Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen: distinction and dysfunction (and a new hit radio show)

photo: Johnny English & the Aliens 2/25/11

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Subject: Charlie Sheen: distinction and dysfunction (and a new hit radio show)

I am glad they are pulling two And a half Men.

Never watch it. (maybe once or twice).

However why I am glad is not just because I never watch it.

I say, let him go, man. Let him shed the scales and turn him loose.

You know, when most people blurr the distinction between dreams and reality it turns into dysfunction --- and so be it as 99% of people do not have the kind of constitution to handle it .... Jim Morrison most likely did but we really don't know because of the alleged crimes he was charged which led to his exile and death --- of course, just within the past six months Morrison received a pardon for the so called crimes he committed during a Miami rock concert by the Doors.

Let Charlie go, man. Let's have him on the radio everyday. He obviously takes to this medium, likes the process of interview and is rather entertaining. Moreover, for all we care, he can dress like Doomsbury everyday and turn into his own comic strip for his own amusement. Please note: what the world needs now is another reality show like I need a whole in my head.

Give him his own radio show and let's see what happens ...

Living Theatre: art, exile and outrage

(and if he makes it through he can run as that "been there and back" hard nosed libertarian-republican hybrid America is waking up to more and more everyday = senator Sheen) ... ... ... ...

best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses,

the neweveryday media

Alison Kosik and Gerri Willis ... + "so many stories w/ in stories" in the new everyday media

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Subject: Alison Kosik and Gerri Willis ... + "so many stories w/ in stories" in the new everyday media

I used to think Gerri Willis was one of the hottest female everyday media figures on CNN = hence, she has been in and in the top hottest listings of the new everyday media e-books i've done and am doing ... (Gerri is currently a host on Fox Business Network)

After more research w/ in the new everyday media and its appealing figures, I find CNN's Alison Kostik pretty hot ...

Will CNN let Alison Kosik go to Fox Business Network and in the hands of Neil Cavuto like Gerri Willis? But, yeah, Fox News Channel let Kiran Chetry go to CNN where its American Morning is clawing at the Achilles tendon of Fox & Friends ...

Interesting the dynamics of the new everyday media ... so many stories w/ in stories ... in fact earlier this morn while listening to WDVE Pittsburgh in the kitchen they metioned the perfect cleavage of Lindsay Lohan in court yesterday and how the judge must have noticed those perfect breasts ... (yeah, a few yrs ago while both of us having a stay at Chateau Marmont I literally ran into Lindsay Lohan outside the bathhouse of the salt water pool and we were both just wearing our swim suits = and, yeah, wow, and i didn't even know who she was until later during that same stay she was kicked-out and it hot the national media. Lindsay has great wild eyes too = so beautiful & intense).

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 23: Actress Lindsay Lohan attends a preliminary hearing at Airport Courthouse on February 23, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Lohan was charged with a felony count of grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California. (Photo by Paul Buck-Pool\Getty Images)

best of the Roses,
john &
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Subject: Re: Justin Bieber's Scary Trajectory

Agreed. .. And the consequences we all suffer from in so so so many ways but what gets me as a poet guitar player is just the overproduced crap that floods the market and ends up all over a overtly user friendly radio and such ...

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