Friday, August 17, 2012

The Doors - GLORIA - (dirty version); Kim Kardashian Vs. Jim Morrison: (People Who Think They're Better) ...

The only thing I do NOT LIKE about the DOORS is that it seems like they perceive themselves as like they are better than EVERYBODY ELSE = like they are intellectually built superior to even the most elite academics (and elite gossipers who can wreck a person's image as equally as the DOJ). But if we were to consult a Harvard School of Buisness professor about the long term global impact on pop consciousness and bottom line long term $helf life of Kim Kardashian (the most famous and dangerous person in America right now) and Jim Morrison (dead @ 27 in 1971) = the better bet is probably with

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Peppers Were So HOT I burned My. ..

"True story this one." ..

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He stood in the kitchen prepping for an omelet featuring hot peppers (given to him by the singer songwriter from Trout Swimming or Blind Man's Holiday -one of those upper state NY bands- now turned organic table farmer) from  the local farmer's market; garden tomatoes; left over grilled pork loin. As he did the prep work - pulling out the skillet and extra virgin Italian olive oil from Jimmy Sunseri's he started the pee pee dance. "Oh no I really gotta go." He raced down the cellar stairs in the 1920's style bathroom with the toilet against the wall he relieved himself and bars of Ode to Joy sounded in his head. Then, about five minutes later while continuing to cook his breakfast = "it" really started to burn.
As a simple twist of fate though, eating the hot peppers in the omelete did not seem hot at all.

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