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The Friday Freak Show on Saturdays: How to take Chicago (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)

hi. I am a long time listener, first time caller.

If we're talking about albums that help define a decade, a summer, winter holidays or period of someone's life = I would have to say for the 21st century fuck Jay-Z! haha. just kidding - don't send your Obama stamped approved Cuban connection(s) after me as a #valuedtarget! haha.

No, really, Jay-Z doesn't cut it. I mean, that song "lets hear it for NY" is OK. And that one song of his entire catalog of music may be the only one that 30 years from now still gets any play and still stands-up (unlike tons of songs from the catalog of Mr. Jerry Garcia).

Jay-Z has Havana & NY but WILCO has Chicago.

These iconic towers of Chicago are on the album cover of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco. Coincidentally, there is a hotel in these towers that also houses a world class music venue = the Chicago House of Blues.

Shortly after Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot came out I was staying in this hotel housed inside these iconic towers of Chicago for a 2 nite stand friends were doing at the House of Blues in-between Christmas and New Year's Eve. .. a few months earlier Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root suggested we come to Chicago for those shows and as my wife had never been there = hang out & enjoy.

We really did enjoy ourselves. And in the eclectic shabby sheik vibe of the Sax luxury hotel there I found a CD player in the room with a nice stereo and listened to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and its songs that I knew from Tweedy's organic process of songwriting = and, well, thanks to something around that time called Napster I got to listen to Jeff Tweedy of Wilco doing solo shows and working out the songs of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot during solo acoustic sets.

Those songs were catchy, appealing and even captivating tunes just during these solo acoustic shows. ... On Yankee Hotel Foxtrot they turned out to be something Warner Bros. music executives would (as we all know now thanks to the documentary film "I am Trying to Break Your Heart") say, "what the hell are you doing?! This isn't like your previous albums and sounds like nothing that's out there on the music shelves! What are we going to do with this?! We will not release this! Re-record the album!" ... Jeff Tweedy's soul was speared = thus he said, "F U" ... and left the label. Despite the all-knowing formula driven knowledge of Warner Bros. music executives, Wilco was finally made mainstream and famous by Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. ...(listen to full album here)

The G.M. of the House of Blues was showing us around the venue one afternoon and shared an anecdote about Neil Young playing a show there or being celebrated there for something of a special night and Pearl Jam was playing too as a special opening guest "Rockin' in a free world (as we did not know then what the NSA and PRISM was really up to Bush-Obama-Nixon). So Eddie Vedder was walking around and from one of the very cool lush areas of the VIP lounge to backstage and one of the staff was like, "hey, what are you doing. Where's your pass?!" And, Eddie humbly & modestly lifted his head and said, "It's OK, I'm with the band." ...

My wife ended-up using that very line that same trip (she's a huge Eddie Vedder fan) ... a big big big bouncer stopped us during the Rusted Root show at the Chicago House of Blues and started telling  us we couldn't do that there and if we were going from there to here we couldn't be doing this or that ... you know, we were not even knowingly breaking some specific protocol or rule or something. .. And, my wife calmly looked-up at this big big big bouncer man and stated, "it's OK. We're with the band." ... and flashed her all-access-pass. Amusingly, he told us we were fine and, in fact, he better see us partying-up all nite long as to "represent" ...

I got the name mixed-up with the concierge at the hotel. Someone had told me to try out Spaggo in Chicago (Wolfgang's now closed there) and so we ended-up with this beautiful table at Spiaggia with a gorgeous romantic view overlooking Chicago's Oak Street Beach on the shores of Lake Michigan. Totally different restaurants. Totally different costs. ... the concierge made sure I had a jacket (as jackets are required) and it was a $500.00 dinner for two (2) of us.

The G.M. of Spiaggia came to our table and sat down with us at one point of our dinning experience. .. probably to investigate me as to determine if I would be able to pay the tab or not. ... But at the end of our conversation (discussion really) before he left our table he commented, "you really got some great taste in music!"

Sure, we had a bottle of Caymus Select and other wine however I'll give you a sample of the menu and you'll see how our tastes got us to a $500.000 tab.

Spiaggia menu has three sections ... Antipasti: which  is like your salad if you will and then
Primi Piatti: which is roughly translated into first course and then Second Piatti: which is entrée dish.
Here are a couple samples of an Antipasti items:


Raw finely diced Miyazaki wagyu beef  with fresh Australian black winter truffle, caciocavallo Silano, toasted hazelnuts, fennel and salt cured farm egg 49


Burrata with Petrossian Alverta President caviar, potato crisps and Manni "Per Mio Figlio" extra virgin olive oil 59

Here are a couple samples of Primi Piatti items:


Potato gnocchi with ricotta sauce and Savini black truffles 29


Strangozze with brown butter, Parmigiano Reggiano and Australian black winter truffles 45

Here are a couple samples of Second Piatti items:


Wood roasted Pacific black cod with almonds, black sesame, bread crumbs, baccala and asparagus 61


Wood roasted Miyazaki wagyu ribeye with nebrodini mushrooms, fava beans, caciocavallo Silano fonduta and red pearl onions 130

+ so, you gotta let your girl have a dessert too while you sip on an after dinner drink & espresso!

