Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen: distinction and dysfunction (and a new hit radio show)

photo: Johnny English & the Aliens 2/25/11

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I am glad they are pulling two And a half Men.

Never watch it. (maybe once or twice).

However why I am glad is not just because I never watch it.

I say, let him go, man. Let him shed the scales and turn him loose.

You know, when most people blurr the distinction between dreams and reality it turns into dysfunction --- and so be it as 99% of people do not have the kind of constitution to handle it .... Jim Morrison most likely did but we really don't know because of the alleged crimes he was charged which led to his exile and death --- of course, just within the past six months Morrison received a pardon for the so called crimes he committed during a Miami rock concert by the Doors.

Let Charlie go, man. Let's have him on the radio everyday. He obviously takes to this medium, likes the process of interview and is rather entertaining. Moreover, for all we care, he can dress like Doomsbury everyday and turn into his own comic strip for his own amusement. Please note: what the world needs now is another reality show like I need a whole in my head.

Give him his own radio show and let's see what happens ...

Living Theatre: art, exile and outrage

(and if he makes it through he can run as that "been there and back" hard nosed libertarian-republican hybrid America is waking up to more and more everyday = senator Sheen) ... ... ... ...

best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses,

the neweveryday media

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