Saturday, June 11, 2011

Robot Theater: Saucy Weiner + Nick Gillepsie of Reason on Weiner

Nick Gillespie of Reason recently wrote the following big Weiner scandal "points" on 6/10 Red Eye's Andy Levy tees-up and drives home nicely in the clip which I've included below -along w/ the hilarious Robot Theater: Saucy Weiner clip from Red Eye.

A lot of people say that there's lying (not a good thing) and then there's lying about sex (also not a good thing, but a more understandable thing). But then there's lying about cellphone porn and tweetpics by saying that the attacks on you may be the "point of Al Qaeda's sword," or some sort of super-terrorist cyberhack of a sitting member of Congress. Which is what Weiner says above (via CNS News). That's such an awful lie on every possible level that I think it should really remove any doubt about his fitness for office. It's one thing to do stupid things and cover them up with misstatements and obfuscations. That's wrong but understandable, at least within certain limits and when it doesn't directly impact his job. But to play the Al Qaeda card in an attempt to throw folks off the scent of an embarrassing (not even illegal!) misstep is really something else. For god's sake, it would be like, I don't know, the president of the United States bombing two Third World countries just to misdirect people's attention from grand jury testimony. Or something.

Halftime Report: 6/10/11

Jun 9, 2011 1:10 min
Robot Theater: Saucy Weiner

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RedEye Word Play Reflects the Real Irony of Sex & New Media


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 I always find Greg Gutfeld's Red Eye intros so witty, clever, funny and on so many levels. But, when I first started watching, yes, it was kinda shocking = and then I was like, "how brilliant" ... he's not doing anything wrong and yet flirting with being inappropriate for not just TV, however, yet, today's hypersensitive political correct culture - with a lot of uptight people and people with thirst - looking for someone to crucify with public humiliation. .. (in promoting her new book Attny Lisa Bloom & professional TV legal analyst has suggested that because we consume so much tabloid media we become obsessed with this unreal standard reality of celebrity and perfectness that we then have self loathing to the point where we crave public humiliation of others --- like lambs led to slaughter for sacrificial appeasement). ... granted some of these blokes legitimately deserve it because they are narcissistic sociopathic "tools" --- but just because you have it good doesn't mean people should wish for your demise - even some wishing intent of seeing wrong for you - just so they can feel better about themselves. satisfaction from a teen girl bullying fight.


The irony here with Gutfeld, Red Eye and the "wordplay" with brilliantly smoking RED HOT strong women on his show is with these real everyday events involving Congressmen Weiner, John Edwards and the Governator, Bret Favre, Tiger Woods --- and how these figures are using new media for romance (both to get it and hide it) and it oft bites them --- And, then there's Greg Gutfeld, just putting it all out there w/ these beautiful, strong women and its on Fox News Channel to boot!!! = Greg Gutfeld is a genius and Red Eye is always on the cutting edge = always refreshing.


I commend Greg Gutfeld and RedEye (and my own efforts. ... a couple media type people here & there are familiar with) for being ahead of his time and releavantly ironic with such wit and yet blatant nonchalance. .. it totally refelcts what's really going on within politics, politicians, men of riches & power and new media. ... Greg just gets away with it on international airwaves everyday. ..and in such a refreshing fashion = like a breath of fresh air in some D.C. Frat-house basement.

Welcome to Red Eye, it's like Countdown but without the cleansing mixture of vinegar and water.


Suzanne Sena, if beauty were an ace bandage she'd be all over my joint

Bill Schulz, he's my grotesque sidekick

Greg Proops, if jokes were milk he'd come in a carton. possibly a jug. maybe even a gallon. [fun fact: I meant "'if jokes were milk, he'd come in a carton' or maybe it'd be funnier if it were 'if jokes were milk, he'd come in a jug' or maybe you want to go with 'if jokes were milk, he'd come by the gallon.'" such is the risk in texting intros. then again, this could have been a deliberate choice.]

Jerry Casale, if genius were dentures I'd never take him out of my mouth.

Lis Wiehl, if legal expertise were a broken down car I'd service her on the side of the road.

To the Greg-alogue, it's got a sun roof.

Andy loves to tamper with the brakes on wheelchairs with his good friend Angela Lansbery. (Andy: Abery don't like cripples.)


Suzanne Sena, if beauty were a horse it'd be important to get right back on her if you fell off.

Greg Proops, if jokes were scope I'd gargle with him nightly.

Jerry Casale, if genius were vodka he'd be inside me right now

Lis Wiehl, if legal brilliance were an oath I'd take her in a courtroom.

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Kiran Chetry and Christine Romans have such a SMOKING RED HOT delivery this a.m. ... In fact, "let me be frank" if such a SMOKING RED HOT delivery this a.m where hot dog buns, Congressman Weiner would fill them up!. a picture perfect way.

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