to Be in GOP: NSA, Abortion, Prison & Drug Reforms, Immigration, Fiscal Responsibility & Gays = How Certain Republicans Are Made to Feel Uncomfortable

This blog post is kinda inspired by current events ... for example, Michele Bachman recently stated that in this age of "new media" there is a shinning bright light exposing the continental divide of the Republican party.

To Be or Not to Be in the GOP?

Since I have been old enough to register to vote I have been a registered republican. At Marquette University I was in the Young Republicans and enjoyed going door-to-door for Governor Tommy Thompson's successful campaign for re-election in Wisconsin. 

However, as I have gained wisdom I certainly have gained insight that the world is not just black or white no matter how hard both side of the political parties in America would like that to be so like the movie Pleasantville. Reality, like time itself, has a constantly moving, expanding gray area.

"Deviance like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's not the act itself that deviant. It's the definition people give to the act which makes it deviant." 

Both parties assign value(s) of "danger" for political pandering more so than common decency or good.

In today's political climate if you are a Democrat than all Republicans are racist tea-baggers and if you're a Republican all Democrats are union thugs.

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  5. NSA, Prison & Drug Reforms
  6. There is a faction of the Republican party that identifies with certain libertarian self-awareness of what it is to be "free" as an American citizen educated to know that we actually have a social contract with our Government = the government works for us and not vice versa.
  7. After President Obama was elected a smug arrogance from Government workers was so evident that if you weren't a government employee and you weren't bowing down and agreeing with everything the Obama administration was dealing = you were a loser (literally) by whatever means necessary --- and if you were not ready to automatically give up your rights and plead guilty for opposing views = well, there was a narrative that would label you suspicious until everyone around you felt that way.

Look, post 9/11 I was all for the Patriot-Act and supported the rationalization that "if you're not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about." Thinking that this wrong-doing was "terror related activities" only I supported this 100% so that everyone & everything I love in this country would be protected by counter-terror methods, strategies & tactics by law enforcement.

However, by no means did I ever expect to learn the fact that local & federal law enforcement agencies would have its people use these counter-terror methods, strategies & tactics for guaranteed busts for non-violent "offenses" that would have nothing at all to do with terror --- including false chains of suspicious labeling connecting dots for a narrative that would have someone labeled a "target" in order to "warrant" tracking every single on-line, digital, public and outside world move the target makes --- guaranteeing busts for law enforcement quotas in order to show a need for making such busts --- sending people to prison(s) and then ultimately growing the budgets of these law enforcement agencies both local & federal.

This is a huge breach of social contract with our own government violating human rights, civil rights and individual & minority rights of U.S. citizens.

What an outrage and hopefully the only reason why the mainstream media is not currently exposing these wolves in sheep's clothing is because it's under investigation and they can't talk about it! 

Given the courageous research by Dr. Sanjay Gupta shown in his recent CNN documentary called Weed and also the brave logical research & OpEd in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Monday, March 1, 2014 by famed Dr. Cyril Wecht called The Myth of Marijuana = these unlawful dragnets, this unreasonable supicious-less targeting to bust people for buying small amounts of marijuana or selling small amounts of marijuana is even more outrageously disgusting and shows the true desperation of the failed war on drugs. ... exposing the zealot like crusade that's way beyond out-of-control.

Moreover, since most people busted and jailed for weed are of color, this proves the validity of what activists are calling "The New Jim Crow."

U.S. prisons are over-crowded on purpose = the program is called "Cash for Ass" and operates like the "Cash for Kids" case that was just exposed in Pennsylvania.


Since I am not a woman I will not comment but, yes,I agree with women who say it is creepy for old white men to think they feel a need to say what's right for women and the bodies of women.

Fiscal Responsibility 

Despite how most Democrats would like to put all Republicans and Libertarians in a box called "anti social programs" and or "anti poor" ... I am not for wiping out social security, medicare and medicaid! sorry!!

I am for expanding such programs such as social security, medicare and medicaid.

However, as a frugal person who doesn't like to waste and sees the rational sane approach of making a budget work, cuts need to be made to make these programs work.

We don't need to redistribute wealth by taxing the rich more to give to the poor like in the folklore Robin Hood.

Ending the morally bankrupt, outdated & unquestionably abusive "war on marijuana" would easily shift enough money from "Peter to pay Paul." #boom

Furthermore to gain even more money to help expand social security, medicare and medicaid programs = we take the Colorado approach and legalize & tax marijuana for those +21 ... (sorry, kids, but no pot for you until you're old enough to get totally wasted on alcohol like your hypocritical parents & lawmakers!)


Like my views on the-free-will to do "good" drugs responsibly (despite the moral outrage of zealots that have been enculturated to bully, bash & discriminate against these things they perceive as deviant) = if you're gay, please practice safe sex so you don't injure yourself and or others.

+ I hope you find what you're looking for and are surrounded by a loving, safe environment. 


I am 1st generation Italian = my father came to this country at 7 yrs of age.

Of course, unless you're truly a Native American Indian, your people immigrated to this continent. Could things be done better? Probably. 

To Be or Not to Be in the GOP?

"Deviance like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's not the act itself that deviant. It's the definition people give to the act which makes it deviant." 

I do not like to rush things and do knee-jerk-reactions before gathering all the facts. So before I change my voter registration status to Democrat, I will sit back at center ice and watch the game play out a little more = looking for the talent on the team I feel comfortable cheering for in 2016. 

In conclusion, to quote from the epic speech from #Oscars2014 oscar winner Matthew McConnaughey, "all right all right all right."

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