After a dinner like that you must follow-up with a classic walk around The Drake Hotel and some live jazz & blues at The Back Room (2 drink minimum, no jacket required)

Best of the Roses,
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Glee?! is being busted, jailed & repeatedly raped & beaten best practice for non-violent drug "offenders"?! Cory Monteith

if only he were busted & jailed on drug possession and had Nancy Reagan continually "hug" him when guards weren't looking (wink-wink) he'd still be here with us!

when people say "some jail time would do him good!" ... they don't really mean that as being brutally raped repeatedly and beaten repeatedly by violent offenders isn't exactly good for non-violent drug "offenders"

Glee?! is being busted, jailed & repeatedly raped & beaten best practice for legal system for non-violent drug "offenders"?! Cory Monteith

Best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses,
john alan conte jr.
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

does being a top hottest woman celebrated in #NewMedia's #BIGnewEdayMedia2014 on come with #brunch?!" ...

"Wait a minute, John, does being a top hottest woman celebrated in #NewMedia's #BIGnewEdayMedia2014 on come with #brunch?!" ... @AditiRoyABC

"What? I thought I'd ask!" ... @AditiRoyABC

@faithjenkins1 and @kimguilfoyle

@faithjenkins1and @AlyatFox


#NewDay on CNN is a brave new world w/ its brave segment called #TheGoodStuff
... bucking the systemic problem(s) of newsrooms everywhere

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Modern Rap Music "Primes" an Image of Young Black Men & How It Contributes to the Negative Cycle of Violence & Suspicion & Fear

"Excuse me while I kiss the sky!"

Jimi Hendrix did not cultivate an image of someone to be feared that is a violent offender.

And even although Nixon paranoia dictated that white American fathers should be suspicious & fear Jimi Hendrix and his cult of personality because he was part of the "counter culture" movement you did not fear him as a menacing young black male.

And, correlating evidence with this notion is that to people under 30 at that time of Jimi  Hendrix was a sign & symbol of "freedom" ... freedom to break-on-through-to-the-otherside and empower & enlighten people with a most incredible kind of guitar playing, music, songs, lyrical poetry.

"And I said fly on my sweet angel - fly on through the sky - fly on my sweet angel - and tomorrow I'm gonna be by your side" ...

Transcending race is something that Jimi did and still does. .. because he cultivated that image and lived it. .. so, until this day, Jimi Hendrix transcends race.

Hendrix On Dick Cavett show, classic quote - YouTube 

 A funny scene from Jimi's appearance on the Dick Cavett show. ... Jimi Hendrix First TV Appearanceby ...
In comparison to a transcendental image such as Jimi Hendrix is just about any current rapper in the music industry of today and post RUN DMC era when rap music was poetry of the streets as an observer (an artist/poet) and new ways of life bringing people together for one hell of a good party with dancing, DJ #love, and getting high off of a new brand of life represented in movies like #KrushGroove #Breakin' #BeatStreet
Lil' Wayne had a BIG problem on Monday after video of the hip hop artist surfaced showing him not only dropping an American flag on the ground but then REPEATEDLY stepping all over it!
Oh Weezy. No, no, no!
The video sparked an uproar on the internet with many calling Lil Wayne's performance downright unpatriotic. Now, he's saying that's just not true! Lil Wayne tweeted out

Lil' Wayne Desecrates American Flag In God Bless Amerika Vid! See The Shocking Footage HERE!

Well, this is sure to outrage someone!

While shooting the video for his upcoming single God Bless Amerika, Lil' Wayne used a a giant American flag as backdrop for one of the scenes and as soon as the cameras began rolling, the American flag fluttered down to the ground and the 30-year-old entertainer began trampling all over the sacred symbol while spewing lyrics about the decline of our great nation. ..

Sure, this may have been an accident however crafting an image in the American media of being a "hard core" rap artist is not!

