Friday, September 28, 2018

Factual Evidence Why Mueller Isn’t on a Warrantless WitchHunt

Factual Evidence Why Mueller Isn't on a Warrantless WitchHunt 

Mueller's principles

In 2004, while Attorney General John Ashcroft was in the hospital, President George W. Bush authorized the warrantless interception of domestic communications over the objections of the Justice Department. Standing on principle, Mueller, along with Deputy Attorney General James Comey, threatened to resign if the program's legal issues were not addressed.

Bush altered the program and Mueller continued on as FBI director. Mueller reportedly said about it: "There are days that go by, but not many, that you're not balancing national security against civil liberties."

Mueller threatened to resign again in 2006 after the FBI seized the records of Congressman William Jefferson, who was involved in a corruption scandal. Under intense congressional pressure, President Bush ordered the FBI to return the papers. Mueller resisted with a threat of resignation, again on principle – the FBI had seized the records with a valid judge-issued warrant. Bush relented, and Mueller stayed on as FBI director.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Today was another great day #selfie

Today was another great day. #grateful #suit #tie #executivespreadcollar #buttondown #see #Sunglasses #BEARD #smiles #Lunchtime #fish #Company #StripDistrict #Pittsburgh #Pennsylvania #city #urbanart #food #fall #selfie #mister #hair #nofilter #Thankful #published #everyday #poet

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Whispers _ New September 2018 Poem


There are whispers in shot of our ears

We tune in to try and cut out the static
Is it we want to hear
Do we really have it
Everyone’s trying to confirm 
It spreads as does a Microsoft worm
Everybody is compromised 
Drunk on gossip
Whispers in our ears
Tell us what we want to hear
The only one who knows has a blank stare 
Observing lips moving from a glass
Ash tray up to his eyes like a giant lens
Feeling as if he’s staring at a fish bowl
They don’t know he knows
They think he’s dumb 
He’s the only one though 
He doesn’t need to whisper 
His pulse is a voodoo drum

September 24, 2018