Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick-E: New Search Engine Technology _ (dear mark zuckerberg)

It plays out like Hamlet.

They end up doing it because they should and could.

No, no, no! This isn't an episode of MTV's hottest new show The SKins ...

I'm talking more like The New New Thing ... the book by Michael Lewis about Jim Clark and his little search engine company ...

The New New Thing : A Silicon Valley Story

Ok, here it is ...

Most of you are probably like Jim Clark? Search engine company not Google?

Yeah, I bought and read this book in 1999. In fact that's what I did the evening of Dec. 31st 1999 while dsrinking Moet and Chadon.

So for the curious or the new truly resourceful ones who think they may include this Jim Clark and his little search engine company in a charmingly dynamic and engaging conversation over cocktails this evening with the stranger next to you on a Saturday night = you may infact use a search engine to tell you who this Jim Clark is and why there was a book about him called The New New Thing and what was that new new thing and what of his little search engine?

And here comes Quick-E which is, I believe, spelled Kwik-E and instead of just finding results like:

"Dr. James H. Clark (born March 23, 1944) is a prolific entrepreneur and former computer scientist. He founded several notable Silicon Valley technology companies, including Silicon Graphics, Inc., Netscape Communications Corporation, myCFO and Healtheon. His research work in computer graphics led to the development of systems for fast rendering of computer images. He is also a devoted sailor and the owner of several high-tech sailboats that he has helped to design. In 2009, he married swimsuit model Krisy Hinze.[1]"

Your querry will employ results that are mixed with text, narration, video, maps, graphs, charts = maybe even a smoking red hot NEWS anchor like Karin Chetry delivering it all in one of her deliciously fashionable everyday outfits for the working professional being viewed by millions of eyes (including a pair of geeky eyes who read The New New Thing: a Silicon Valley Story on the eve of Dec 31st 1999).

It will be a mix of Wikipedia and Youtube and Facebook.

And, well, will cost a small fortune in programming hours ... because although the logic behind this is pretty straight forward ... this is a labor intensive idea that will take a ton of programming hours ... especially for it to function like how I'd like to see it.

And, here's where it's a good time to say, and although Mark Zuckerberg and the YouTube people are involved with Kwik-E (a new search engine idea company), this isn't a new idea.

My father and one of my sisters saw this type of technology from a spin-off CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) and its Robotics Institute back in the late 90's along Ellsworth Ave. We were even able to use it to create a Demo for our specific type of technology within the healthcare field (health promotion, wellness, prevention, disease management).

Yeah, one types in a a question and instead of just results that are all text oriented this "artificial intelligence" actually talks to you in a narratve voice or an authorartive friendly voice or however it's programmed to reply ... Again, it can not onlly be audio but visual as well with use of video and such ...

Is this a needed technology to enhance search engine and break-on-through-to-the-otherside?

I mean, wow, you can have employers losing hours of productivity time ... searching and viewing and searching and learning more and more = sometimes work related and then sometimes just using technology as a social media to enhance one's life (which I guess could boost productivity of an employee) ... But, yet again, FaceBook is already used by ,illions and millions at work ... and the world hasn't blown-up and the corporate globe hasn't stopped spinning to a grinding hault. ...we keep truckin' on for our jobs because we love them and that's what we're supposed to do ... And, guess what? Social Media is business now.

Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Buy now $19.79 Product Description If the idea of starting a social media...

It's 2011.

Do we need this next new thing?

How many people even remember Jim Clark and his search engine Navigator and Netscape?

Would i use this type of new search technology?

Well, again, I am not like "wow" because I've seen this in action and talked its talk for my job and how it could be employed for my own interests and within a business model to be implemented in the real world where the exchange of goods and services take place for money with traditional institutions like 3M and Merck, Purdue University and The Coca-Cola Company.

You know what would "wow" me Mark Zuckerberg? ...if you married Julia Allison ... hehehe LOL!

No, no, no, really ... if you can employ this new new thing and be able to put it to market where like some kind of chip is implanted in me so I can like search and retrieve information like in the Terminator or like NEO in The Matrix.

So, if I would type in Kwik-E I'd get as a result:

... "Apu is the proprietor of the Kwik-E-Mart, a popular convenience store in Springfield ... on to earn his doctorate at the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology". ...

And, yeah, well it's delivered by Karin Chetry and I'm seeing video of Apu ...

And then, I queery _ Tang

And, video of Homer calling NASA and saying "hello, NASA?! If anyone knows where to get some Tang I know it's you!!!

Best of the Roses,