Saturday, July 29, 2017

NewMedia CurrentEventsPackage: What'sTheBIGdeal? ...

NewMedia CurrentEventsPackage: What'sTheBIGdeal? ...

Here are 2 things that Happened live on TV during media broadcasts ...  current events ... 
However how have they been reacted to in the ripple effect ???? 

In muted agony, tune out the noise, and then only look at the optics here ... the big picture without sound 

WARNING! There is no winner or loser. ..but one priority bigger than the other to focus on with a magnify glass, unlimited tax payer money and unlimited power (all which may be exposed in sunlight so chose carefully because your investigation and your intent behind your decision making may be on every front page of every newspaper in print & online)

Google the gist of these 2 current events that happened only within the past couple days.
(Reality check today is July 29, 2017):

1. Trump encourages police brutality 
2. Nicole Wallace admits smoking marijuana at Berkeley before working in WhiteHouse

What's the BIGdeal???

* Donald J. Trump is POTUS
** Nicole Wallace hosts an MSNBC new hot show DeadLine: WhiteHouse

NewMedia CurrentEventsPackage: What'sTheBIGdeal? ...

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