Saturday, March 26, 2011

Walk out the Door

Oh, you don't love me anymore

And, you're gonna leave just like before

Take your things – walk out that door

Some things are worth keeping

Some you don't mind throwing out

Or losing when it's your choice to.

Yeah, 'cause you're really winning

Something you chose to shout out

Not drawing to play a loser like before

When you became so "happy" & adored

Oh, you don't love me anymore

And, you're gonna leave just like before

Take your things – walk out that door

Not gonna force this; take these things

One of us should just walk away

Up and out – walk out the door

Like, we can still be friends

Someone to hold on a cold night

On the long run what really matters?

For now it's too shattered. (and I'm glad)

Oh, you don't love me anymore

And, you're gonna leave just like before

Take your things – walk out that door

Walk out that door just like before

(too bad.. too bad, baby, ..I'm so glad)

One more …

Walk out that door like before

Copy Right Productions 2011

Written by John French (3 a.m. Friday 3/25 – 3:58 p.m. 3/26)

Performed by Johnny English & the Aliens

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rich $

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What is rich? $

The otherday I awoke and I hear Ali Velshi's booming straight ahead voice and Christine Romans and they're talking about money and everybody is so dire - better listen up if you wanna make it through the apocalypse. ..

A couple hours ago I woke up from a dream where I was @ this posh beach side resort w/ Keith and Mick and at one point my behavior was a little erratic and I was drinking too much even for Mick and Keith (well, esp Mick) and they confronted me and I told them to fuck off and go ahead and go ... That I didn't need them. And when I saw their surprise (genuine) I apologized and we all hugged.

And Keith broke out this original song impromptu on the guitar.

The words were cool - the versus the chorus ... And it was all mapped out for me on the guitar ... Keith was right in front of me playing.

I felt rich. I woke feeling rich that I had a cool song (words and music). In my mind I went over the chords and made some adjustments for my level of playing.

Then a fell asleep and just woke up and I forgot but only parts ...
"Oh, you don't love me anymore
You're gonna walk right out the door
Take your things like you did before


Fuck. Well, at least I have the sound of the chords in my head and those words to work with ... And having a song to sing makes me feel rich.

Best of the Roses, & the neweveryday media

New Media Madness: an everyday art

p.s. f

Tea Party momentum

best of the Roses, j. french & theneweverydaymedia

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I like consistency ... And each night you're seeming all right ... It's not like Red Eye but somewhat informative and fun ... And Peggy is proving to be pretty hot...

Best of the Roses,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Middle of the Road" - Pretenders & Friends

If I didn't think highly enough of old Caleb ... esp early days Youth & Young Manhood,
touring w/ U2 and Pearl Jam ...

Middle-of-the-Road is, has been, and will always be one of my favorites ... Caleb's
touch is nonetheless unique.

-When the Roses Bloom Again-
Giovanni French

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A tribute to Sion Milosky by

Big Wave Surfer Sion Milosky 1976 - 2011

Passed away just a few days ago surfing low-tide Mavericks (Northern California)