Friday, August 12, 2011

Ali Velshi to be replaced by Ashton Kutcher Tweets & clips: 2.5 anchors

Financially the past decade has been a mess.
Hope arrived,
Talking heads positioning themselves
to capitalize on anxiety - the condition
of being unemployed without hope.
Can daddy retire now? Is daddy diversified
enough? .. .
But nothing is new under the sun.
You can't tell me anything different
I know the thing for people like me
- is to wait it out - so let's have fun
while being spoonfed financial NEWS
The other nite @ the Teen Choice Awards
Ashton Kutcher was giving money lessons
on how to stay out of debt & not be a slave
The next day CNN $money give him a deal
to replace Ali Velshi on American Morning
everyday with Tweets & clips & two women
= it's now called = 2.5 anchors
Best of the Roses,

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Subject: Ashton Kutcher called "patriot" by Billy O'Reilly last nite

For his "pin heads and patriots" bit Billy O had a clip of Ashton Kutcher @ Teen Choice Awards. ..Billy O determined the new lead of 2.5 Men, Ashton, was a patriot for spouting this message: "hey, man, listen, listen, listen, I don't know how many of you people buy shit on credit cards - but, look, man, if you don't have the hard cold cash to pay it off don't go up with the shit house" . ..
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Subject: Intellectual(s)

Being herd into colleges and universities and getting a conventional degree or two continued by more spoonfed information flowing along "down by the old mainstream" doesn't make some one an intellectual.

How about being noted for outside reading in your classes? How about challenging professors? How about being a leader with your peer group? How about being well rounded enough to communicate with a variety a of people type?

And how about knowing people play for keeps - it's cut throat.

How about turning off the bickering on TV and throwing on some old vinyl?
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Food For Thought: Where Would We Be Today Without Social Media? + KellyEvans & LeighGallagher Vs. Juliet Huddy

World Without Social Media
How would your world, and the world as a whole be different without Twitter and Facebook?
Best of the Roses,
 P.S. i think i may add WSJ's Kelly Evans and Fortune's Leigh Gallagher to upcoming Top 100 Hottest Women of the New Everyday Media in e-book New Media Madness: an everyday art (coming soon on seeing them doing it Early Saturday on CBS. .. and it's Juliet Huddy "pretty in pink" back and Fox & Friends weekend. ..