Friday, May 13, 2011

Love Hurts

The soft lightening posing a threat...
I know he'll like that he doesn't regret

Music moans @ drops of giant thunder
No wonder you're scared, baby, .. It's the sound of a loud drop on linoleum
He's dead and there's no one else in town
Go ahead, I'm already dead from livin' too long
The poetry is in the song where she said so long
This scene is not worth its lot and who's been forgotten for money?
Take a little time off, baby, you deserve it and he'll never know
What comes after tomorrow with what has to borough in order to be with you. ..

Written Thursday evening May 12th

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Krista Voda _ Re: rockstar turns SportsFishermen Guide and why he smokes Eddie Van Halen as a human being & guitar player

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oh, sorry, i hear Krista Voda on your radio right now. ..i didn't know you guys (and Val) had her on, my fault....

yeah, she may make the listing for hottest women of the new everydaymedia for new media madness: an everyday art -including top 100 hottest women of the new everydaymedia (a celebration of smart, savvy, dynamic & engaging) - and pretty good poetry by a poet compared to Walt Whitman, Henry Miller and Jim Morrison by an authority on literature named Wallace Fowlie.

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Subject: rockstar turns SportsFishermen Guide and why he smokes Eddie Van Halen as a human being & guitar player

I know that the big rock bands / the big label acts make the majority of money for the record company which allows for new acts to be signed and also those bands who you have to scratch the surface a bit to be allowed to enjoy because the radio sure as hell won't be playing them ... and nowadays the latter bands with a sustainable following and integrity filled talent (sometimes genius) can say "forget you" label and start their own label and succeed as everyday musicians (even rockstars).

In 1982 I was playing along w/ Van Halen records. I met Jack Glades from Night Ranger in a lobby @ PeachTree Hyatt in Atlanta when i was 12 yrrs of age and he had invited me to sit down to talk w/ his & his girlfriend and even gave me a hug when we finished speaking. ..I was thrown off the football team because I left practice to see the Beastie Boys open up for Madona in 84. ..I think it was 88 when i met the Violent Femmes in like 88 back when I was an avid listener to WXXP Pittsburgh which played songs like Under the Milky Way, Judas Kiss, Black Coffee in Bed, Can't get Here from There, Watching the Detectives, etc.
At university in the early 90's I'd go to the library and listen to archived music ranging from authentic recorded African drumming & chanting to "the blues" played & recorded on front porches of old slave shacks. ..I met the LemonHeads (Evan Dando = playing pool @ a private party in Milwaukee while i attended Marquette U.), etc. ...

So i do know music a bit = and in a geeky obsessive way. I'm enjoying a lot of Gram Parsons now.

The WDVE morning show mostly plays big band artists & acts (almost exclusively) in accordance with the unwritten and well written laws of the music industry and how things are done at big rock & roll stations that are the biggest in their city.

But that's OK. ... I don't have to listen to Van Halen, etc. over and over again (and like it). .. especially when I don't think he/Eddie is a better guitar player and musician compared to Dean Ween (mickey melchiondo) of Ween .. . moreover Ween has been around since like 90 = signed on Elektra as teens and in like 93 already toured Europe and cranking out records --- and, now actually, more meaningfully (and relevant) than Van Halen, they still get around ... and I'd say Dean Ween / Mickey is probably the better human be-ing too ... especially with this venture Guide Service & Archangel Sportsfishing in his native waters of New Hope, PA and NJ. ..

Mickey states he's been obsessed w/ fishing these New Hope & NJ fresh + salt waters for a long time and, keeping your safety first, if you can hang in w/ a positive attitude you can see why his everyday is so special + he lists himself as a pretty good conversationalist = and this i know he is = as sitting w/ him & two others @ Dee's Cafe in a booth on the south side of town 5 or 6 years ago after a show in Pittsburgh (which they always so graciously include as a stop). .. i had an awesome time.

Eddie Van Halen is over-rated. And, what's he doing for his local community and fans in such an enagaging everyday way?

Ween-Freedom of '76 Jane Pratt show 1993
"This is one of my favorite tv clips of us. "Pure guava" was still a new record and we had just written this song. I think this is one of our last performances as a duo. This was filmed early in the morning and we were very s"

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