Saturday, December 26, 2015

Big Sweater _ (new Dec2015 poem)

Burdened flannel
She kinda sown
More than enough
It became a big sweater
An Eddie Vedder
1990's indefinite style
Walking a cow-punk's mile
Bringing in a new day
Singing about a good year
Drinking down 10 cold beers
Strumming your guitar
Knowing you're a star
The "X" generation
Negating hate & racism
Evidence of life on Mars
Burdened flannels
Nanu - Nanu
Big sweater
Big sweater
An Eddie Vedder
Big sweater
Burdened flannels
Nanu - Nanu
It'll soon be
30 years ago
So remember:
To really get-off
You don't
Have to
Cut a
It'll soon be
128 years ago
Was forgotten
As a despot
Lessons to be
Always learned
Soon to be
30 years ago -----{{{@
Written 12/26/15 a.m.
Copyright December 2015
By John Alan Conte Jr. &