Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Target creates new line: #ValuedTarget = YOU

Big corporations do collect a lot of data on us and for the most part are pretty transparent about it. Target is such a corporation and many of its consumers are satisfied and happy shopping with Target.
The more a loyal consumer purchases at Target the more the corporation gets to know about you and, well, then allows itself to be of more help to you.

For those special customers Target is creating a new line with a new section for its stores and website (for internet shopping) called #ValuedTarget = YOU



incompetency of Gov't not to be able to connect the dots prior to Patriot Act should not punish its people it's supposed to "protect & serve" by less privacy & rights and more violation of rights & privacy not to mention "targeted" abuse(s). There were a few governments prior to 9/11 who had enough info to prevent such an attack but agencies "failed to connect the dots" as stated in 9/11 Commission Findings


Margot Kaminski @MargotKaminski:
By regulating NSA through Executive Orders, Executive Branch maintains control w/out public deliberation @anjalidalal http://balkin.blogspot.com/2013/06/reflecting-on-prism-institutional.html

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Edward Snowden Discloses How You Can Become "Suspect" & Thus Open to Interpretation for Investigation: CNN BREAKING NEWS


Don, so if I'm in Georgetown & I get drunk & hit on Bianna Golodryga & piss off her W.H. connected fiancée/husband Peter O it's OK for him to use his connections to label me "suspicious?!"... because that's all Snowden is saying it takes for you to get "targeted" & "followed" & forget-about-it if Peter Richard (dick) Orszag's people find #crazy #rogue allies on your street. ... come on, man.

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