DMX – Rob All Night
[Hook: repeat 2X]
If I'm gonna rob, I'mma rob all night (yeah!)
If I'm lookin' for something' then it's probly a fight
If I'm gonna fuck bitches then they better be tight
If that's dead, then the head better be right (C'mon)

[Verse 1]
Here we go again, fuckin right
Dog man X baby, dog for life
Know how this shit go, built off fights
Bitch dog be like "AIGH, AIGH, AIGH"
OOH, this rap shit be getting kinda hectic
It's not a game nigga, cats don't respect it
Real shit's been neglected for far too long
Let's get it on!
I jump off slugs like packages from UPS
But you run when you see X
Pull out the front when you see Tex
POW, the light is what you see next
Fuck who you listenin' to, I'm the badest
Any niggas in the industry is faggots
Due alone niggas don't want no static
Whent hey say who shot J R it won't be Dalas


[Verse 2]
Y'all niggas don't know how the dog livin'
No matter what I do I keep on winnin'
Can't stop me now. It's just the beginning'
Gon' be there 'till the endin'
In 2005 you won't know
Stop, drop, open up shot, let 'em go
Hit 'em with the same flow I hit 'em with before
This time I'm goin' around the back door
Got me like "GOD!" you niggas is stupid
Get the drum crack 4 bars, horn then loop it
Same shit that you did to me, took what you did
Got niggas movin', but not institution
Dog done did it again, uh uh (WHAT?)
Dog is in it to win, uh huh (WHAT?)
Dog did a nigga and then, uh huh (WHAT?)
You thought dog was afraid? Nah ah (Come on)


[Verse 3]
My niggas, some niggas you don't wanna try
But then again, I be that one to bust a nigga in his eye
I don't give a fuck bitch all my niggas ready to die
Hit you with the things so you niggas ready to fly
You don't want no more
Bring all ya got to even the score
E5 is HOT? You want more?
You really don't know what you're askin' for
Listen old man, don't do that
We all dogs over here, don't act like a cat
We like, touch balls, round table with a bat
Start with the cheers, "Crack, crack, crack!"
 [Hook]  DMX – Rob All Night


Wiz Khalifa – I'm Gonna Ride
[Verse: 1]
See a nigga well known for switching states
Macking broads, getting cake
Glock and mad, cock and blast
Thrown a bitch nigga for a quick escape
I move with dudes that be dishing weight
Smooth with the uz that will hit your face
Came in the game and I'm changing the game
With a flow that will run around the crews that hate
This guy is a pimp and you know his fam
I don't hold the grams, I'm a colder man
And I do it for the youngers and the older fans
Niggas whippin in the kitchen just to hold their grams
I don't play around, lay em down
For the lil' homie wanna' play the clown
I'm casing pounds, spraying rounds
Follow the leader cause it's going down
Money in the rubber band slangin' crack rock
Try and find the man in the flat top
Ask anyone in the streets
Everyone around knows Wiz a beast

And I'm killing the beef you can chill in the team
Pull the steel and release, I’m up in your brain
You bet on me taking the loss, you better be upping your change
See this guy here is a nuisance, you talk fire and you can't prove it
You just lie up in your music, send my guys to come and shoot shit

Duke I ride and this is true as you would die if niggas pulling
I don't know what you fucking see
When you know as well you've been fucking me

I'm on the move so if you get in my way then
I'm a ride ride till I die and it should be no suprise

We paper chasing man, messing with my cake or fam
Imm ride ride till they die fuck us try

I'm gonna ride for me ride for me
Die for me die for me

Bust your 45 for me, face the judge and lie for me
Ride for me ride for me
Die for me die for me
Bust your 45 for me, face the judge and lie for me

[Verse: 2]
P. I. T. T. S. B. U. R. G. H. represent to the fullest
And I'm putting cowards back into place when I'm rapping the taste
Yeah crack in the place, laugh in your face
Lay up and chill after you safe that's a mistake
Cause I'm moving with a gang of ill guys looking like
The last of the day but why you say
Cause my nigga I could die today lock down
And never see the light of day
Kidnapped trapped in a hide away
So I never get the cat to ride away fire inside of
May the kid move with da fools that try to take
The game back to the rhyming days payback
For the fact that your guys a fake and I can't even believe
You can spit shit to the people like it
Chips and just leaves you with kids, that leaves
You see through you pricks, hand my shit an overdose
So you wrote and sold some coke, move some crack
How true is that. Front on my cats and you'll lose shit back
Haters get stacks when I'm through with rap
And I'm filling my tracks with truth and fact
Kill em on wax and I'm moving cats
When they crew in all black yeah I'm doing that
I gotta flavor that will flow and taste
And I'm doing it till I'm blue in the face

I'm thinking bigger then any nigga that think
He cool in the place which gives me reason
To but a tool to his waist

It's almost an injustice that young black kids are sold this image, this lifestyle, this music as their music, their lifestyle, their image ... "I am and I'm gonna! ! !"

@NewEdayMedia 58m
good conversation insights as to media "priming" an image of a young black men are interesting yet ..
@NewEdayMedia 57m
interesting that modern rap music does the same kind of "priming" of that same image = "i'm gonna! I am!"..
Best of the Roses,
john alan conte jr.
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