Saturday, April 30, 2011

juliet huddy: early exposure

Dave, Juliet Huddy, Clayton - Saturday April 30, 2011

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Hi, remember that blue Sunday I stood outside the Fox and Friends window @ 48th and 6th during the show (after Rusted Root at Manhattan's Union Square or whatever that shabby shiek venue is called there)?... My wife called me to tell me she saw me and that you turned around and waved ... But just as I didn't answer that call ... I didn't acknowledge the wave or that someone inside was paying attention to me ... You know, I don't really like cameras and being filmed or shot so that's one of the reasons I am amazed by some of new everyday media who can pull the whole thing out of the box ... At first the new everyday media was just to get my poetry, points of view and philosophy across ... Now, years later I guess I'm surprised that while pickin' my six string acoustic guitar like a blue grass wind whirling through the tips of trees across the mountains and valleys I stop and take a snap because I truly admire your abilities and attributes.

Best of the Royal Roses, John & theneweverydaymedia